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HANNOVER, Germany – On his birthday last August, Andrew Finkelstein’s wife bought him camera attachment for his new color-screen mobile phone. At first, the 34-year-old financial trader in the City of London had some fun sending friends pictures via e-mail, but he hasn’t used camera for the past few months. ”It’s like toy, then you move on to new toys”, he says. ”There are zero practical applications.” That isn’t what mobile-phone operators in Europe and The U.S. want to hear.

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Managerial english - test paper

takes appropriate steps to address employee issues; understands the areas of liability and risk associated with the unit's operations; develops and implements policy and procedures that pertain to the legal liability and risk of the unit; develops realistic interventions to problems related to risk identification; promotes awareness of the risk of legal liability among staff.How do business negotiations contribute to successful commercial exchanges?

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English speaking countries

Three quarters of the world's mail is written in English. Eighty per cent of the world's electronically stored information is in English. Of the estimated forty million users of the Internet, some eighty per cent communicate in English, but this is expected to decrease to forty per cent as speakers of other languages get online."

What our students say about English
"English is an easy language. There are no accents, the tenses of verbs are simplified and the adjectives are invariable", says Gustavo O. after three years studying it at school. Anaelle S. agrees with him but she finds the many different ways words are pronounced and the spelling difficult to cope with.

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English Language - Solution

1. But for owning her a favor, I agreed to help her.
2. He was too pressured by being in the public eye, and that has proven too much for him.
3. Scarcely had he bought the car, which it broke down.
4. I am fed up with all this violence on TV.
5. Don’t start solving the problems without doing the theory first.
6. I’ve yet to see such an extraordinary goal.
7. You won’t get to like your new job, but after a few weeks.
8. He has been reported of having being seen in London.
9. New computer systems began to be invested in heavily by local authorities at the beginning of the 1990’s.
10. Jack wouldn’t of left his job unless he had a good reason.
11. They sent us the wrong information, so it appears.
12. We were suggested to try a new method of checking our current expenses.
13. The glass has cracked when I dropped it.
14. Her sudden appearance has surprised me.
15. I wish I could see him again, which would be great.
16. If he would of listen to her advice, he would work ...

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Cars should be banned from the city

So, in conclusion I know that cars should have their rights in our lives, but I think that we should fight against pollution and I do not agree that people try to make more space for the cars.

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London-Prague.A good starting place is Trafalgar Square with Nelsons Column right in the centre. It is a 51m column, poised on top of which is the hero of the Battle of Trafalgar, who was killed while winning in 1805. The four lions which surround the column are of more recent date, having been sculpted by Sir William Landseer in 1868. There are many claimants to being the heart of London, but Trafalgar Square has the best right, because it is the hub of so much that is wonderful.London-Prague

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Great Fire of London

The fire pushed north on Monday into the heart of the City. Order in the streets broke down as rumours arose of suspicious foreigners setting fires. The fears of the homeless focused on the French and Dutch, England's enemies in the ongoing Second Anglo-Dutch War; these substantial immigrant groups became victims of lynchings and street violence.

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Museums and Art Galleries
London’s museums and art galleries contain some of the most comprehesive collection of objects of artistic , archaeological , dcientific , historical and general interest . The British Museum in Bloomsbury is one of the biggest an most famous museums in the world . Its collectionrange from Egyptian and Classical antiquities through Saxon treasures to more recent artefacts .

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You might like to start with the Houses of Parliament, which have been operating in one form or another since 1275. Worth knowing that the original Parliament was in St Stephen’s Chapel and the members sat in the choir stalls facing each other. That tradition carries on to this day.

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London-travel and transportation

London Taxis
London’s famous Black Taxis are well known and abundant. They are however quite expensive and the price goes up by 50% at 9 o’clock at night. Minicabs are also available throughout London but are not able to pick up on the street. If you are offered minicabs on the street, avoid them as they are often illegal and can be dangerous. Also try out Zingo Taxi service, you can ring them anywhere in London Day and Night and they will send the nearest available Black Taxi to you.
London Tubes
The London tube system is often confusing for visitors, particularly as the map does not show the direct route that the trains take. As the routes are so complicated, it was necessary to simplify the map to prevent it looking like spaghetti. Basically though, the platforms indicate whether they are running north south east or west. Then the electronic signs which tell you how long a train will take to arrive, list the trains in order of destination. For example, a Piccadilly line train ...

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Population Patterns and Trends
In mid-1994 the population of Greater London was estimated at 6,967,500 (representing about 12 per cent of Britain’s overall population), with two thirds resident in outer London. Although the population is no longer as large as in mid-century (peaking at about 8,346,000 in the 1951 census), it has recently been increasing, rising at an average of 20,000 per year since 1984. London’s population is heavily concentrated (at about 4,409 people per sq km/11,238 per sq mi) relative to other metropolitan areas in the country.

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London - the British heart

London (England), city, capital of the United Kingdom. It is situated in south-eastern England at the head of the River Thames estuary. Settled by the Romans as an important shipping point for crops and minerals, it gradually developed into the wealthy capital of a thriving industrial and agricultural nation.

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London - Introducing the city (atestat)

Westminster Hall - virtually the only relic of the medieval palace is the bare expanse of Westminster Hall, on the north side of the complex. First built by William Rufus in 1099, it was saved from the 1834 fire by the timely intervention of the Prime Minister, Lord Melbourne, who had the fire engines brought into the hall itself, and personally took charge of the fire fighting. The sheer scale of the hall – 240 ft by 60 ft – and its huge oak hammerbeam roof, added by Richard II in the late fourteenth century, make it one of the most magnificent secular halls in Europe.
St Stephen’s Hall and the Central Lobby - from Stephen’s Porch the route to the parliamentary chambers passes into St Stephen’s Hall, designed by Barry as a replica of the chapel built by Edward I, where the Commons met for nearly 300 years until 1834. The ersatz vaulted ceilings, faded murals statuary and huge wooden doors create a rather sterile atmosphere doing nothing to conjure up the dramatic events that ...

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Redarea frazeologismelor in traducere rusa

Orice limbă cunoaşte expresii ,locuţiuni ,îmbinări de cuvinte valoarea lexicală a cărora se îndepărtează mai mult sau mai puţin de sensurile fiecărui cuvînt luat aparte. Ele constituie un tezaur bogat, în care s-a înveşnicit pentru întotdeauna înţelepciunea poporului , experienţa de viaţă şi modul de gîndire a acestuia.

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Experiente personale de creare a climatului educational favorabil

La evaluarea orala le motivez nota primita ca alta data (nici in scris nici in oral) sa nu se repete vreo greseala strecurata anterior. La sfarsitul fiecarui capitol sau saptamanal (pentru clasele teminale si nu numai ) apar lucrarile scrise care de fapt sunt un dialog scris. Aceste lucrari scrise sunt intotdeauna anuntate, chiar si cu un plan bine stabilit. Poate va-ntrebati de ce?

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