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David Copperfield - C.Dickens

David CopperfieldCharles Dickens
The day David Copperfield is born, his rich, eccentric Aunt Betsey Trotwood storms away in disapproval because the new baby is not a girl. David is raised by his pretty young mother, widowed before he was born, and their loyal servant, Clara Peggotty.

But this idyllic childhood is interrupted when black-whiskered Mr. Murdstone begins to court Mrs. Copperfield. David happily goes with Peggotty to visit her family in Yarmouth- her fisherman brother, Daniel, and his adopted nephew and niece, Ham and Little Em'ly. When David returns home, however, Murdstone and David's mother have married, and not long after, Murdstone's sister Jane moves in.

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David Copperfield

Zilele de scoala ale lui David sunt intrerupte de vestea ca mama sa si nou nascutul murisera.Dupa inmormantarea lor,David nu este trimis inapoi la casa Salem,ci tinut acasa.Pegotty este concediata si se casatoreste cu un sofer de vagon,Barkis.In final Murdstone spune ca el l-a sustinut pe David facandu-I rost de o slujba,sa lucreze indepozitul din Londra al afacerii cu vinuri a lui Murdstone.David care are 10 ani,incepe sa munceasca mai multe ore pe zi,sase zile pe saptamana,printer baieti murdari soiosi si needucati,pentru doar sase silingi.

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Catastrofa Liviu Rebreanu

Este o nuvelă psihologică.Nuvela psihologică este specia genului epic de întindere medie mai mare decât schiţa mai mică decât romanul care urmăreşte evoluţia psihologică a personajului principal.Acţiunea nuvelei este liniară şi prezintă viaţa personajului principal David Pop din adolescenţă până când ajunge să lupte în război contra românilor unde este şi omorât.

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Ion Creanga

"Sunt nascut la 1 martie 1837 în satul Humulesti, judetul Neamtului,
Plasa de Sus, din parinti români: Stefan a lui Petrea Ciubotariul din
Humulesti si sotia sa Smaranda, nascuta David Creanga, din satul
Pipirig, judetul Neamtului..."

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Ion Creanga

Exponenti ai iluminismului francez, fratii Neofit, Teoctist si Filaret
Scriban, prin opera scrisa si traducerile facute din limba franceza,
au fost propavaduitorii ideilor progresiste, unioniste.

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Ion Creanga

Desfiintându-se Scoala din Falticeni (caricaturizata copios în Amintiri...), Creanga pleaca la Iasi, prin insistentele mamei, care-l dorea neaparat preot. Ajunge elev la Seminarul teologic "Veniamin Costachi" de la Socola. Este notat la toate materiile cu "bun", "foarte bun" si "eminent". Sta la internat, care e gratuit. Termina seminarul - cursul inferior.

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Ion Creanga

1853-1854 E înscris la Scoala Domneasca de la Tg. Neamt, peste apa Ozanei, unde-l are ca profesor pe parintele Isaia Teodorescu (eroul din Popa Duhu). În scriptele scolii, Nica e înscris: Stefanescu Ion.

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Iubirea in opera marilor scriitori romani

Ea e momentana si totala in momentul ei, si se epuizeaza in intregime pe o singura imprejurare reluata continuu, continuu traita si continuu epuizata in intregime." "Dragostea lui Eminescu nu e amestecata cu visul. Visul lui incepe cand dragostea s-a ispravit.

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Great Expectation by Charles Dickens

The significant changes that Pip's character goes through are very important to one of the novel's many themes. Dickens uses Pip's deterioration from an innocent boy into an arrogant gentleman and his redemption as a good-natured person to illustrate the idea that unrealistic hopes and expectations can lead to undesirable traits.

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Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens was born in Portsmouth, Hampshire, to John Dickens (1786–1851), a naval pay clerk, and his wife Elizabeth Dickens née Barrow (1789–1863). When he was five, the family moved to Chatham, Kent. When he was ten, the family relocated to 16 Bayham Street, Camden Town in London. His early years were an idyllic time. Charles Dickens

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David Copperfield

David Copperfield concerns the growing-up of a boy, who, orphaned at an early age, experiences considerable hardship. He is ill-treated by his stepfather, Mr. Murdstone, then forced to work under appalling conditions in a London warehouse. This is a marked contrast to his idyllic early childhood, before the re-marriage and death of his gentle mother. David's life improves greatly when he runs away from his job to seek out his Aunt, Betsey Trotwood. She sends him to school and arranges for him to board with kindly lawyer, Mr. Wickfield, whose daughter, Agnes, proves to be a good friend to David.

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Charles Dickens 1812 - 1870

In the same year, he accepted the job of editor of Bentley's Miscellany, a position he would hold until 1839 when he fell out with the owner. Two other journals in which Dickens would be a major contributor were Household Words and All the Year Round. In 1842, he travelled together with his wife to the United States; the trip is described in the short travelogue American Notes and is also the basis of some of the episodes in Martin Chuzzlewit.

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Bleak House - Charles Dickens

His first work, “Sketches by Boz”, appeared in magazines soon after he was twenty-one, and in a volume after three years. In 1834 Dickens joined the reporting staff of the “Morning Chronicle”.

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Bleak House

All the years between 1837 (“The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club”) and 1865 (“Our Mutual Friend”) were intensely creative for the author of twelve of the best known novels in English literature: “The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club”(1837), ”Oliver Twist”(1838), “Nicholas Nickleby”(1838-1839), “Martin Chuzzlewit”(1843-1844), “Dombey and Son”(1846-1848), “David Copperfield”(1849-1850), “Bleak House”(1852-1853), “Hard Times”(1854), “Little Dorrit”(1855-1857), “Great Expectation”(1860-1861), and “Our Mutual Friend”(1864-1865).

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Londra in viziunea lui Charles Dickens

De exemplu, Balzac a surprins in operele sale societatea ca pe o jungla a viciilor, intr-un tablou sumbru si crud , in care aceasta apare ca o uriasa cusca a leilor, din care doar cei mai puternici si mai cruzi pot iesi invingatori. Parisul este un loc al pierzaniei, un Babilon modern in care banul este forta care face sa se miste societatea si determina ierarhia sociala.

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David Hilbert

Autobiografia şi cronica familiară porneşte din faptul, că datorită reuşitei combinări de gene ale lui Otto Hilbert şi soţiei sale Maria la 23 ianuarie 1862 s-a născut un copil deosebit de talentat, pe care l-au numit David. Copilăria lui David Hilbert, ca şi majorităţii copiilor din Königsberg, s-a petrecut într-o atmosferă de admiraţie a ideilor lui Kant, fecior remarcabil al acestui oraş. În fiecare an la 22 aprilie, la aniversarea naşterii marelui filozof, cavoul lui aflat lângă catedrală se deschidea pentru public.

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The Catcher In The Rye - J. D. Salinger

There were never many girls at all at the football games. Only seniors were allowed to bring girls with them. It was a terrible school, no matter how you looked at it. I like to be somewhere at least where you can see a few girls around once in a while, even if they're only scratching their arms or blowing their noses or even just giggling or something. Old Selma Thurmer--she was the headmaster's daughter--showed up at the games quite often, but she wasn't exactly the type that drove you mad with desire. She was a pretty nice girl, though. I sat next to her once in the bus from Agerstown and we sort of struck up a conversation. I liked her. She had a big nose and her nails were all bitten down and bleedy-looking and she had on those damn falsies that point all over the place, but you felt sort of sorry for her. What I liked about her, she didn't give you a lot of horse manure about what a great guy her father was. She probably knew what a phony slob he was.

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The characteristic of the narrative discourse in J.D.Sallinger

In The Catcher in the Rye, the narrative order of the events Holden recounts is changed. The novel is not a formal autobiography, since Holden, the narrator, does not go into “ all that David Copperfield Kid or crap”1, in his story, he insists upon “this madman stuff that happened to me around last Christmas”2.
The novel can be viewed as a flashback (analepsis) explaining how he “ got pretty run down and had to come out here and take it easy”3; up to the end of the novel, the reader doesn’t quite find out what Holden means by “ out here”. This device is called by Rolland Barthes the hermeneutic code - the means by which a mystery is, in this case, postponed by partial answers.
Holden gives the account of this “ madman stuff” that happened to him by using the Past Tense, but the narration of events is often interrupted by comments in the Present Tense. He uses the Present Tense to express his views, to establish zone general truths about himself and the world, ...

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A cerut deci si el cele 4 puncte: autonimia tarii, domn strain, unirea si regim constitutional. In anul 1851 era director si preda geometria descriptiva la Scoala de conductori( constructori) de poduri si sosele, iar dupa 1855 profesor de arhitectura si poduri si sosele la Scoala de ofiteri, infiintata de Barbu Stirbei. In anul 1857 era profesor la Colegiul Sf. Sava, la clasele superioare, predand matematica.

Dupa infiintarea Scolii superioare de stiinte din Bucuresti( octombrie 1863), a fost numit aici profesor de geometrie descriptiva si arhitectura, apoi in noiembrie 1864, la infiintarea universitatii, a ramas in continuare profesor la aceeasi catedra la Facultatea de stiinte, unde a functionat pana in 1864. In urma a ajuns rector al Universitatii din Bucuresti( mai 1885-1892).

Cu ocazia aniversarii a 25 de ani de la infiintarea universitatii a tinut un discurs, care a fost publicat. Traducerea descriptivei lui Fourcy si acest discurs sunt singurele tiparituri ce le cunoastem ...

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