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Motivul calatoriei este un motiv recurent al literaturii universale, el fiind prezent inca din cele mai vechi scrieri in arii geografice diferite caci insasi calatoria juca un rol insemnat in viata oamenilor. Il intalnim in epopeea lui Ghilgames dar si in spatiul cultural al lumii helenistice, in epopeele homerice. Inca din cele mai vechi mituri de origine asiatica sau egipteana tema calatoriei revine cu insistenta, caci calatoria a constituit mobilul epic primordial al epocii asiatice.

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Robinson Crusoe

Robinson Crusoe s-a nascut in anul 1632, in orasul York, intr-o familie cumsecade, avand 2 frati.La 19 ani, impotriva vointei parintilor si prin dorinta de aventuri, impreuna cu un prieten, a fugit de acasa imbarcandu-se pe un vas.Aceasta nava a naufragiat langa Yarsmouth, insa echipajul a fost salvat de o alta nava.

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Modele si experiente de viata pilduitoare in literatura pentru copii si tineri

Desi gandul de a parasi odata si odata acele locuri nu l-a parasit,se obisnuise cu traiul sau,ba chiar se declara fericit:"Aici eram,in primul rand , ferit de toate rautatile lumii.Nu aveam ispite trupesti si nici ispita ochiului,iar trufia vietii era hat departe de mine.Nu jinduiam dupa nimic,caci aveam tot ceea ce ma putea bucura.

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Iluminismul in Europa

-apare conceptul de "monarh luminat", suveranul ideal, filosof,
generos, tolerant, preocupat numai de binele supusilor sai

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Robinson Crusoe

The first volume of Robinson Crusoe was published on 25 April 1719, and it was a big hit, especially for the lower and middle classes. Since that one worked so well, Daniel published Moll Flanders in 1722, drawing heavily on his experiences in Newgate prison to add realism. This novel got him the label of a social historian, much, much later, of course. The point was that the public ate up this kind of thing, and Daniel wrote lots of it. He also worked for a publisher named Mr. Applebee between 1720 and 1726, who liked to publish books about the lives of condemned criminals. Daniel used to go to prison cells and even the scaffold to receive manuscripts for these lives from the criminals themselves. He sometimes goofed up on dates and numbers, but all of these lives are wonderful studies of character and society, though often a bit too heavy on the moral lessons by today's standards.

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Daniel Defoe

Defoe, Daniel (1660?-1731), English novelist and journalist, whose work reflects his diverse experiences in many countries and in many walks of life. Besides being a brilliant journalist, novelist, and social thinker, Defoe was a prolific author, producing more than 500 books, pamphlets, and tracts.
Defoe was born in London about 1660, the son of a candle merchant named Foe. Daniel added “De” to his name about 1700. He was educated for the Presbyterian ministry but decided in 1685 to go into business. He became a hosiery merchant, and his business gave him frequent opportunities to travel throughout western Europe.
An opponent of the Roman Catholic King James II, in 1685 Defoe took an active part in the unsuccessful rebellion led by the Duke of Monmouth against the king. In 1692 his business went into bankruptcy, but subsequently he acquired control of a tile and brick factory. He obtained a government post in 1695 and the same year wrote An Essay upon Projects, a remarkably keen ...

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Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln was the son of a poor farmer . He was born in 1809 and his childhood was spent in hard work , helping his father on their small farm . But in 1816 , when the young Abraham was only seven years old , his father lost his farm and the family moved to another part of the country , where the boy worked as a farm labourer , a shop assistant and later as a clerk in the post - office .

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Robinson Crusoe-Book review

“Robinson Crusoe” has been read as a gripping adventure story, as a myth of economic man, as a political and social allegory, and as a symbolic statement using the conventions of spiritual autobiography. First published in 1719, the account of the seaman who was shipwrecked and spent twenty-eight years on a desert island has become one of the most famous stories in English literature.

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Robinson Crusoe - summary

The narrator is truly affected by his father's discourse, but after a few weeks he decides to run away. He prevails upon his mother to speak to his father and persuade him to allow one voyage. If Robinson does not like it, he resolves to go home and think of the sea no more. She reluctantly reports their conversation, but no headway is made, no consent given. About a year later, he is able to procure free passage on a friend's boat heading to London. Asking for no blessing or money, he boards the ship and leaves.

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Protectia consumatorului la magazinul SC Daniel SRL

- Consumatorii sunt informati in mod corect si complet asupra caracteristicilor esentiale ale produselor si serviciilor oferite, astfel incat sa aibe posibilitatea de a face o alegere rationala, in conformitate cu interesele lor.

- In cazul in care produsele sau serviciile achizitionate de client se defecteaza pe perioada termenului de garantie, angajatii firmei au obligatia fata de client să asigure şi să suporte toate cheltuielile pentru punerea în funcţiune, întreţinerea, repararea sau înlocuirea acestora, precum şi cheltuielile de manipulare, diagnosticare, expertizare, montare, ambalare şi transport aferente.

- La achizitionarea unui produs nou de catre clienti, angajatii firmei sc Daniel srl, demonstreaza acestora modul de utilizare si functionalitate al produselor/serviciilor .

- Angajatii firmei Daniel srl isi sfatuiesc clientii, ca dupa achizitionarea unui produs sau serviciu, constata ca este necorespunzator din punct de vedere calitativ, sunt sfatuiti ...

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The enlightenment - The 18th century

MAN is perceived as an active factor in the historical development. The human mind is now answering to the questions raised by experience. It believes in historical betterment.
GOD becomes an abstraction; a lay picture of the world is now dominant. The doubt expressed by the 18th century mind is shaped into essays.

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Abraham Lincoln

In 1860 , Abraham Lincoln was elected President of the United States .
Then he worked still harder for freedom for the slaves .

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Christmas is the most important holiday in the year . Two important things , apart from its religious significance , help to see this holiday apart from all others : the custom of giving gifts and the habit of spending it with the family . On Christmas Eve , the traditional ritual of hanging up a stocking at the foot of the bed is performed by millions of excited children all over the English speaking countries . Christmas

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Andre Marie Ampere

Des son enfance, Andre-Marie Ampere a soif d'apprendre. Il aurait realise de longs calculs avec des cailloux et des miettes de biscuit avant de connaitre les chiffres. Jean-Jacques Ampere, fervent disciple de Rousseau, s'inspira de l'Emile pour instruire sans contraintes son fils qui A© n'alla jamais a l'ecole A>>.2 sauf pour y enseigner lui-meme. Son pere commence a lui enseigner l'histoire naturelle, la poesie, le latin, mais abandonne lorsqu'il se rend compte de l'interet et des aptitudes de son fils pour l'arithmetique.

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