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Tess de Urberville - Thomas Hardy

-book review-

In Tess of the D'Urbervilles, Thomas Hardy tells a story of a young
woman in late nineteenth century Britain. The novel's central theme is
one of unforgiving morality and abandonment. It departed from
conventional Victorian fiction in its focus on the rural lower class
and in its open treatment of sexuality and religion.

"Considered one of the major classic novels of nineteenth-century
literature, Tess is the compelling story of an extraordinary woman and
her tragic destiny -- a brilliant, transcendent work of compassion and
courage by one of the finest English novelists, Thomas Hardy." (Mass
Market Paperback edition)

Novel by Thomas Hardy, first published serially in July-December 1891
and in its entirety in book form (three volumes) the same year. It was
subtitled A Pure Woman Faithfully Presented because Hardy felt that
its heroine was a virtuous victim of a rigid Victorian moral code. "At
the time of its publication in 1891, ...

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Thomas Hardy

The son of a master mason, Thomas Hardy was born in Upper Bockhampton, Dorset. He was apprenticed to an architect in Dorchester when he was 16, and his mother encouraged him to go on studying. His career in letters notwithstanding, Hardy retained an interest in stonework and architecture all his life.
It was his profession as an architect that took him to London in 1862, about the time when he first began to write. In this he received encouragement from his friend, Horace Moule, a university-trained scholar. The friendship was a valuable stimulus to the young Hardy; Moule was eight years his senior and had a classical background. (Moule committed suicide in 1873, believing himself a failure. His death affected Hardy deeply, and some of his characters-notably Jude-have more than a suggestion of his friend in them.)
Hardy stayed in London, about which he had definite reservations, until 1867, reading incessantly, attending performances of Shakespeare and visiting the opera. He went back ...

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Frankenstein - summary

Despite his condition, the man refuses to board the ship until Walton tells him that it is heading north. The stranger spends two days recovering, nursed by the crew, before he can speak. The crew is burning with curiosity, but Walton, aware of the man’s still-fragile state, prevents his men from burdening the stranger with questions. As time passes, Walton and the stranger become friends, and the stranger eventually consents to tell Walton his story. At the end of the fourth letter, Walton states that the visitor will commence his narrative the next day; Walton’s framing narrative ends and the stranger’s begins.

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Robinson Crusoe - summary

The boats arrive at Yarmouth, and the magistrate gives the men rooms. They must decide whether or not to continue to London or return to Hull. His comrade notes that Robinson should take this as a sign that he is not meant to go to sea. They part in an angry state. Robinson travels to London via land. He is ashamed to go home and be laughed at by neighbors. Finally he decides to look for a voyage. He is deaf to all good advice, and boards a vessel bound for Guiana because he befriends the its captain. This voyage, save seasickness, goes well, but upon arrival the captain dies. Robinson resolves to take his ship and be a Guiana trader.

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Tess of the de Urbervilles - the setting

The primordial elements of nature are to support and to echo Tess’s tragedy.
The Stonehenge fragment begins with Hardy’s detailed description of the monoliths. We can almost see Tess passing her fingers along the vertical surface of the stones.
Angel himself names this edifice a “very Temple of Winds” because the wind blowing among its blocks of stone made a sort of a buzz. (“What monstrous place is this?” said Angel. “It hums”, she said. Harken”). He listens. The wind, playing upon the edifice produced a blooming tune, like the note of some gigantic one-stringed harp...(chapter LVIII)
Tess’s and Angel’s symbolical phrases are meant to express its darkness, coldness, wildness and greatness. “You mean that pagan temple? Yes. It’s older than the ages, even than the d’Urbervilles.” Than follows the description of the Great Plain and that of the Stone of Sacrifice and the Sun stone.
The Altar Stone, lying within the horseshoe-shaped arrangement on which Tess ...

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Thomas Hardy - Tess De Urberville

Thomas Hardy :The son of a master mason, Thomas Hardy was born in Upper Bockhampton, Dorset. He was apprenticed to an architect in Dorchester when he was 16, and his mother encouraged him to go on studying. His career in letters notwithstanding, Hardy retained an interest in stonework and architecture all his life.Thomas Hardy

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Great Expectations - Summary overview, analys

His longing to marry Estella and join the upper classes stems from the same idealistic desire as his longing to learn to read and his fear of being punished for bad behavior: once he understands ideas like poverty, ignorance, and immorality, Pip does not want to be poor, ignorant, or immoral. Pip the narrator judges his own past actions extremely harshly, rarely giving himself credit for good deeds but angrily castigating himself for bad ones.

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The Declaration of Independence

Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence so that everybody would understand its purpose, but the tone is very adequate to the high-class people. Jefferson knew that this document was supposed to be an example to other countries and their kings, and so it was. This Declaration of Independence of the free American people inspired other nations and their leaders.

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Thomas Alva Edison

In 1879 inventeaza becul cu incadescenta, iar in 1880 realizeaza prima distributie de energie electrica instaland o centrala pe prima nava iluminata electric numita "Columbia".
In 1880 propune un proiect pentru folosirea tractiunii electrice pe calea ferata.
In 4 septembrie 1882 la New York, Thomas Alva Edison, punea in functiune prima centrala electrica.

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Cecurile de calatorie in valuta American Express si Thomas Cook

Banc Post s-a aflat intr-o pozitie de leader emitent pe piata cardurilor bancare, unde detine o cota importanta, a lansat noi produse de economii, inclusiv pentru copii si tineri, pachete de servicii pentru persoanele foarte active pentru a economisii timp efectuand plati prin intermediul “Contului Total” ori se pot informa asupra situatiei conturilor pe care le detin, prin intermediul serviciului SmartTel SMS.

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Thomas Woodrow Wilson

• Pe 2 aprilie Wilson solicita permisiunea de a intra in razboi, pe care o obtine de la Senat pe 4 aprilie si de la Camera Reprezentantilor doua zile mai tarziu.
• Wilson insista ca America sa ramana o putere aliata si san u intre membru in fortele Aliate.
• Pe 8 ian. 1918 prezinta Programul de Pace (“Cele 14 Puncte”) Congresului American care la punctele 6-13 include cerintele Americii fata de Rusia, Franta si Italia (precum controlul asupra stramtorii Dardanele).

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Thomas Malthus

Thomas Robert Malthus (1766-1834) a fost unul dintre primii specialişti care s-a ocupat de problema populaţie-dezvoltare. Prima sa lucrare tipărită este "Eseu asupra principilui populaţiei în măsura în care el influenţează progresul viitor al societăţii, împreună cu observaţii asupra teoriilor d-lui Godwin şi M. Condorcet şi ale altor autori" (Londra, 1798).

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Thomas Alva Edison

In 1877 inventeaza fonograful, primul aparat de inregistrat sunete si totodata de redarea lor. In 1878 perfectioneaza telefonul lui Alexander Graham Bell (amplifica vocea cu ajutorul curentilor de inductie) si, folosind microfonul inventat de Hughes, breveteaza telefonul cu bobina de inductie si microfon cu carbune, caruia ii adauga apoi soneria electrica de apel.

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Comportarea genelor - Echilibrul Hardy Weinberg

Numeroase linii pure care diferă în anumite caracteristici cum este diferenţa de mărime, există obligatoriu în această varietate ce se autopolenizează. Aceste diferenţe sunt determinate genetic şi devin astfel un element al genotipului. Dar pentru un număr de motive cum ar fi, de exemplu, poziţia păstăii şi diferenţele rezultate din aprovizionarea cu substanţe asimilate şi cu alte nutrimente produc fiecărei plante să crească în proporţii diferite. Distribuţia aceasta este cauzată de factori externi reprezentând un element al fenotipului care este obţinut prin combinarea unor caracteristici ereditare cu factorii de mediu.

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Anarhia.Henric al II-lea.Conflictul cu Thomas Becket - Anglia

PretutinAZdeni se ridicara castele fortificate fara invoirea regelui. Orasul Londra, imitand o noua moda continentala, se proclama "comuna" [1]. Unii seniori, scaAZpand de orice control, devenira adevarati banditi. Ii foloseau pe tarani pentru corvezi de constructie si, dupa ce castelul era gata, il umpleau de osteni, numai "diavoli si soi rau". Pe cei care le stateau impotriva ii supuneau la torturi ingrozitoare. BarAZbatii erau spanzurati de picioare si parjoliti ca jamAZboanele. Altii erau aruncati, ca eroii din povestile cu zane, in donjonuri pline de broaste raioase si de vipere. Ciudat e ca acesti nobili banditi, infricosati de ideea damnatiunii, ctit 747j911h oreau in acelasi timp maAZnastiri. Numai in timpul domniei lui Stefan au fost zidite mai mult de o suta de lacasuri crestine.

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Comportarea genelor si echilibrul Hardy-Weinberg

Un exemplu va ilustra aceasta. E. M. East (1910) a intersectat o specie de grau cu spice lungi cu una cu spice scurte. Prima generatie a fost intermediara dar nu strict uniform. Cea de-a doua generatie a aratat variatii mai mari deoarece influenta factorilor de mediu si aparitia diferitelor genotipuri s-au suprapus. In aceste cazuri este imposibil sa identifici genotipurile direct.

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Familia din partea tatălui, era emigrantă din Olanda.Părinţii îi proveneau din mica intelectualitate a orăşelelor americane, unul dintre bunici fiind preot prezbiterian. Alva Thomas, unul dintre copii lui Samuel Edison, s-a născut la 11 februarie 1847 în localitatea Milan, din statul Ohio.

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