Robin hood and the black cloak

Robin Hood and the Black Cloak

Robin Hood and the Black Cloak - People loved him and thought of him as a justice-maker. In time he acquired a heroic reputation and came to represent the ideal of heroism of his age.

Robin Hood and the Black Cloak - Stories about him and his closest friends Friar Tuck, Little John, and Maid Marian may be found in the time. They say that Robin Hood and his companions lived in Sherwood Forest, near Nottingham. They were called the ‘merry men’ and used to wear green clothes, a particular shade of green, called ‘Lincoln green’. They also say that Robin’s outlaws were very well-organized and skilful in their attacks. They were very disciplined and obeyed strict rules of behaviour.

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Robin Hood and the Black Cloak

‘Wait!’ said Robin. ‘Will you sell me your cloak?’ The old man couldn’t believe his ears. ‘This dirty old thing? Well, you can have it for a pound!’ ‘Thanks,’ said Robin and put on the cloak and gave the old man pounds. ‘For you and your family. Take it.’ The old man was so surprised that all he could say was ‘God bless you, Sir!’

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The European Union and Romania

The European Union and Romania - Many of us, the romanian people and not only us, but also the people of other nationality, all gathered under the title of europeans, have wondered at a certain point of our lives: “What is, in fact, the European Union ?” and “In what realities or aspects of the societ can and will be materialised the E.U. ?”.The European Union and Romania

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Banks and Banking

Banks and Banking
The banks of the banking business is borrowing from individuals (firms and occasionally governments)- receiving “deposits” from them. With these resources and also with the bank’s own capital, the banker makes loans or extends credit and also invests in securities. The banker makes profit by borrowing at an rate of interest and lending at a higher rate and by charging commissions for services rendered.

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Vlad the Impaler

Nobody was immune from his cruelty. Another widely disseminated tale involves the arrival in his court of two foreign ambassadors:

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Strategies in the contest between lawyer and witness

A lawsuit begins when a plaintiff (the party suing) files a complaint against a defendant (the party being sued). The complaint is a written statement of the plaintiff's claim or cause of action. In it, the plaintiff states his or her version of the facts - what the defendant allegedly did -and asks for relief or damages. The answer is the defendant's written response to the complaint.

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PC Components

CD-ROM Drives(Plextor PlexWriter SCSI Intern 40x12x40/)
CD-ROM stands for Compact Disk - Read Only Memory. As the name implies, CD-ROM drives use compact disks, similar to the ones that hold music, to hold computer information. And also as the name implies, they are a read-only medium. You can read information from them but not write to them (except for some special exceptions). CD-ROMs are currently the most popular way that computer companies distribute applications and games, and are ideal for multimedia information like videos, music and large graphics files.
In a few short years, the CD-ROM drive has gone from a pricey luxury to inexpensive necessity on the modern PC. The CD-ROM has opened up new computing vistas that were never possible before, due to its high capacity and broad applicability. In many ways, the CD-ROM has replaced the floppy disk drive, but in many ways it has allowed us to use our computers in ways that we never used them before. In fact, the "multimedia revolution" ...

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Moldova and Chisinau

Moldova and Chisinau - the capital of Moldova is more than 500 years old. The first settlement under this name dates as far back as 1466. But the first mentioning of Chisinau as a city refers to 1666.It is situated on the hills and terraces of the Byck river valley , as the history of the city says, and occupies about 200 sq.kilometers.

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The Life and Work of William Shakespeare

Hamlet is without question the most famous play in the English language. Probably written in 1601 or 1602, the tragedy is a milestone in Shakespeare’s dramatic development; the playwright achieved artistic maturity in this work through his brilliant depiction of the hero’s struggle with two opposing forces: moral integrity and the need to avenge his father’s murder.

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Computers and Networks

- from the console terminal (a computer connected to the router through a console port) during its installation
-via modem by using the auxiliary port
-from Virtual Terminals 0-4, after it has been installed on the network
-from a TFTP server on the network

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English and everything you need to know

Mandarin Chinese, Hindi and Spanish have more native speakers than English does; however, the geographic distribution of Mandarin and Hindi, as both first and second languages, is more limited than that of English. Spanish is more widespread than Mandarin and Hindi, but not much present in Asia or Africa. English also is the most widely spoken Germanic language.

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Psychology and Human behavior

With its broad scope, psychology investigates an enormous range of
phenomena: learning and memory, sensation and perception, motivation
and emotion, thinking and language, personality and social behavior,
intelligence, infancy and child development, mental illness, and much
more. Furthermore, psychologists examine these topics from a variety
of complementary perspectives. Some conduct detailed biological
studies of the brain, others explore how we process information;
others analyze the role of evolution, and still others study the
influence of culture and society.

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Anglia - regalitate si comunitate

Idealul medieval
La moartea lui Henric, fiul sau a devenit regele Edward I (1272-1307). Spre deosebire de tatal sau, Edward a fost idealul medieval al suveranitatii - personalitate impunatoare, razboinic priceput si conducator drept. El a fost de asemenea deosebit de competent, reafirmand drepturile coroanei, reorganizand tribunalele existente si folosindu-se de parlament pentru a emite legi care au restabilit ordinea in regat.

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Robin Hood

Robin Hood avea si o iubita pe nume Marian pe care dupa mai mult timp o salveaza,se casa toreste cu ea cununandu-i un calugar pe nume Taica Tuck si o ia cu el in padure.

Robin Hood avea si o armata de vreo 20 de oameni pe care ii salvase de la moarte si-i erau recunoscatori. Acei oameni il pazeau ca niste fantome camuflati printre frunzele padurii deoaree Robin era urmarit de multi oameni rai care-i vroiau moartea.

Cu ajutorul oamenilor sai Robin a reusit sa omoare nenumarati dusmani ai lui si totodata ai tarii printre care: Richard Malbete spionul cersetor,Sir Guy de Gisborne,Iesbart de Blame,Sir Roger de Doncaster si multi altii…

Insa Robin avea si multi prieteni care il ajutau: Ket Spiridusul,Hob din colina,micul Jhon,Alan,lady Alice,Will arcasul,taica Tuck,Arthur prietenosul, Much fiul lui Miller si altii.

Cu ajutorul prietenilor lui,Robin reusi sa lupte impotriva lorzilor si oamenilor rai si sa-l ucida pe Sir Guy de Gisborne care era dusmanul de ...

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Anglia si Normandia

Anglia si Normandia - Cucerirea normanda, din 1066, a dat Angliei o clasa stapanitoare noua si straina. Regii normanzi au creat o monarhie puternica, implicand si Anglia in ambitiile lor dinastice de pe continent.Anglia si Normandia

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Sfarsitul Evului Mediu

Sfarsitul Evului Mediu - Sfantul imperiu. Teritoriile sale periferice se reduc in secolul al XV-lea: Venetia a anexat o parte a regatului Italiei; Franta, o parte a vechiului regat al Burgundiei (Dauphiné, Proventa). In plus, Confederatia elvetiana, ale carei origini se situeaza la sfarsitul secolului al XIII-lea, accede, in fapt, la independenta, in 1499. Sfarsitul Evului Mediu

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Inceputul este o adresare directa,prin care poetul anonim,personificand doina,isi exprima direct atractia pentru aceasta creatie folclorica:,,Doina,doina,cantic dulce/(…)Doina,doina,viers cu foc”.

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Die Rauber

Karl ist zerschmettert und beschließt, nun wirklich der Räuberhauptmann zu werden, für den er gehalten wird; wie ein zweiter Robin Hood tritt er mit seinen Leuten in den Wäldern als Rächer der Unterdrückten auf, wobei einige seiner Männer, allen voran Spiegelberg, keinerlei Idealismus, sondern reine Raub- und Mordlust an den Tag legen.

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