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Robinson Crusoe

The first volume of Robinson Crusoe was published on 25 April 1719, and it was a big hit, especially for the lower and middle classes. Since that one worked so well, Daniel published Moll Flanders in 1722, drawing heavily on his experiences in Newgate prison to add realism. This novel got him the label of a social historian, much, much later, of course. The point was that the public ate up this kind of thing, and Daniel wrote lots of it. He also worked for a publisher named Mr. Applebee between 1720 and 1726, who liked to publish books about the lives of condemned criminals. Daniel used to go to prison cells and even the scaffold to receive manuscripts for these lives from the criminals themselves. He sometimes goofed up on dates and numbers, but all of these lives are wonderful studies of character and society, though often a bit too heavy on the moral lessons by today's standards.

The action

In the novel Robinson Crusoe , Daniel Defoe presents the life of one man who lived on a ...

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Robinson Crusoe - summary

The narrator is truly affected by his father's discourse, but after a few weeks he decides to run away. He prevails upon his mother to speak to his father and persuade him to allow one voyage. If Robinson does not like it, he resolves to go home and think of the sea no more. She reluctantly reports their conversation, but no headway is made, no consent given. About a year later, he is able to procure free passage on a friend's boat heading to London. Asking for no blessing or money, he boards the ship and leaves.

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Robinson Crusoe

In the first chapter the author introduces Robinson to the readers. Robinson was born in 1632, in York City, in a good family. His father wasn’t from York but he was living there. When he was nineteen, Robinson ran away from home with a classmate. He traveled by ship and he shipwrecked. However, the crew he was with was saved and disembarked near Yarmouth.

Then, Robinson had a nice journey in Guinea. He became a slave of the pirates of Sale. Having enough of the slavery, he ran away with his Moorish friend. So, Robinson and his Moorish friend set off to the South leading towards Brazil where Robinson became a farmer. As Robinson was travelling to Guinea, the ship shipwrecked near a deserted island and all the crew died while Robinson was the only survivor.

After a while, Robinson swam to the shipwrecked ship in order to take his supplies. All the time he was thinking over his difficult situation. Not long after he had arrived on island, the ship sank.

He thought of writing ...

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Robinson Crusoe-Book review

“Robinson Crusoe” has been read as a gripping adventure story, as a myth of economic man, as a political and social allegory, and as a symbolic statement using the conventions of spiritual autobiography. First published in 1719, the account of the seaman who was shipwrecked and spent twenty-eight years on a desert island has become one of the most famous stories in English literature.
The book represents an adventure novel, the main character reflecting the author’s subconscious.
It was written by Daniel Defoe who was born in London in 1660. He was the author of works in many genres, ranging over politics, economics, history, biography and crime. Among his best-known novels are “Robinson Crusoe”(1719), “Moll Flanders”, and “Roxana”(1724).
It was made to prove Defoe’s belief in man’s survival in a different world.
He did it by basing the story on real facts. It is perhaps as complex a book as Defoe is as man and writer. It is to see Defoe as a journalist, as a ...

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Robinson Crusoe

He is described as an able, pleasant human being at a time when colored people were treated very badly. The novel praises the practicalness and energy; yet when concentrated in an individual man these qualities are exaggerated. According to Defoe it follows that man can live by him self comfortably and make all the things with no other human.

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The enlightenment - The 18th century

The 18th century, dominated both by theology and science, allowed REASON (=human capacity) to emerge as a real genuine and inspiring force (as in the “metaphysical” poetry)
The 18th century is no longer subject either to authority and dogma or to scientific inquiry.

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Abraham Lincoln

But Abraham Lincoln had a greater wish : he wanted to see all the people of the United States, including the Negroes , free from oppression and exploitation by the rich , the owners of the big plantations .

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Abraham Lincoln

When we read the history of the United States of America , we remember
above all two great names : George Washington and Abraham Lincoln .

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Robinson Crusoe

Robinson Crusoe s-a nascut in anul 1632, in orasul York, intr-o familie cumsecade, avand 2 frati.La 19 ani, impotriva vointei parintilor si prin dorinta de aventuri, impreuna cu un prieten, a fugit de acasa imbarcandu-se pe un vas.Aceasta nava a naufragiat langa Yarsmouth, insa echipajul a fost salvat de o alta nava.

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Calatoria - mijloc de formare a personalitatii - cercetare in baza romanului Robinson Crusoe de Daniel Defoe

Motivatia romanului erotic se dedubleaza: iubirea imparte functia de generator al intrigii cu destinul; calatoria ca motiv adiacent este liantul eroilor spre implinirea erotica.Primul asemenea roman erotic pare sa fi fost Efesiaca sau Aventurile Anthieie si ale lui Habrocones, scris de Xenofon din Efes.Inainte insa de a aborda aceste romane se cuvine sa aruncam o privire asupra Odiseei, care ne ofera prima calatorie a literaturii clasice.

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Protectia consumatorului la magazinul SC Daniel SRL

Sc Daniel srl este o firma infiintata in anul 1991 avand o mare recunoastere pe piata din Romania, clientii beneficiind de cea mai buna calitate a produselor si serviciilor oferite. Angajatii firmei nu comercializeaza produsele care prezinta abateri de la caracteristicile de calitate, produsele fiind testate si verificate inainte de a fi comercializate, astfel încât acestea să nu afecteze viaţa, sănătatea sau securitatea consumatorilor;

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Banii intr-o societate libera

Dar, prin incercare si eroare, omul a descoperit drumul care ii permite sa ajunga la o economie incomparabil mai extinsa: schimbul indirect. In conditiile schimbului indirect, fiecare isi vinde produsul nu pe un bun care sa ii satisfaca in mod direct o nevoie, ci pe un alt bun care poate fi vandut, la randul sau, contra bunului dorit. La prima vedere, acest lucru da impresia unei operatii stangace si ocolite. Dar el constituie, de fapt, acel instrument minunat care face posibila dezvoltarea civilizatiei.

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Piciul de Alphonse Daudet

Referat despre Piciul de Alphonse Daudet
Abatele moare, iar familia se desparte tot din cauza banilor. Mama sta la fratele ei, Jacques isi gaseste de lucru, iar Daniel este trimis in alt oras, pentru un post de pedagog. Piciul se descurca bine ca pedagog si toti sunt multumiti de el. Directorul isi sarbatoreste ziua la un picnic si piciul ii scrie o poezie. Fiul marchizului Boucoyran este obraznic, iar Daniel il pedepseste.

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David Copperfield

David devinne un tanar barbat si odata terminate scoala,matusa s ail trimite la Londra sa-si faca o cariera.In Londra,David da peste vechiul sau prieten James Starforth care-l duce pe David acasa,sa-I intalneasca mandra si posesiva mama si prietena sa Rosa Dartle.De asemenea David il ia pe James cu el in Yarmouth,sa o viziteze pe Pegotty si familia sa.James se intelege perfect cu totii si cumpara o barca pentru a-I putea vizita in mod regulat.

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Inceputul si dezvoltarea Istoriei Religiilor

In Franta, lucrarile sanscritologului Eugene Burnouf asupra religiilor Indiei si ale sinologilor Charles Remusat si Stanislas Julien asupra religiilor Chinei, cum si infiintarea muzeului de obiecte sfinte ale religiilor orientale, (1876) de catre negustorul lionez Guimet, si celebra publicatie de texte si documente privitoare la aceste religii intitulata "Les Annales du Musee Guimet", pregatira terenul pentru noua disciplina. Crearea, in 1879, a scolii practice "des Hautes Etudes" pe langa Sorbona, in locul facultatii de Teologie, scoasa din universitate, a contribuit in foarte mare masura la progresul disciplinei noastre.

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Imparatul mustelor de William Golding

Face toate astea dupa ce este ales cu titlul de sef de catre toti, in urma unui vot liber. Mai apoi insa, asa cum se intampla mai in toate situatiile, setea de putere a lui Jack il indeamna sa instige o revolta pentru a-si creea propriul sau "trib", preocupat de vanatoare, al carui membri ulterior vor da impresia unei salbaticiri ce cumva, in mintea noastra - a cititorilor, pare ca ne adevereste faptul ca la origine omul n-a fost decat un salbatic lipsit de orice judecata.

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Distributie si merchandising

Grupul de firme Promoterm, care activeaza pe zona Braila-Galati-Vrancea, reprezentant al unor furnizori de top in FMCG - Nestle, Excelent, Dr Oetker, Star Foods, are prin Optimal SFAS un instrument valoros, care ii permite sa ia decizii de business bazate pe analiza unor date istorice. Solutia Optima Grup nu este o solutie standard in domeniul solutiilor de automatizare a fortei de vanzari, aceasta reprezinta un STANDARD pentru cei care doresc sa evolueze!"
Daniel Gheorghe, Managing Director, Promoterm Grup

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