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Business Presentation

With good preparation and planning you will be totally confident and less nervous. And your audience will feel your confidence. Your audience, too, will be confident. They will be confident in you. And this will give you control. Control of your audience and of your presentation. With control, you will be 'in charge' and your audience will listen positively to your message.

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Business Manners

A Hidden Business Tool
In today's frantic world, silence is not often perceived as a communication of business tool. Yet, the strategic use of silence - ranging from five-second pauses in a conversation to extended periods of quiet - can result in tremendous benefits to those who practice it.
Here are twenty ways you may be able to use silence for your and others' benefit. Ponder the list, pick a few suggestions that may work well for you, and resolve to practice the powerful art of silence on those many occasions when you have the opportunity to do so.
Inspire yourself. During periods of silence, the mind has a way of retreating to gentle thoughts and core values - great destinations when you're worried or wondering about something.
Build productivity. Quiet time is perfect for focusing on important, detail-oriented tasks. Want a subordinate or colleague to work on a project for you? You'll get it done faster if you arrange for the individual to work in a silent place. ...

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Business plan

Our business will require 5 graphic stations, printers, scanners, 2 cameras, software licenses, and other important items. The total cost of the equipment could rise up to 400 million lei. The software that we shall use are: Windows, 3d Studio Max, Visual C++, AutoCAD, Visual Basic, Macromedia Flash and others.
Financial profile

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Vlad the Impaler

In spite of such reported atrocities, Vlad Tepes is a significant figure in Romanian history. For one thing, he was one of a number of voivodes who contributed to the building of a strong, independent Wallachian state. He stood up against the powerful nobles and assured law and order in what were lawless times. But most of all he is remembered for standing up against the Ottoman Empire, at a time when other principalities around him were falling under Turkish control. He is perceived as something of a David facing a Goliath. As for the brutality of his punishments, his defenders point out that his actions were no more cruel than those of several other late-medieval or early-Renaissance European rulers such as Louis XI of France, Ferdinand of Naples, Cesare Borgia of Italy, and Ivan the Terrible of Russia.

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Strategies in the contest between lawyer and witness

A lawsuit begins when a plaintiff (the party suing) files a complaint against a defendant (the party being sued). The complaint is a written statement of the plaintiff's claim or cause of action. In it, the plaintiff states his or her version of the facts - what the defendant allegedly did -and asks for relief or damages. The answer is the defendant's written response to the complaint.

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The problems of street dogs

Nowadays there are so many homeless dogs that at every moment somebody can be attacked.Acording to some statistics every 12 hours somebody is attacked by a street dog.For many years Chisinau confronted with problem of street dogs and this problem wasn't solved till now.Olso street dogs present a real danger for us not only because they are aggresive bit because they can condaminate us with diferent kinds of infections deseases.

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Timpurile verbelor

Present tense simple: exprima o actiune obijnuita sau repetata regular. se fol. adv. : always, usualy, offen, seldom, never. forma : pt.I, you, we, they-vb.forma1. he, she, it-vb.forma1+s/es. Present tense continuos: exprima o actiune in curs de desfasurare in momentul vb. se fol. vb. : at the moment, now, in present, all the time. forma : to be+vb+ing

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Holidays in Great Britain

Christmas dinner
In Britain the most important meal on December 25th is Christmas dinner. Nearly all Christmas foood is traditional, but a lot of traditions are not very old. For example, there were no turkeys in Britain before 1800. And even in nineteenth century, goose was the traditional meat at Christmas. But not now...

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The secret of life

Instead of wallowing in the past, learn from it. What did you do wrong? Correct your behavior! What did you do right? Keep doing it! Learn from the past with open eyes. Be brutally honest. Learn from what has happened, not from what you imagined has happened. Learn and move on. Use the past as a guidepost, not as a hitching post. Learn to let go of the past. Until you release it, you won’t be free to work on the present. And don’t be afraid of the past. It can’t reach out into the present and bite you. Let the dead rest in peace and focus on the only moment you are alive, which is now.

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The Gerund is used:
With such verbs as : to admit , to avoid, to begin, to continue, to delay, to deny, to dislike, to enjoy, to fancy, to forget, to forgive, to hate, to imagine, to keep (on), to like, to love , to mind, to miss, to omit, to postpone, to remember, to regret, to risk, to start, to stop, to try, etc.

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Problemele businessului mic si mijlociu in Republica Moldova

Businessul privat în R. Moldova a început să apară şi să se dezvolte pe la sfîrşitul anilor 80, după liberalizarea gorbaciovistă. Primele semne de viaţă ale privaţilor au apărut odată cu fondarea primelor cooperative. Acestea din urmă au dispărut cu timpul, în locul lor apărînd SRL-uri, Societăţi pe Acţiuni, Întreprinderi Individuale. După demararea privatizării pămînturilor au apărut şi Gospodăriile de fermieri, Asociaţii, etc.

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Business Plan Show TV

Emisiunea va presupune cheltuieli minime pentru remunerarea angajatilor, achizitionarea utulajului și tehnicei necesare, cheltuieli ce vor fi acoperite de veniturile obtinute din plasarea publicitătii.
2.Descrierea proiectului”Fashion is everywhere” Reality show este o emisiune TV destinată tinerilor, și, în special, femeilor. Emisiunea, cu o durată de 2 ore va fi difuzată în zilele de week-end la televiziunea cu acoperire natională ”PRIME” și în reluare la postul ”2 Plus”.

Proiectul presupune transformarea unei femei alese, la întâmplare din stradă, cu ajutorul machiajului profesionist, precum și a lenjeriei, vestimatatiei stilate de la firme cunoscute. Se va urmări, schimbarea aspectului estetic radical al personajului emisiunii, pentru creșterea gradului de interes al publicului.

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Gramatica Limbii Franceze

1. Si je peux traduire le texte jeprendrai une bonne note.
2. Si je pouvais traduire le texte , je prendrais une bonne note.

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Comunidad de Valencia

La gastronomía valenciana ha trascendido internacionalmente por su plato más conocido La paella, pero no podemos reducirla a ésto, cuando, tan sólo en platos hechos a base de arroz, se cuentan más de cien recetas. La cocina con aromas de montańa en sus ollas, chacinas, morteruelos y gazpachos cárnicos típica en la zona de interior, alterna con la de la costa de pescados y mariscos. Sus mundialmente conocidos turrones o su horchata, bebida elaborada con chufa triturada, agua y azúcar, contribuyen a su fama gastronómica.

Visitas de interés:ValenciaLa capital, con excepcionales monumentos sobre todo del gótico, como La Lonja y el famoso campanario Miguelete.
AlicanteLa segunda ciudad en tamańo de la comunidad, dominada por una fortaleza almohade, el Castillo de Santa Bárbara, se presenta como una alegre ciudad a las orillas del Mediterráneo, con un bello paseo marítimo que bańa de azul la atmósfera de la ciudad..Costa BlancaDe las más celebres de Espańa por sus ...

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Il s'agit de presenter les inegalites classiques que doit connaitre tout candidat aux competitions de Mathematiques de niveau national ou international.

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