Romanian citizenship

The Romanian Citizenship

The Romanian Citizenship
The citizenship is the capacity of the private person that evokes the permanent political, social, economical and juridical relationships between that private person and the state.
The Romanian Citizenship

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Personalitati din domeniul chimie - engleza

During World War I Curie played an active role in the use of radiation
for medical purposes, an interest that became dominant thereafter. She
became perhaps the most famous woman in the world, a reputation about
which she had mixed feelings, since it interfered with her scientific
work, which for her always came first. However, she was able to use
her fame to promote the medical uses of radium, by facilitating the
foundation of radium therapy institutes in France, Poland, the United
States, and elsewhere (see Radiotherapy). She was thus able to give
concrete expression to her belief in the value of science to humanity,
a belief that she had held since her days in the Polish underground

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Limba engleza pentru incepatori

Sunetele limbii engleze

Sunetul este o realitate care se percepe cu auzul =i litera este o realitate care se percepe cu vederea.
Sunetele unei limbi sunt emise de oameni cu ajutorul organelor vorbirii: limba, buzele, cerul gurii, dinii =i coardele vocale. Sunetele limbii se mai numesc de aceea =i sunete articulate.
}ntre sunete articulate =i liter[ exist[ o coresponden[: literele sunt semne grafice prin care se noteaz[ sunetele ]n scris. Fiec[rui sunet ]i corespunde cel puin o liter[.
Sunetele limbii engleze se ]mpart ]n: 1.sunete vocalice; 2.sunete consonantice; 3.sunete semivocalice.

1.Sunetele vocalice

Sunetele vocalice sunt sunete articulate, pronunate printr-o deschidere mai larg[ a gurii, f[r[ ca aerul care iese din pl[m`ni s[ fie ]mpiedicat prea mult. De asemenea, la pronunarea sunetelor vocalice coardele vocale vibreaz[.
Aceste sunete se ]mpart ]n: a) vocale propriu-zise

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Tarile din lume vorbitoare de engleza

Spoken language is central to human communication and has significant links to both national identity and individual existence. The structure of spoken language is shaped by many factors.

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The romanian climate

Because of its position on the southeastern region of the European continent and the very changeable configuration of the baric field makes the territory of Romania accessible to a very large scale of air masses, adding to the climate the transition character:
- oceanic influences to the west and center of the country
- continental influences from north with frosty winters and less rain, to the south and southeast
- in the extreme southeast, Mediterranean influences offer a milder, maritime climate

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The Romanian Society Described by Using Tromp

It cannot be 100% eliminated. It is impossible to have no power distance, because this means that everyone is exactly equal (skills, actions, genetics etc) unless you are on about a bunch of identical lumps of rocks. Inequality can take many forms – the differences of physical and mental characteristics, social status and prestige, wealth, political power, rights, privileges etc. All of these are somewhat independent of each other, and in fact the link between them is culturally dependant. Not to put too fine a point on it, Romania is obviously a country with a high power distance.

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Vlad the Impaler

"About three hundred gypsies came into his country. Then he selected the best three of them and had them roasted; these the others had to eat."

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Albert Einstein - biography

In Ulm, Germany on March 14, 1879, one of the greatest physicists was born, Albert Einstein. While still an infant, Einstein's parents moved from Ulm to Munich. During their time in Germany, Hermann and Pauline Einstein ran a business that manufactured electrical parts. This business failed in 1894 and the family moved to Milan, Italy where Hermann became a featherbed salesman. Upon graduating High School, Einstein would enroll in ETH (the Federal Polytechnic) in Switzerland where in 1901 he would obtain his Swiss citizenship and renounce his German citizenship.

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Mamaia beach

Mamaia is the most famous resort on the Romanian seaside. Located at N Constanta between the Black Sea and Lake Siutghiol, is the season with the largest capacity of accommodation. Mamaia is a resort with a very dynamic development in recent years is building several new hotels, restaurants and shops complex.

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Main events of the Year 2004
In March 2004, Finansbank (Romania) SA arranged a subordinated loan facility from Finans International Holding NV for USD 3 millions with a maturity of 8 years, in order to strengthen its equity besides the capital increase of USD 3 millions in cash. A EUR 15 million syndicated loan facility has been signed in October 2004, being the second transaction of this kind on the Romanian market.

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Ciolanu Monastery

One can see on the iconostasis three icons by the classic Romanian painter Gh. Tattarescu in 1886, namely Our Lord, Our Lady and St. John the Baptist. This painter was a pupil at the Painters’ School in Buzău, headed by his uncle N. Teodorescu. The Diocese of Buzău gave him a scholarship to study painting in Rome.

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A glimps on the lipscani area

The Lipscani area is a lively part of old Bucharest which polarized various trades between the 15th-18th centuries. The Lipsca is apparently the Romanian transcription of the name of Leipzig. and Lipscani was the name of the merchants who sold goods imported from Leipzig. The Lipscani is a famous street in the historic downtown of Bucuresti only a few meters far from the Kilometer number 0 of Romanian Capital .

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Economy of Romania

Although dominated by former Communists, the new government began taking steps to reform the economy in the early 1990s. These steps included devaluing the national currency, removing government subsidies on most consumer goods, and converting some state-owned companies to private ownership.

The Romanian economy declined considerably in the early 1990s. After several years of decline, the gross domestic product (GDP) increased by about 1 percent in 1993. In May 1994 the International Monetary Fund (IMF) issued the Romanian government a $700 million loan, which helped to lower the country’s inflation rate by 1995. Although Romania’s private sector grew considerably, especially in the area of services, most of the country’s industrial production remained in state hands in 1995. This provoked concern among international lenders, with the IMF suspending further loans, and hindered Romania’s efforts to attract foreign investment.

In June 1995 the Romanian parliament passed ...

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About Lugoj

Lugoj is situated on the middle course of the river Timis in the south-western part of Romania . From the landscape point of view it is surrounded by a hilly zone for grape culture .Population reaches aproximately 50,000 inhabitants . Lugoj is known as a town were orthodox religion has always been worshiped . Here appeared for the first time the first Romanian theatre . The first type of culture organisation appeared in the same time with the first publications of the local newspaper : Desteptarea ; Drapelul ; Actiunea ; Banatul ; Rasunetul. It is also famous for the enthusiastic participation of his dwellers at the Marea Unire , which took place in 1 Decembre 1918.

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