Romeo and juliet referat

Romeo and Juliet

Act I Scene i: In a public place of Verona, we first see two servants of the Capulet family armed with swords, ready to fight with any "dog of the house of Montague."

They express the enmity toward Montague in vulgar terms tinged with sexual innuendoes. Just then, two servants of the Montague household enter and the two sides begin to fight. The fight ends temporarily when Benvolio, a Montague and a cousin to Romeo, appears and beats down their swords. Immediately after this, however, a noble member of the Capulet family, Tybalt, bursts in, and begins to fight with Benvolio.

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William Shakespeare

The Sonnets describe the devotion of a character, often identified as the poet himself, to a young man whose beauty and virtue he praises and to a mysterious and faithless dark lady with whom the poet is infatuated. The ensuing triangular situation, resulting from the attraction of the poet’s friend to the dark lady, is treated with passionate intensity and psychological insight. Shakespeare’s modern reputation, however, is based primarily on the 38 plays that he apparently wrote, modified, or collaborated on. Although generally popular in his time, these plays were frequently little esteemed by his educated contemporaries, who considered English plays of their own day to be only vulgar entertainment.

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Shakespeare`s King Lear

Besides, the plot line, involving two older men and their respective family problems, is only a small part of the play. King Lear is about much, much more and undoubtedly reflects deeper concerns that Shakespeare had developed in his already considerable experience as a playwright.

By the time he wrote King Lear, this adventurous young man from Stratford had led a remarkable life, even for Elizabethan times, which we tend to think of as more exciting than our own. During the reign of Elizabeth I, England experienced a period of relative stability and, more important, prosperity. All the arts flourished, but the growth of drama was nothing short of phenomenal. At the zenith of Elizabeth’s power and influence, William Shakespeare came to London and wrote the 37 plays that have established him as the greatest playwright in the English language.

How did it all begin? What purpose drove him to produce this incredible body of work? Where did his inspiration come from? There are many ...

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The Life and Work of William Shakespeare

The play opens with the servants of the Montague and Capulet families quarreling and fighting in the streets of Verona, Italy. The two families have been enemies for as long as anyone can remember. Romeo, son of Lord Montague, accidentally finds out about a ball given by Lord Capulet and plans to attend uninvited.

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Romeo and Juliet

One day Romeo's cousin suggested they should go masked to a ball given
by Capulet to which many lovely ladies had been invited.

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Robin Hood and the Black Cloak

Robin Hood and the Black Cloak - Stories about him and his closest friends Friar Tuck, Little John, and Maid Marian may be found in the time. They say that Robin Hood and his companions lived in Sherwood Forest, near Nottingham. They were called the ‘merry men’ and used to wear green clothes, a particular shade of green, called ‘Lincoln green’. They also say that Robin’s outlaws were very well-organized and skilful in their attacks. They were very disciplined and obeyed strict rules of behaviour.

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Robin Hood and the Black Cloak

Robin Hood and the Black Cloak - In the years of King Richard the Lionheart (1189-1199) there lived a brave and intelligent man called Robin Hood. He was a feared outlaw, who loved liberty and hated oppression. He took the law into his own hands and robbed the rich to give to the poor. Robin Hood and the Black Cloak

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The man and the internet

As the growing number of years since the Internet is used, the greater the number of hours, the Internet becomes indispensable. The participants poll have agreed to live without the Internet for two weeks. After only two days some of you 'is felt weird,' After five days and have dropped in this poll. A very small number of people have resisted, but said that would not want to repeat this experience.

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Romeo si Julieta - W.Shakespeare

După ce se sfârşi dansul, Romeo pândi locul unde se afla fiinţa ce-i vrăjise inima şi - folosindu-se de masca sa, datorită căreia pur¬tarea Iui îndrăzneaţă putea fi mai uşor iertată - cuteză, în chipul cel mai blând cu putinţă, să o ia de mână. îi vorbi apoi asemuindu-i mâ¬na cu mâna unei sfinte pe care de-o va pângări atingând-o - el însuşi fiind un pelerin cucernic - o va săruta în semn de pocăinţă. Bunule pelerin, răspunse frumoasa fată, cucernicia ta se arată mult prea curtenitoare şi întortocheată; sfinţii au mâini pe care pele¬rinii le pot atinge, dar nu le pot săruta.

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Romeo and Juliet

Later, after discovering that the young man who caught her eye is a member of the enemy family, Juliet goes out onto her balcony to tell the stars about her strong but forbidden love. At the same time, Romeo is lurking in the bushes below. He overhears Juliet confess her love for him to the heavens. No longer able to control his powerful feelings, Romeo reveals himself to her and admits that he feels the same. The very next day, with the help of Romeo's friend Friar Lawrence, Romeo and Juliet are secretly married.

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Auzind acestea, Ophelia, dezamagita de spusele lui Hamlet, crede ca
acesta s-a smintit. Dup ace Hamlet pleaca, regale, socat, isi face
aparitia considerand ca vorbele si gandirea tanarului print nu ii
reprezinta sminteala,ci altceva, mai adanc si mai dureros as-cuns in

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Romeo si Julieta - prezentarea cuplului

Romeo si Julieta, probabil cea mai cunoscuta poveste de dragoste din istoria lumii, scrisa in 1594 este o tragedie in cinci acte, care are la baza o poveste reala, petrecuta in secolul al XIV-lea.

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Romeo si Julieta -rezumat

Romeo si Julieta - Toti acestia au fost convinsi sa renunte la conflict de catre copii celor doua familii.Apoi Lady Montague intreaba de Romeo ,iar Benvolio si Montague isi fac planuri pentru a-l face sa renunte la iubirea care-l mistuie.In scena a doua a actului 1,Paris ii spune lui Capulet ca vrea sa se insoare cu Julieta,dar acesta nu renunta usor.Romeo afla de la servitorul lui Capulet ca va avea loc o petrecere la palat si se hataraste sa participe la aceasta.Julieta este anuntata de mama sa ca Paris doreste sa o ia in casatorie,dar ea refuza.

La petrecerea organizata de Capulet,Romeo alaturi de Mercutio,Benvolio si Tybalt isi fac aparitia.Purtand insa masti Romeo reuseste sa vorbeasca cu aleasa inimii sale si chiar sa o sarute.Dupa acest moment,cei trei prieteni de care rea insotit Romeo ,afla ca acesta s-a strecurat in gradina Capuletilor pentru a vorbi cu Julieta.In urma acesteia,Romeo pleaca la parintele Lorenzo pentru a-l ruga sa-i cunune pe cei doi indragostiti. ...

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Romeo si Julieta - comentariu

Opera Romeo si Julieta de William Shakespeare este un text narativ in proza ce se incadreaza in genul dramatic si ilustreaza tragedia. Acest text apartine genului dramatic pentru ca actiunea este redusa la o durata reprezentabila pe scena, dezvoltata organic si unitar de catre personajele care comunica si se comunica prin dialog si monolog, iar autorul intervine direct in text prin didascalii. Exista de asemenea un confilct interior si unul exterior.

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Towards a philosophy of gerontology - version 5

* Implementation of a certain ontologically posible mind may be not
independent of human brain, but what is ontologically posible in
every context in space and time will never depend on human brain,

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Romeo si Julieta rezumat

Dupa ce Romeo si Julieta isi dau seama ca interesul lor este reciproc, Romeo ii cere juraminte de dragoste, iar apoi Romeo ii cere fratelui Lawrence sa-i casatoreasca. Fratele Lawrence este surprins dar Romeo ii explica ca a uitat-o pe Rosalinda. Observam ca desi abia s-au intilnit, Romeo incerca sa se asigure de legatura lor, comportament opus celui fata de Rosalinda.

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Romeo si Julieta

Cuplul Romeo şi Julieta reprezintă un teritoriu uman singular de o neţărmurită credinţă în iubire, înconjuraţi de „oceanul” unei lumi lipsite de criterii valorice şi de moralitate, incapabilă de a vibra în faţa marilor elanuri sau drame ale eroilor noştri.

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