Romeo and julieta

Romeo and Juliet

Opening Prologue: The play opens with a prologue spoken by a Chorus in the form of a fourteen-line sonnet. In this concise manner, we are told from the start that the play's setting is the Italian city of Verona, that a blood feud between two families (Montagues and Capulets) is the context in which the star-cross'd lovers (Romeo and Juliet) will fall in love, and that only with their deaths will this conflict come to an end.

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William Shakespeare

Shakespeare apparently arrived in London about 1588 and by 1592 had attained success as an actor and a playwright. Shortly thereafter he secured the patronage of Henry Wriothesley, 3rd Earl of Southampton. The publication of Shakespeare’s two fashionably erotic narrative poems Venus and Adonis (1593) and The Rape of Lucrece (1594) and of his Sonnets (published 1609, but circulated previously in manuscript form) established his reputation as a gifted and popular poet of the Renaissance (14th century to 17th century).

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Shakespeare`s King Lear

It would be nice if we could say that William Shakespeare wrote King Lear when he himself was at an advanced age. We could picture him becoming concerned with retirement and the disposal of his property and goods. But the theory collapses when you realize that Shakespeare was only 41 years old when the first performance of King Lear was recorded in an official document.

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The Life and Work of William Shakespeare

The Life and Work of William Shakespeare adn the details about William Shakespeare’s life are sketchy, mostly mere surmise based upon court or other clerical records. His parents, John and Mary (Arden), were married about 1557; she was of the landed gentry, and he a yeoman—a glover and commodities merchant.The Life and Work of William Shakespeare

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Romeo and Juliet

When the priest heard that his messenger did not meet Romeo he hurried
to the tomb in the middle of the night,he was too late.

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The territory that is now Romania first appeared in history as Dacia. Most of its inhabitants were originally from the region of Thrace, in Greece; they were called Getae by the Greeks, and later, by the Romans, they were known as Dacians. Between ad 101 and 106 Dacia was conquered by Roman emperor Trajan and incorporated into the Roman Empire as a province. Roman colonists were sent into Dacia, and Rome developed the region considerably, building roads, bridges, and a great wall that stretched from what is today the Black Sea port of Constanţa across the region of Dobruja to the Danube River.
In the middle part of the 3rd century the Goths drove the Romans out of much of Dacia. In about 270 Roman Emperor Lucius Domitius Aurelian decided to withdraw the Roman legions and colonies to an area south of the Danube; some Roman civilians chose to stay, however. Under the influence of the Romans, the people of Dacia adopted the Latin language.
For the next thousand years, ...

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Robin Hood and the Black Cloak

Robin Hood and the Black Cloak - Stories about him and his closest friends Friar Tuck, Little John, and Maid Marian may be found in the time. They say that Robin Hood and his companions lived in Sherwood Forest, near Nottingham. They were called the ‘merry men’ and used to wear green clothes, a particular shade of green, called ‘Lincoln green’. They also say that Robin’s outlaws were very well-organized and skilful in their attacks. They were very disciplined and obeyed strict rules of behaviour.

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Vlad the Impaler

But this raises a key question. To what extent did Bram Stoker actually base his Count Dracula on Vlad the Impaler? Although for many people today the two have become almost synonymous, the nature of the connection is highly speculative. There is no longer any doubt where Stoker found the name "Dracula". We know from his working papers (housed at the Rosenbach Museum in Philadelphia) that by March 1890 he had already started work on the novel, and had even selected a name for his vampire - Count Wampyr. We also know that, in the summer of the same year while vacationing at Whitby, he came across the name "Dracula" in a book that he borrowed from the Whitby Public Library. William Wilkinson's An Account of the Principalities of Wallachia and Moldavia (1820) contains a few brief references to a "Voivode Dracula" (never referred to as Vlad) who crossed the Danube and attacked Turkish troops. But what seems to have attracted Stoker was a footnote in which Wilkinson states that "Dracula in Wallachian ...

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The man and the internet

As the growing number of years since the Internet is used, the greater the number of hours, the Internet becomes indispensable. The participants poll have agreed to live without the Internet for two weeks. After only two days some of you 'is felt weird,' After five days and have dropped in this poll. A very small number of people have resisted, but said that would not want to repeat this experience.

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Strategies in the contest between lawyer and witness

Strategies in the contest between lawyer and witness
Chapter 2 is dedicated to pleadings. Pleadings are formal written documents that are filed with the court. Pleadings are public documents unless sealed by the court. The court's rules tell you what needs to be included in a pleading and how it should look. For example, each pleading has to contain the name of the court, the title of the suit, and the docket number, if one has been assigned.

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Romeo si Julieta - W.Shakespeare

Şi cu toate că era primejdios pentru un Montague să fie văzut în adunarea aceea, totuşi Benvolio - un prieten de-al lui Romeo -îl convinse pe tânărul gentilom să se ducă la această petrecere, sub ocrotirea unei măşti, ca să o poată vedea pe Rosalina lui şi, punând-o alături de câteva din frumuseţile de seamă ale Veronei, să înceapă a-şi da seama (cum spunea dânsul) „că lebăda lui este doar o cioară".
Romeo nu prea avea încredere în cuvintele lui Benvolio; totuşi, de dragul Rosalinei, se hotărî să se ducă.

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Romeo and Juliet

The story is, of course, about a pair of star-crossed lovers. Two teenagers pursue their love for each other despite the fact that their families have been at odds with each other for decades. The story combines swordfighting, disguise, misunderstanding, tragedy, humor, and some of the most romantic language found in literature all in the name of true love.

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ce drum s-apuc.Stafia/se poate sa fi fost doar Necuratul/Si Necuratul
intotdeauna poate/Sa-si dea un chip aromitor"."Am

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Romeo si Julieta - prezentarea cuplului

Mai degraba decit sa argumenteze de ce o iubeste, el blestema nefericirea dragostei neimpartasite. Pe parcursul piesei relatia lui Romeo cu Rosalinda este pasiva. El nu vorbeste niciodata cu ea si nici nu inceraca sa faca ceva pentru a o cuceri. Se zbate intre adulare si disperare. In ciuda insistentelor lui Benvolio, adoslescentul refuza sa ia in considerare si existenta altor femei.

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Romeo si Julieta - comentariu

Conflictul interior este determinat de starile contradictorii ale protagonistilor, triumfand sentimentele de dragoste ale lui Romeo si ale Julietei asupra urei dintre cele doua familii, Capulet si Montague. Conflictul exterior are loc de mai multi ani si se sfarseste cand tinerii mor in numele iubirii lor.

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Towards a philosophy of gerontology - version 5

0. 2.3. The Forms of the Time Pressure
0. Eremia unify under the 'time pressure' phrase the folowing factors
with senectogen character:

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Romeo si Julieta rezumat

Ajuns la dineu, Romeo observa o femeie superba de care se indragosteste pe loc. Tot in acea seara si Julieta se indragosteste de Romeo, cu toate ca cei doi nu isi cunosc identitatea, urmand ca doar mai tarziu sa afle caror familii apartin.

In cel de-al doilea act Romeo, ignorand pericolul urca in camera Julietei, unde cei doi planuiesc sa se casatoreasca pe ascuns. Indragostitii au fost casatoriti in ziua urmatoare de catre Friar Laurence, unul dintre prietenii lui Romeo.

In actul trei, in urma unui conflict Romeo il ucide pe Tybalt din familia Capulet, in urma acestui fapt, fiind expulzat din Verona de catre printul Escalus. In acest timp, tatal Julietei decide ca a sosit timpul ca aceasta sa se casatoreasca cu Paris, hotarand chiar si data nuntii. Julieta nu este de acord cu hotararea tatalui sau si decide sa se sinucida.

In cel de-al patrulea act, Friar Laurance ii ofara Julietei o potiune pentru a-si simula moartea. Fata hotaraste sa ia potiunea in noaptea de dinaintea nuntii, ...

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