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Romanian endocrinologist; a scientist of world reputation; Professor at the University of Bucharest. Member of the Romanian Academy and member of other Romanian and foreign Academies and scientific bodies. C. I. Parhon was the founder of the Romanian School of Endocrinology and one of the science founders in the world.
Practicing first as a neurologist and then as a psychiatrist, C.I. Parhon could investigate the cell structure of the spinal marrow, and demonstrate that there were vegetative centres on the cortex. He succeeded to largely collect clinical evidence as to psychosis, nervous syphylis, epilepsy, multiple hallucinations. He left behind the anatomo-clinical approach made by the then neuropsychiatric medical school, to promote new and original ideas in the field of medical science.
He made fundamental contributions to the progress of endocrinology, and in 1909 he co-authored with ...

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Central Nervous System

The transmission of information by neurones is both electrical and chemical. The electrical transmission occurs via changes in membrane potential: in the resting state; sodium and potassium pumps maintain a potential across the membrane (positive on the outside). When a dendrite is stimulated by a neurotransmitter (see below), ligand gated Na and K channels open in the dendrite, causing an influx of Na and an efflux of K. This causes depolarisation of the membrane (it becomes negative on the outside). The change in potential opens voltage gated Na and K channels, which serve to propagate the change across the neurone surface. In myelinated neurones, the voltage change 'jumps' along the axon via discontinuities in the myelin sheath (nodes of Ranvier). After this action potential passes, the neurone restores its resting potential, usually entering a refractory period, during which it is insensitive to further stimulation. Hyperpolarisation also occurs. The action potential is an 'all or nothing' ...

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All you need to know about living and studying in Romania

The animal world is also very rich in Romania with various species, such as lichamois, hares, marten, lynxes, foxes, deer, wolves, badgers, bears and many others. Among the bird life also a lot of species are found in the various corners of the country, especially in the Danube Delta.Since Romania is surrounded by mountains, the country is rich with various kind of trees and plants. The different regions of the country offer different types of plants. In the Moldavian and Walachian regions you will find a lot of species of grass. Some of these are tall and deep-rooted; some are shallow-rooted etc.

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Broadcasting - Radio and Television

In the early 1980s, new technologies--such as cable television and videocassette players--began eroding the dominance of broadcasting in mass communication, splitting audiences into smaller, culturally distinct segments.

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Legs and the cow - compunere SF

“Hey! Do you want to be my friend?”
And the cow said:
“Moo! Yes because I haven’t any friends…I’m so sad!”
“Me too! I really need a friend, a good friend, a true friend and I think you’ll be my best friend.”
From that moment they became the best friends in the world.
To celebrate their friendship after a year they came to the plain again and they took a photo.
“Cow, do you love me? As a friend, of course.” Said Legs.
“You’re my best friend, I love you!”answered the cow.
“Do you remember the 31st april?”

“I can’t forget that day: we went to Hollywood, we made a tattoo, we met Johnny Depp, we ate the best ice-cream…”
While Legs was starring at the sky she heard:
“Cow! Where are you?!Coooooow!!!!”
Then she saw a big UFO like a plate with many lights. It took the cow. Legs was so surprised, so shocked that she didn’t understand what’s heapening. She was crying.

She ...

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Moldova and Chisinau

If I were a guide, I would like to show you my city. Id begin with the so-called Gates of the city. If one arrives in Chisinau by air they would go into the city from the airport, passing by the Gates. There is another starting point of the city tour. It’s the railway station-a traditional gateway which one cannot help passing through. It was built in 1948.

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The man and the internet

The man and the internet.I have seen so far that the virtual world of the Internet wants to be, in view of some, a parallel to the real world, a better copy of it. Although many experts say that to achieve this desideratum is a pretty long way to go, germ 'new world' where there is a present attractiveness can not be neglected. The number of citizens of this world and increasing rapidly despite the fact that you should still take a long time yet until „cyberspace”.
The man and the internet

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Strategies in the contest between lawyer and witness

In Chapter 3, dedicated to examination of witness, I’ve presented the strategies used by lawyers in a trial and the types of examination. In this chapter I focused my attention on the Simpson trial because it shows how he was acquitted due to his lawyer who undermined the witnesses and most of the evidences presented in court.

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Pride and prejudice

That night, while Elizabeth visits Jane, the Bingley sisters poke fun at the Bennets. Darcy and Mr. Bingley defend them, though Darcy concedes, first, that he would not want his sister ever to go out on such a walking expedition and, second, that the Bennets’s lack of wealth and family make them poor marriage prospects. When Elizabeth returns to the room, the discussion turns to Darcy’s library at his ancestral home of Pemberley and then to Darcy’s opinions on what constitutes an “accomplished woman.” After he and Bingley list the attributes that such a woman would possess, Elizabeth declares that she “never saw such capacity, and taste, and application, and elegance, as you describe, united,” implying that Darcy is far too demanding.

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Robin Hood and the Black Cloak

Robin Hood and the Black Cloak - In the years of King Richard the Lionheart (1189-1199) there lived a brave and intelligent man called Robin Hood. He was a feared outlaw, who loved liberty and hated oppression. He took the law into his own hands and robbed the rich to give to the poor. Robin Hood and the Black Cloak

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Emil Racovita

Cei douazeci de ani petrecuti de Racovita in Cluj, pana la inceperea
razboiului, au fost caracterizati de o diversificare extraordinara a
activitatilor si functiilor sale. El a fost senator (reprezentand
Universitatea din Cluj) intre 1922 si 1926, rector al universitatii di
n Cluj (1929-1930), presedinte al Academiei Romane de Stiinte
(1926-1929), director al Institutului Speologic (1920-1947) si membru
al diverselor organizatii stiintifice. Contributiile sale la studiul
crustaceelor izopode precum si campaniile sale pentru protejarea
mediului inconjurator aunt remarcabile. Punctul culminant al carierei
sale stiintifice era elaborarea unei teorii evolutioniste originale.

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Cercetatori din domeniul etologiei

Bazindu-se atit pe propriile sale observatii, cit sip e informatiile obtinute din scrierile altor autori, Aristotel a incercat sa inteleaga natura acestor imbolduri, care, afirma el, au puterea de a modifica forma organismelor. Se gasesc in opera lui Aristotel numeroase observatii interesante, cum ar fi descrierea comportamentului teritorial la o pereche de vulturi cuibaritori, descrierea ceremonialului de curtare la cai, amanunte privind comportamentul vocal al unor pasari etc.

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Mircea Eliade - personalitate complexa a culturii romane

Exista o traditie întreaga care accepta viata si
timpul; nu le considera nici iluzii, nici izvor de suferinta
încarnata ca singur fel de a fi în lume, în care libertatea
absoluta poate fi cucerita. De pe atunci întelesesem deja ca India
nu cunoscuse numai dorinta de libertate, ci si setea de libertate;
crezuse în existenta unei prezente beatifice si autohtone, aici pe
pamânt si în Timp."(Memorii)
III. Folcloristul Lucrarile majore de folcloristica a lui Eliade sunt:
Folclorul ca instrument de cunoastere (1937), Comentarii la
legenda Mesterului Manole (1943) si De la Zalmoxis la Gengis-Han
(1970). În cea din urma prezinta cele mai importante traditii
mitologice si creatii folclorice ale românilor.

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Mircea Eliade - portret psihologic

În încercarea de a alcătui un portret psihologic al unei personalităţi cum este Mircea Eliade─sau oricărei alte personalităţi cu care nu se poate avea un contact direct─ridică unele probleme în ceea ce priveşte folosirea unei metode adecvate. Dintre metodele de cunoaştere psihologică, în cazul de faţă, relevante pentru scopul nostru ar fi metoda biografică şi metoda analizei produselor activităţii, fără a neglija nici contextul socio-istorico-economic al perioadei în care Mircea Eliade a trăit.

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C I Parhon

-La 29 octombrie 1949, cand Academia R.P.R. l-a sarbatorit, acad. C.I. Parhon a definit astfel munca colectivului stiintific, pe care-l conducea in acea vreme: "Lucram la rezolvarea catorva probleme… Prima este cea a batranetii… Noi afirmam ca batranetea este o boala, o stare patologica…"

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Eton School

As boys mature so it is considered appropriate for them to be able to exercise a choice in their religious life. This process begins in the boys’ third year, where a proportion of their weekday meetings will have a general moral, ethical, or spiritual content. On certain Sundays, all boys from their third year onwards have a choice between a Communion service in College Chapel and an Assembly, which in general will be addressed by an outside speaker on an appropriate issue.

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