Statue of liberty referat

Statue of liberty

The site chosen for the statue was an island at the entrance of New York Harbour.In 1884 the satue,which was 151 feet high,was erected in Paris.The following year it was taken to pieces and carried to America where it was placed in a large pedestal 151 feet high,so that the stateme is altotether 305 feet high.It weights 255 tons.

In 1885 the stateme was put together again and it was afficially presented to the American people by Barthold.Ever since than,great monument has welcomed the millions of people have past through New York Harbour.

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Statuia Libertatii

The Statue was re-assembled on her new pedestal in four months time. On October 28th 1886, the dedication of the Statue of Liberty took place in front of thousands of spectators. She was a centennial gift ten years late.

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Statue of liberty

Meanwhile in Frace, Bartholdi required the assistance of engineer to address structural issue associated with designingsich as colosal copper sculpture.Alexandre Gustave Eiffel (designer of the Eiffel Tower) was commissioned to design the massive iron pylon and secondary skeletal framework allows the Statue`s copper skin to move independently yet stnd upright .

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New York

Midtown: 57th Street
57th Street is the home of the Russian Tea Room an Cargenie Hall. Entertaining “theme” restaurants are springing up all the time. Planet Hollywood, whose owners are Arnold Schwarzeneger, Bruce Willis and Silverster Stallone, offers good American fare, you can eat surrounded by movie memorabilia like the costume that Judy Garland wore in THE WIZARD OF OZ, Kim Basinger’s handcuffs from 9 ˝ WEEKS and Arnold Schwarzeneger’s Terminator face. The street’s olders theme restaurant is the Hard Rock Café. The starting point for one of New York’s laterst and most entertaining tourist attractions is the “Rock and Roll Tour NY”.

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Ploiesti - The city of black gold

The main activity of the museum consists of illustrating the history
of Romanian oil industry and the science and technique of petroleum.
There is also mentioned the contribution of this industrial branch to
the economic and social progress of the country.

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New York

New York is a shoppers paradise. But New York is much more that shopping. It’s a city of landmarks :Rochefeler Central with its Beautiful art deco architecture ; Grand Central Terminal,The New York Stock Exchange . In New York you will find some of the worlds greatest museums and cultural centers : The Julliard School of Music,The Metropolitan Museum of Art. New York food culture it is influenced by the immigrants . European and italian immigrants have made the city famous for bagels,cheesecake and New York style pizza. In New York there are street food where it is sold folafels and kebabs originl from Egypt and hot dog.

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Unfinished business

That night she was looking through the window, with a cold distant look on her face.Then slowly, like a ghostly statue, she lifted her bloody and long fingers and studied them with sore eyes.The glow from the moon shone through cracks in her hair. I am quite ashamed but I must admit I was afraid. She seemed so far away as I entered the room with a big smile on my face.But everything was gone once I saw the scissors in one hand and the blood on her imaculate white night gown ; it felt like all my feelings were vacuumed together with my breath.

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Panda Bear

One of the main characteristics is the “second thumb” which is present on each pad. These suplimentar fingers descend from the joint, and they have an important port in catching the food.

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The Angel of Independence

Next to the column there is a group of marble statues representing some of the heroes from the War of Independence.
The column itself is 36 meters high. The structure is made of steel covered with quarried stone decorated with garlands, palms and rings with the names of Independence figures. Inside the column is a two-hundred step staircase which leads to a viewpoint above the capital. The Corinthian-style capital is adorned by four eagles with extended wings from the Mexican coat of arms used at the time.

Crowning the column there is a 6.7 meter statue by Enrique Alciati of Nike, the Greek goddess of victory (Winged Victory), like other similar victory columns around the world. It is made of bronze, covered with 24Kgold and weighs 7 tons. In her right hand the Angel holds a laurel crown above Miguel Hidalgo's head, symbolizing Victory, while in her left she holds a broken chain, symbolizing Freedom.

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Robin Hood and the Black Cloak

‘Wait!’ said Robin. ‘Will you sell me your cloak?’ The old man couldn’t believe his ears. ‘This dirty old thing? Well, you can have it for a pound!’ ‘Thanks,’ said Robin and put on the cloak and gave the old man pounds. ‘For you and your family. Take it.’ The old man was so surprised that all he could say was ‘God bless you, Sir!’

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That limited-number of people make soaring efforts to slow the unrolling of life and to immortalize realities of the heart, the soul, realities of human splendor and mystery, realities of the outside world in its enormousness - giving birth, after painful travails to….books.
How does the spirit penetrate the world? Through what mediums does an idea, born in the intimacy of one’s mind, capture the whole world, raising it to new heights or destroying it? Out of this – the miracle of books and their hidden unfathomable energy!

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Monografia turistica a orasului New York

Monografia turistica a orasului New York - Oferta fabuloasa a gigantului cuprinde : 150 muzee , 400 galerii de arta , 240 de teatre, peste 25.000 de localuri si restaurante , mai mult de 10.000 de magazine, 90 de institutii de invatamant superior; arhitectura de legenda a zgarie-norilor – titani decorativi , unici in lume – este ea insasi o oferta exceptionala.

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Introducere in studiul limbii latine

B • se schimba in timp : in anumite conditii istorice, dispare sau da nastere unor limbi noi, inrudite intre ele, alcatuind familii lingvistice in care se regasesc relatii analoge ;

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Arta si jocul

Le facea placere acest lucru. Ii incanta faptul ca trebuie sa copieze natura care era si inca este foarte frumoasa. Artistii de atunci ca si cei de azi intrau intr-o stare asemanatoare transei cand creau si redeveneau pentru scurte momente copii fiind exact ca ei in momentele lor de joaca, atunci cand se cred atotputernici si omiscienti peste taramul lor imaginar. Astfel exista o relatie stransa intre arta si joc. Actul creator devenind modul derelaxare si dezvoltare gandirii creatorului, in acelasi fel in care pentru un copil joaca in delecteaza dar il si invata lucruri noi in acelasi timp.

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Doua utopii renascentiste

In 1516 a aparut sub titlul “Libelus vere aureus necminus salutaris quam festivus de optimo republicae statu deque nova insula Utopia, a authore Clarissimo Viro Thoma Moro, inclytae civitatis Londinensis civae et vicae comitae cura Petri Levaniensum Academiae nunc primum accuratissime aeditus” – opera lui Thomas Morus.

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Dimensiunile semiotice ale textului la Plett - dimensiunea sintactica

2.Se inregistreaza o evolutie a lingvisticii spre o stiinta a comunicarii - pragmalingvistica, pretentia amintita fiind formulata de R. Jakobson inca din 1958 in expunerea sa de la Universitatea Indiana (textul expunerii fiind publicat ulterior sub titlul Linguistics and Poetics). Argumentul lui Jakobson fiind acela ca lingvistica si stiinta literaturii (poetica) au si un obiect comun de cercetare - limba textelor literare.

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Procedura insolventei

De asemenea procedura generala cuprinde trei etape numite instalare, prelucrare si transformare, care contin aceiasi pasi ca si legislatia romana.In termen de 30 de zile lichidatorul trebuie sa dea raspuns cererii de lichidare dupa care in termen de 60 de zile urmeaza pronuntarea unei sentinte.Lichidatorul trebuie sa dea un raspuns in termen de 8 zile lucratoare.

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