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The Beatles

The Beatles British rock music group, which revolutionized popular music around the world in the 1960s by leading a movement in rock music known as the British Invasion (see Rock Music: The British Invasion). From 1964 through 1969, the Beatles achieved unprecedented popularity with 30 songs reaching the Billboard magazine top-ten popular music charts.

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The Beatles

The next two years were the high point of Beatlemania. Girls screamed
and wept when they went to Beatles concerts. Everybody bought their
records. By 1966 The Beatles had eight more No. 1 hit singles and five
No. 1 albums.

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The Beatles

The Beatles had a major impact on the world, and how it is today. They brought the love of British rock and roll to the American public and after them many other British groups became famous in the United States. It is sometimes called "The British Invasion." at a hard time. The Beatles were famous during the time of the Vietnam War, and they used their lyrics to express their political, social, and spiritual beliefs.
This music brought an entire generation together. They changed the way people dressed, the way people looked, and the way people felt about one another. And in the end, that is what music is all about.
  The members of the Beatles continue to influence the world today. For example, the tragic death of John Lennon taught people how truly important life is, and how people think differently. The remaining three Beatles still write and perform their music, and are among the most respected artist in music. Just listen to, and you can still hear their influence today.

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Hyde Park

Sites of interest in the park include Speakers' Corner (located in the northeast corner near Marble Arch) and Rotten Row which is the northern boundary of the site of the Crystal Palace. To the southeast is Hyde Park Corner. South of the Serpentine Lake is the Diana, Princess of Wales memorial, an oval stone ring fountain opened on July 6, 2004. A botanical sensation is the bizarre upside-down tree. Opposite Hyde Park corner stands one of the grandest hotels in London, The Lanesborough, which offers its top suite at £6,000 per night.

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The 7 Wonders of the world

The 7 Wonders of the world are consider the seven wonders of the world the most important creations of the Antiquity,impresive by their size and tehniqe achievements.Those are:

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King arthur and the knight of the round table

King arthur and the knight of the round table was the son of Uther Pendragon and defeated the barbarians in a dozen battles. Subsequently, he conquered a wide empire and eventually went to war with the Romans. He returned home on learning that his nephew Mordred had raised the standard of rebellion and taken Guinevere, the Queen. After landing, his final battle took place.

Tradition has it that after King Uther's death there was no king ruling all of England. Merlin had placed a sword in a stone, saying that whoever drew it out would be king. Arthur did not know his true status but had grown up living with Sir Ector and Sir Kay, his son. The young Arthur pulled the sword from the stone and Merlin had him crowned the King of Britain. This led to a rebellion by eleven rulers which Arthur put down. He married Guinevere, whose father gave him the round table as a dowry.

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World War 1

World War was a military conflict wich lasted from 1914 to 1918, that began as a local European war between Austria-Hungary and Serbia on July 28, 1914; was transformed into a general European struggle by declaration of war against Russia on August 1, 1914; and eventually became a global war involving 32 nations. Twenty-eight of these nations, known as the Allies and the Associated Powers, and including Great Britain, France, Russia, Italy, and the United States, opposed the coalition known as the Central Powers, consisting of Germany, Austria-Hungary, Turkey, and Bulgaria.

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How the modern world has been influenced by the biology, cultures and history of humans

In the first decade of the nineteenth century, he turned the armies of France against almost every major European power, dominating continental Europe through a lengthy streak of military victories--epitomized through battles such as Austerlitz and Friedland--and through the formation of extensive alliance systems.

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World Trade Center

Today the World Trade Center collapse is quite possibly the greatest disaster in modern history. The exact number of people killed in the attack is uncertain.
In my opinion the terrorists failed in achieving their goal: to make the American people fear them. By destroying the WTC complex the terrorists only got the Americans angry. They woke up a monster from its sleep.
The WTC disaster did not destroy the American spirit. It made it stronger.
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Computer in the new world

Computers in automobiles regulate the ..... of fuel, thereby
increasing gas mileage. Computers also entertain, creating digitized
sound on stereo system or computer--animated features from a digitally
encoded laser disc. Computer programs, or applications exist to aid
every level of education, from programs that teach simple addition or
sentence construction to programs that teach advanced calculus.
Computer are used extensively in scientific research to solve
mathematical problems displays complicated data, or model systems that
are too costly or impractical to build, such as testing the air floro
around the next generation of spaces shuttles. When a computer is
turned on it searches for instructions in it's memory. Usually, the
first set of these instructions is a special program called the
operating system which is the software that makes the computer work.
Popular operating system such as Microsoft Windows and the Macintosh
system have a graphical ...

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Nasterea unei retele - Internetul

Totul a început prin anii '60 (în 1962, ca să fim mai exacţi). Jack Kennedy se afla la Casa Albă, Beatles-ii tocmai îşi înregistraseră primul single de succes (Love Me Do), iar Christa Speck, o nemţoaică superbă, fusese aleasă Playmate of the Year. Mulţi americani se bucurau de o perioadă de prosperitate. Totuşi, în alte părţi se extindea comunismul şi, o dată cu el, teribile arme de distrugere.

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Care au fost cântecele cu cel mai mare succes?
S-au născut căntece renumite ca “Michelle , Yellow submarine , Let it be ” e.t.c. Lennon şi McCartney au compus mai mult de o sută de melodii, dintre care “Yesterday” s-a interpretat mai târziu de peste o sută de cântăreţi .

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Ziua Pamantului

Data oficiala este 22 aprilie. Multe comunitati si grupuri, aleg sa organizeze activitati legate de mediul inconjurator, pe perioada denumita Saptamana Pamantului, adica in saptamana de dinaintea Zilei Pamantului, sau, chiar in Luna Pamantului (toata luna aprilie).

Cum a inceput totul…

Ziua Pamantului – 22 aprilie – fiecare an marcheaza aniversarea nasterii miscarii moderne a interesului pentru mediul inconjurator. Printre multe alte lucruri, anul 1970 a adus introducerea fibrei optice, Apollo 13, ultimul album al formatiei Beatles, moartea lui Jimi Hendrix sau nasterea lui Mariah Carey.Intr-o asemenea lume, a luat nastere, pentru prima data, un eveniment numit Ziua Pamantului.

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World Wide Web-ul o tehnologie de imbunatatire a predarii si invatarii

Acestea sunt cerinţe puternice, şi ele se aplică la K-12 la fel cât şi la studii superioare. Administratorii de şcoală şi de licee, guvernul şi societatea cer răspunsuri la asemenea întrebări. Unii vor spune că utilizarea Web-ului este inevitabil, deci nu e nevoie să fie justificat. Eu cred că dacă Web-ul merită timpul şi investiţiile noastre, trebuie să corespundă cerinţelor şi necesităţilor pe care le aduc aceste întrebări. Unde e posibil, eu voi aduce exemple la analiza mea despre instituţii şi indivizi care la moment activează pe Web.

Poate Web-ul face instruirea mai accesibilă?
Fiecare din noi are probabil diferită înţelegerea ce înseamnă „accesul la studii”, dar majoritatea vor fi de acord că aceasta înseamnă a face educaţia mai accesibilă de către mai multe persoane. Asta este asigurarea locurilor de muncă a comunităţilor, acasă cu facilităţi de studii, a acelor care nu sunt apţi să frecventeze şcolile sau colegiile ...

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Tabla de sah Eurasiatica

Tabla de sah Eurasiatica
Atat extremitatea vestica,cat sic ea estica ale tablei de sah contin regiuni dens populate si organizate,pe un spatiu relativ aglomerat in mai multe state puternice.In cazul micii extremitati vestice a Eurasiei,puterea Americana este desfasurata direct. Intre extremitatea apuseana sic ea rasariteana se afla un vast spatiu de mijloc,putin populat,in mid frecvent fluid sub aspect politic si fragmentat organizational,spatiu ocupat in trecut de un puternic rival pentru suprematia Statelor Unite –un rival care odata isi fixase ca tinta alungarea Americii din Eurasia.

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Tabla din otel acoperita cu straturi metalice

- maleabilitate si duritate corespunzatoare, ce permit realizarea cutiilor din trei piese, corp lipit, fund si capac, precum si a cutiilor ambutisate cu o adancime de pana la 120 mm;
- posibilitatea de a fi lacuita cu lacuri care imprima tablei o buna rezistenta la coroziune, impiedicand fenomenele de sulfurare (marmorare) in cazul conservelor sulfoproteice (carne si mazare).

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WWW -World Wide Web

World Wide Web, cunoscut şi sub numele de WWW,W3 sau Web, reprezintă cel mai utilizat şi mai atractiv serviciu Internet.

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