The causes and effects of violence in society

Juvenile deliquency, alcoholism and drugs

More information and education is necessary for all citizens and main actors of the society, churches, authorities, media, and civil society organizations in order to gain awareness on juvenile delinquency and responsibilities, on democracy and its rules for the benefit of all, to prevent risks and injustice, to prepare a strong and clever young generation.

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Magnus Huss first used the term in 1849.
An alcoholic is a person that cannot control the quantities of alcohol it consumes, even when it realizes that they are unsafe for hisher body. Alcohol causes serious diseases and psychological and social problems (difficulties in marriage, loss of work, accidents etc.) No one really knows what causes alcoholism, but it’s believed that is based upon group pressure, depression, and sometimes an inherited gene.

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Crime - a more serious problem today than before

What is crime? When we say crime we think at first somebody killed another one. But crime does not mean just directly taking a life, but as an indirect consequence of other facts, like traffic with drugs, alcoholism etc.

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Why drugs are bad for you drugs harm the organism people can do really dangerous things that could hurt them or other people, when they use drugs. Because of drugs, people can’t think clearly. Drugs can kill people

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Drugs harm the organism. People can do really dangerous things that could hurt them or other people, when they use drugs.

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All you need to know about living and studying in Romania

The animal world is also very rich in Romania with various species, such as lichamois, hares, marten, lynxes, foxes, deer, wolves, badgers, bears and many others. Among the bird life also a lot of species are found in the various corners of the country, especially in the Danube Delta.Since Romania is surrounded by mountains, the country is rich with various kind of trees and plants. The different regions of the country offer different types of plants. In the Moldavian and Walachian regions you will find a lot of species of grass. Some of these are tall and deep-rooted; some are shallow-rooted etc.

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Roger Ebert - Malignant society

Even thought Ebert is focusing more on the newspapers and the role they have on "infantilizing" the reader, he is aware of the important role the reader has on the descent of the society.It is not the newspaper that got small, it is the people that lowered their expectations. The consumers became so small minded that they wanted Christmas items to go on sale in October, those gas guzzling vehicles are still maintained even when the gas comes from those that want them eliminated.

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Broadcasting - Radio and Television

The first public telegraph line, completed in 1844, ran 64 km (40 mi) from Washington, D.C., to Baltimore, Maryland. Morse's first message, "What hath God wrought?"--transmitted as a coded series of long and short electronic impulses--conveyed his awareness of the momentous proportions of the achievement.

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Legs and the cow - compunere SF

There was a girl. Her name was Legs. She had big lips, big eyes, short hair and she was very tall. She hadn’t family and friends. One night, while she was walking on the plain alone she saw a cow, then she shouted ti it:

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The man and the internet

The man and the internet.There are many negative signs morally what can be put into the new world in terms of its content or the type of information circulating through the 'veins' of this new space because you can find a lot of viruses, the maniac of any kind, pornography is in bloom, a lot of sites spread violence, racist ideas, religious fanaticism and, under the shadows of anonymity, sold illegal copies and confidential data and some attempts to rob 'in the full electronic' different accounts.

The man and the internet.From the point of view content the network but we can talk and a lot of positive aspects (maybe in a number greater than the negative) such as: an accumulation of information communication not only negligible (included in the e-mail, conference calls, etc.. ), The man and the internet.And culture in all its forms: images of churches and museums and other creations of great artists, music stretched over a very wide range (from the church and classical to the latest ...

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Strategies in the contest between lawyer and witness

Strategies in the contest between lawyer and witness
In this paper I presented the language used in courtrooms and how lawyer’s questions can influence the witness’s answer and I also presented the legal documents which begins a trial.
In Chapter 1, I have discussed about the language of judges and lawyers and how English was introduce in courtrooms and replace French language. Current procedural law has had a long historical evolution. The early common law allowed an action to be brought only if it closely conformed to a writ . Then, the rule was “no writ, no right”, but this rule had changes over the past decades. Now, the legal documents are drafted by lawyers.
Strategies in the contest between lawyer and witness

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Pride and prejudice

That night, while Elizabeth visits Jane, the Bingley sisters poke fun at the Bennets. Darcy and Mr. Bingley defend them, though Darcy concedes, first, that he would not want his sister ever to go out on such a walking expedition and, second, that the Bennets’s lack of wealth and family make them poor marriage prospects. When Elizabeth returns to the room, the discussion turns to Darcy’s library at his ancestral home of Pemberley and then to Darcy’s opinions on what constitutes an “accomplished woman.” After he and Bingley list the attributes that such a woman would possess, Elizabeth declares that she “never saw such capacity, and taste, and application, and elegance, as you describe, united,” implying that Darcy is far too demanding.

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The Life and Work of William Shakespeare

Hamlet is without question the most famous play in the English language. Probably written in 1601 or 1602, the tragedy is a milestone in Shakespeare’s dramatic development; the playwright achieved artistic maturity in this work through his brilliant depiction of the hero’s struggle with two opposing forces: moral integrity and the need to avenge his father’s murder.

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Robin Hood and the Black Cloak

Then an old man in a black cloak came forward and said. ‘I can do the job all right.’ At once there were angry shouts from the crowd. People picked up stones and began to throw them at the old man. A woman took an egg out of her basket and threw it. ‘Get on with the job!’ cried the Sheriff’s, and gave the old man the money.

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A set of phenotypes causes aging's phenotypes. For instance, ROS causes lesions, lesions also mean aging, aging is caused also by ROS. Or, myelin's deterioration or thiness causes the decrease of the protective power of the neuron. That decrease causes vulnerability to certain physical stressors. That is why, the neuronal death is conditioned also by the loss or deterioration of myelin. Important age-related neuronal losses causes cognitive aging. Telomeric changes causes replicative senescence (Hayflick, 1983).

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