The evolution of music referat

Evolution of Music

Another method by which I think creative cross-fertilisation will occur is by coupling appreciation of musicians (i.e., payment) with creativity. For example, in one of the FMAs (Free Music Archives or FMAs), if the artists get a percentage of advertising revenues based on song downloads, then rather than just having the option of receiving actual cash, they may also receive hard copies of music by other bands.

This way, an incestuous relationship between the artists will be developed. Given a large population of musicians, which will grow if the above multitrack models are implemented, this will result in a self-sustaining complex system with unimaginable creative dynamic. We're all musicians as well as listeners. The potential for breeding creativity is even greater if other creative ventures such as software, visual art, and literary art are coupled with music.

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Elvis Presley

His image about the world is pretty narrow, rigid,dogmatic, eccentric. He is a sympathetic dictator. When he is in the mood, he is in the mood for everything. He has the tendency to grow angry when talking about the way he is treated by the world. He is bent on firing and hiring people again and again and on having disorganized relations with the persons that work for him. He wants to be sure that the ones who he cares about have all they need.

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The Beatles

The Beatles
I write this essay about the formation The Beatles because I like very much this
formation. Of course I like very much the song “Yesterday”.
The Beatles British rock music group, which revolutionized popular music around the world in the 1960s by leading a movement in rock music known as the British Invasion (see Rock Music: The British Invasion). From 1964 through 1969, the Beatles achieved unprecedented popularity with 30 songs reaching the Billboard magazine top-ten popular music charts.
Formed in 1959, the Beatles were composed of four musicians born in Liverpool, England: guitarist George Harrison, guitarist John Lennon, bassist Paul McCartney, and drummer Peter Best. In 1962 drummer Ringo Starr (born Richard Starkey) replaced Best. Influenced by American rock-and-roll artists of the late 1950s, such as Little Richard and Buddy Holly, the Beatles styled their songs in the sophisticated manner of Tin Pan Alley, an American tradition of popular-music songwriting ...

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Referat in engleza - Costi Ionita

Costi Ionita is one of the most controversial figures in Romanian show � biz. Worshiped by some, denied by others, but always in the spot lights, the 25 years old man is named today �The King of Cocktail Music� � status many wished for, and that he won apparently with no great efforts.

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In 2001, Knowles, Rowland, and Michelle Williams allowed themselves a break from the singing group and tried their hands at individual solo careers. Before landing several movie roles,
Knowles became the first African-American female artist and second woman ever to win the annual ASCAP Pop Songwriter of the Year Award. An appearance in the MTV drama Carmen: A Hip Hopera quickly followed, but it was her role as Foxxy Cleopatra in Austin Powers in Goldmember in 2002 that eventually moved Knowles from the stage to the screen.

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Music terapy

Neuro-physiologist tends to interpret the influence of music on psycho-physiological condition as an influence over the central nervous system in a certain way (via the sound analyzer of the brain). It is an influence of organized rhythmic sound signals. The later are transformed into bio-electrical impulses and are communicated by nervous routes to sub-core brain structures (Limbic system), where the emotional centers are located, as well as centers that regulate functioning of vegetative nervous system responsible for functioning of internal organs.

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Rock music

This was their protest against the materialism of the 60s and also against the increasing military involment of the United States in Vietnam.However, the dream of peace and love disappeared in the early 70s as the mood of society changed . People’s attention turned to life’s more basic problems as the world price of oil increased, causing a fall in living standards and rising inflation.

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Lady Gaga's biography

"There was nothing that would tip you off that she had this Warhol-esque, ‘new art’ extremism." Another acquaintance noted that her 'crazy' outfits at the time, "was putting suspenders on her jeans.”

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Reach the skies with our panoramic gondola and discover the great outdoors. Our mountain top scenic path offers breathtaking vistas along with information on our region's animals and plants as well as on the islands of the St. Lawrence River below.
At the summit, walk our scenic path or ride our charming horse-drawned carriage to the La Cręte restaurant to admire the most beautiful

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Halloween is essentially a young people’s holiday. It is celebrated in the U.S.A. on the night of October 31st every year. The origin of this holiday dates back to the popular superstitions of many people: the Druids of anticent Gaul and Britain, the Irish and the Scotch.
The theme of harvest, characteristic of modern Halloween celebrations comes from the Druids’ rites and the Romans’ festivals in honour of Pomona, the goddess of fruit.
Halloween is a night- time holiday. On this night the children dress up in grotesque costumes and go from one house to another, carrying bags in their hands and ringing door bells. As the door opens they shout Trick or treat. But adults enjoy seeing the children and make sure they are ready with plenty of sweets, biscuits and fruit. The tricks, when they do occur, are usually no more serious than soaped windows or some misplaces garden tool.
Some schools have Halloween costume parties for children. Special features of such parties are bobbing for ...

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Besides Marley and the Wailers, groups who popularized the fusion of Rastafari and reggae were Big Youth, Black Uhuru, Burning Spear (principally Winston Rodney), and Culture. “Lover's rock,” a style of reggae that celebrated erotic love, became popular through the works of artists such as Dennis Brown, Gregory Issacs, and Britain's Maxi Priest.

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Essay - 10 features that make English people different

Britain is full of culture and traditions which have been around for hundreds of years. British customs and traditions are famous all over the world. When people think of Britain they often think of people drinking tea, eating fish and chips and wearing bowler hats, but there is more to Britain than just those things. They have English and British traditions of sport, music, food and many royal occasions. There are also songs, sayings and superstitions.

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Will Smith

While it is widely reported that Smith turned down a scholarship to attend the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), he never applied to MIT, although he was admitted to a "pre-engineering program" there. According to Smith, "My mother, who worked for the School Board of Philadelphia, had a friend who was the admissions officer at MIT. I had pretty high SAT scores and they needed black kids, so I probably could have gotten in. But I had no intention of going to college."

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The Olympic games

They were also religious people.The famous games at Olympia were held in honour of Zeus and always incuded lots of religious ceremonies as well as sporting events.The Olympic Games took place every leap year and all cities in Greece sent their best athletes to take part in them.The strongest athletes came together to run,jump,wrestl,throw the discus and box.

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Origine de la Marseillaise

Intr-o seara,pe masa lui Dietrich nu era decat paine si cateva felii de sunca afumata.Dietrich s-a uitat la Lisle cu o severitate trista si i-a zis ca abundenta lipseste de la cinele lor,dar ce conteaza,daca curajul nu lipseste din inimile soldatilor lor.Mai era o ultima sticla de vin in camara sa.O va aduce pentru a bea impreuna cu fetele lui pentru libertate si pentru patrie.Fetele au aplaudat,au adus vinul,si au umplut paharul batranului lor tata si pe cel al tanarului ofiter,pana cand vinul s-a terminat.

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Analyse economique et financiere

L’analyse en dynamique des charges de l’entreprise 2 montre que les charges directement liees a l’activite de production qui en est l’activite de base de l’entreprise-ont augmente. Si les charges exceptionnelles ainsi que celles d’exploitation ont augmente, seules les charges financieres ont diminue.

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Approche management

En 1993, Erhard Friedberg proposera une actualisation de cette theorie a travers un ouvrage intitule Le pouvoir et la regle. Il montre que le pouvoir ne peut pas etre seulement defini comme une capacite a faire faire mais qu'il structure des relations dans l'organisation et, en particulier, qu'il est createur de regles.

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