The gap between generations

The gap between generations

A cold definition that is contrasted strongly with the fire that is burning in the bodies in full transformation,in the souls that take for the first time full contact with love,with the infinite power that the unconsciousness and innocence of this age give it to us…this is TEENAGE.
I am asking myself:Should I be happy or sad because from now on I am a teenager?
I regret the absence of cares of the childhood,but I am glad that now I will have responsibilities.
I regret the cleverness of childhood,but now I find out that life is not pink,that the people are good and bad.
I regret the simplicity and sincerity of the relationships between children,but I am happy of the deep ones that will be created.
I regret the unconsciousness of childhood,but I am happy that I will discover myself,the one from deep heart.
Each of us passes through the period of teenage ,but not all of us remember how it was when our parents,teachers,
grandparents were in love,suffered,listen to music,danced ...

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Juvenile deliquency, alcoholism and drugs

The children represent for any people, the most important treasure, who by his cultural and spiritual value, his existence, makes proud generation after generation. The child must be considered a human being and not an object that can be manipulated and which realizes the huge wreck of his education from the point of view of his delinquency.
When drugs and alcohol are abused, the results can be devastating for the abuser, or for those who care about him or her, and for society at large.
In my point of view we must accord him our trust, our help to discover the reality of his age, to pass over it and help him to modify behavioral manifestation’s which can often substitute real communication.
Underage alcohol use is not a behavior that should be overlooked by parents. It can be a sign of other serious problems.
In every society, family represent primordial factor of moral socialization and child social integration. I think a child’s feeling or character develops with help of parents' ...

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Adolescenta, un pericol?

Many times, when we speak about adolescence, we call it “the dangerous age”. But, in the same time it is referred to as “the golden age”. These two syntagms are only apparently in contradiction with one another. Is adolescence a period of crisis or is it only a more difficult stage of our lives, which can be passed trough very easily if we are well-prepared.

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Strategies in the contest between lawyer and witness

Strategies in the contest between lawyer and witness
Chapter 2 is dedicated to pleadings. Pleadings are formal written documents that are filed with the court. Pleadings are public documents unless sealed by the court. The court's rules tell you what needs to be included in a pleading and how it should look. For example, each pleading has to contain the name of the court, the title of the suit, and the docket number, if one has been assigned.

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United Nations

United Nations
I INTRODUCTION  United Nations (UN), international organization of countries created to promote world peace and cooperation. The UN was founded after World War II ended in 1945. Its mission is to maintain world peace, develop good relations between countries, promote cooperation in solving the world’s problems, and encourage respect for human rights.
The UN is an alliance of countries that agree to cooperate with one another. It brings together countries that are rich and poor, large and small, and have different social and political systems. Member nations pledge to settle their disputes peacefully, to refrain from using force or the threat of force against other countries, and to refuse help to any country that opposes UN actions.
UN membership is open to any country willing to further the UN mission and abide by its rules. Each country, no matter how large or small, has an equal voice and vote. Each country is also expected to pay dues to support the UN. As of ...

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Do you agree with the idea that children should be raised by their grandparents

This is the reason why they had to find someone to look after their children who needed a stable environment to grow up in. In these situations, parents think that the most reliable persons they should trust their most valuable treasures are their own parents. In this way, children move in with grandparents who try, for a long or short period of time to replace the parents.

If it's good or bad that children are raised by grandparents it's difficult to stay, that depends on the each and every situation. Though, it is much better that parents raise their son or daughter. Why?

Sometimes grandparents spoil too much the child, overwhelming him or her with too much affection trying to replace the emptiness left by the parents' departure.

Another problem raised by the substitute-parents is that the gap between generations is twice wider this time, and this can cause irreconcilable problems.

For example the 2000s generation has a totally different view of life than that ...

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The predominant difference these people mostly look at is the skin color. Usually these people will tend to be surrounded only by people of the same race, while people that consider themselves being part of a superior race have no problem being surrounded with people belonging to different races. Therefore people that are most blamed for being racists are desperately trying to prove they are not.

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The events described in the poem take place in the late 5th century and during the century after the Anglo-Saxons had begun their migration and settlement in England, and before it had ended, a time when the Saxons were either newly arrived or in close contact with their fellow Germanic kinsmen in Scandinavia and Northern Germany. The poem could have been transmitted in England by people of Geatish origins.[5]

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Important wars

The invasion was ultimately unsuccessful, and Napoleon returned to France. Although the two campaigns took place before Napoleon's government, the Consulate, was established, they are generally regarded as the opening phases of the Napoleonic Wars. The campaigns were the first in which Napoleon displayed on a large scale his genius as a commander; early battles of the War of the Second Coalition are also included in this category.

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Literal Invention or Social Imitation

Starting from the mimesis concept from Poetica by Aristotle and till now, transmission of information, states, feelings it’s realized (by speaking act), at another different process, like body language, intonation, movement, the final aim being empathy.

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Do not ask what your country can do for you

A country can not be developed if no one does nothing for it. In order to develop properly, the citizens of a state should do something for it. Anyway, most of people wait for the government to think about them and to take care of them. But they do nothing for the country they live in. The services between the population of the country and its government should be mutual. The citizens must follow their obligations, and the country they live in will think about them .

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Wedding in Romania

In addition to being a personal relationship between two people, marriage is one of society’s most important and basic institutions. Marriage and family serve as tools for ensuring social reproduction. Social reproduction includes providing food, clothing, and shelter for family members; raising and socializing children; and caring for the sick and elderly. In families and societies in which wealth, property, or a hereditary title is to be passed on from one generation to the next, inheritance and the production of legitimate heirs are a prime concern in marriage. However, in contemporary industrialized societies, marriage functions less as a social institution and more as a source of intimacy for the individuals involved.
Marriage is commonly defined as a partnership between two members of opposite sex known as husband and wife. However, scholars who study human culture and society disagree on whether marriage can be universally defined. The usual roles and responsibilities of the ...

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Perioada pubertatii si adolescenta

1)Pubertatea, dominată de procesul de creştere şi maturizare sexuală intensă, cuprinde substadii care deşii diferite de la caz la caz, au aceeaşi linie de succesiune:

a)Etapa prepuberală (10-12 ani) ce se exprimă printr-o accelerare şi intensificare din ce în ce mai mare a creşterii. Tinerele fete trec printr-o creştere accentuată şi câştigă 22 cm în înălţime, în timp ce la băieţi creşterea poate începe ceva mai târziu,între 12-16 ani, şi este mai evidentă. Creşterea este uneori impetuoasă şi se însoţeşte de momente de oboseală, dureri de cap şi iritabilitate.

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Rolul televizorului in viata adolescentului

Potrivit legii Audiovizualului nr. 48 din 21 mai 1992, atribuirea de
licente, activitatea de control si de monitorizare a audiovizualului
este indeplinita de 23 de inspectori si experti care sanctioneaza
televizinile care nu respecta dispozitiile legale.

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Adolescenta in operele marilor scriitori

In “romanul adolescentului miop” ne intampina un tinar licean care-si propune sa scrie o cronica a adolescentei cum nu s-a mai scris. Lasindu-se purtat de meandrele cotidianului, imbatat de puterea pe care i-o confera transcrierea imediata a acestora, Eliade face intr-adevar un portret autentic al adolescentei, alcatuit din jocul prieteniilor si al iubirilor, din framintarile si aspiratiile caracteristice virstei, din urmarirea incordata a fagaduielilor viitorului, din privirea necrutatoare aruncata lumii adultilor.

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Dezvoltarea psihica a adolescentului

Planul psihic suportă la vârsta adolescenţei prefaceri profunde. Este vorba de acele transformări care vor conduce treptat la cristalizarea şi stabilizarea celor mai multe dintre structurile psihice ale adolescentului.
Deşi traseele pe care evoluează acest proces sunt sinuoase, complicate, presărate cu numeroase bariere şi dificultăţi, deşi procesul ca atare poate fi mai calm sau mai năvalnic, cu devansări spectaculoase, dar şi cu întârzieri descurajante, la sfârşitul acestui proces ne vom afla în faţa prezenţei unor structuri psihice bine închegate şi cu un grad mare de mobilitate. Acum au loc dramaticele confruntări dintre comportamentele împreunate de atitudinile copilăreşti şi cele solicitate de noile cadre sociale în care acţionează adolescentului şi cărora el trebuie să le facă faţă, dintre aspiraţiile sale măreţe şi posibilităţile încă limitate de care dispune pentru traducerea lor în fapt, din ceea ce doreşte societatea de la el ...

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Youth Unemployment

More than 1 billion young people between the ages of 15 and 24, and 85 per cent of them live in developing countries. Many of these young people are in the process of making, or have already made, the transition from school to work.According to the ILO, 160 million people in the world today are unemployed, and many more subsist on the margins of the economy or have jobs that do not provide them with adequate means to ensure their survival. Nearly 40 per cent of those without work are young people, and levels of unemployment tend to be two to three times higher for this group than for the adult population.

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