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I have chosen the most appropriate words underlined:
1. Won’t you have some more salad?
2. There are many more sheep on this farm.
3. Have what you like. There are plenty more where these come from.
4. She’s running for Parliament in the next election.
5. A number of shoppers have complained about the price increases.

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English Literature

Prose in Old English is represented by a large number of religious works. The imposing scholarship of monasteries in northern England in the late 7th century reached its peak in the Latin work Historia Ecclesiastica Gentis Anglorum (Ecclesiastical History of the English People, 731) by Bede. The great educational effort of Alfred, king of the West Saxons, in the 9th century produced an Old English translation of this important historical work and of many others, including De Consolatione Philosophiae (The Consolation of Philosophy), by Boethius. This was a significant work of largely Platonic philosophy easily adaptable to Christian thought, and it has had great influence on English literature.

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American Literature

By the end of the 19th century American drama was moving steadily toward realism, illuminating the rough or seamy side of life and creating more believable characters. Realism remained the dominant trend of the 20th century in both comedies and tragedies. American drama achieved international recognition with the psychological realism of plays by Eugene O’Neill and their searing investigation of characters’ inner lives. As the century advanced, the number of topics considered suitable for drama broadened to encompass race, gender, sexuality, and death.

Beginnings: 1600s AND 1700s
Because settlement was sparse and living conditions were arduous in the American colonies, little theatrical activity took place before the mid-18th century. The first-known English-language play from the colonies, Ye Bare and Ye Cubb (1665), is lost. The play’s existence is known as a result of the controversy it aroused in the Virginia Colony, where a lawsuit was filed to prevent the play from ...

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King Arthur

rom the very beginnings of the English language there have been legends of great heroes. From the first settlements of Britain come stories rooted in ancient Celtic and Germanic imagination. Out of these stories, certain figures enjoy pre-eminence as the strongest, the bravest and the best. King Arthur is one such hero, known perhaps over all other mythical medieval figures as a chivalrous knight, a powerful warrior and a just and intelligent leader.
In an age of treachery and darkness, one king brought peace and prosperity to his land, defended it from every danger, and expanded it to an empire that would rival Rome itself. His wise counselor taught him the ways of justice and to value truth. At his command a loyal band of fearless, gentle knights protected the helpless, struggled against evil, and faced unimagined peril in the search for the holiest of relics. Though his queen and his best knight would betray him, though his own son would defeat him, though the shining kingdom he had ...

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Language In Cross - Cultural Understanding

The fact that non-Westerners also, when speaking our English and French, use terms like "natives," "huts," and "witch craft" doesn't validate the accuracy of the vocabulary. One of the lasting legacy of a century of foreign domination and oppression is language. Here the consequence of language structuring thinking is perhaps even more destructive and tragic because it moves from opinion to identity. To escape the pejorative labels and humiliation that language has brought to them and to boost self-esteem, many people born into non-western cultures have felt compelled to "educate" and "westernize" and to adopt the western devaluation of their "uneducated" countrymen and women - ironically, some of whom may speak five or more different languages, and are extraordinary medical botanists, theologians or agronomists in their home environments.

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English speaking countries

Around 750 million people are believed to speak English as a foreign language*. One out of four of the world's population speak English to some level of competence. Demand from the other three-quarters is increasing."

* Native- the language you learned at home with your family when you were small.
* Official- the language that is used in official documents, spoken on the radio and on television
*Second language - language you learn because you have to live in the country where the language is spoken.
*Foreign language - languages spoken abroad, a language you can choose to study at school.

What people use English for
The British Council says "English is the main language of books, newspapers, airports and air-traffic control, international business and academic conferences, science, technology, diplomacy, sport, international competitions, pop music and advertising. Over two-thirds of the world's scientists read in English.

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English - the global language of communication

Throughout the modern history, the English-speaking countries have, somehow, dominated the global economy. First, there was The Commonwealth – the British colonies, which included Canada, India, Australia, New Zealand, and other parts of the world. The British administration was installed in those territories, and along with it, domination over every economical domain like trading and industry.

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We distinguish several ways in which grammar is functional:
It has to express our interpretation of the world as we experience it (ideational/representational functional) and it helps us interact with others in order to bring changes to our environment (interpersonal function). In other words, grammar helps us organize our message in order to enable representation and interaction.
The regular patterns of different kinds reflect the uses which a language serves. For example, “declarative”, “interrogative”, “imperative” structural patterns (patterns of the Verb Group) help us to express a multitude of types of social behavior, whereas Nominal Group patterns enable us to encode information about entities: people, events, things, abstractions, etc. If we come to describe patterns involving syntactic categories (Subjects, Objects, Themes, etc) then we expand our analysis beyond the one-to-one relationship between them, to larger units: CONTEXT, CO-TEXT ...

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Evolution of Music

There is a large proliferation of hard disk multitrack recorders in the music scene today. Consider a scenario where you can not only make your songs available mixed down in MP3 format, but also each of the tracks in MP3 format such that software and hardware-based MP3 players can handle data track by track. Imagine the possibilities: Don't like a guitar solo in the middle of the track? Edit it out, or record your own solo! Want to change the drum kit in the drum track? Given the sound to MIDI converters, this will be doable in real-time, so you can assign drum patches to a real drummer. Even the smallest tweak in the mix may result in a new song for the person listening it.

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American vs. British English

American English acquired international significance after World War II, when the United States assumed a more global role and political, economic and technological developments promoted American influence worldwide. American English currently asserts a dominant influence on "world English" (cf. British English) largely due to the following:
Population: U.S. vs. U.K. (SAE/SBE ca 70% vs. 17% of all native English;
Wealth of the U.S. vs. the U.K. economy, & influences
Magnitude of higher education in America vs. the U.K.
Magnitude of the publishing industry in America
Magnitude of mass media and media technology influence on a worldwide scale
Appeal of American popular culture on language & habits
International political and economic position of the U.S.
American and British English are both "variants" of the English Language, more similar than different, especially with "educated" or "scientific" English. Most divergence is due to differences in national history and national ...

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Why learn a foreign language?

2.To improve employment potential. This fact helps you to be better at work or gives you the chance to obtain a great job because many employers require a foreign language.

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Essay - 10 features that make English people different

"People think the English are no good at learning foreign languages and have the attitude that if they yell loud enough in English the "foreigners" will eventually understand them.

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English in my life - eseu

In the past century, English has become an international language mostly because of the technology progress, but also thanks to their effort in the global peace. People have contacts with English every day, every hour, and every minute. Every product contains indications written in English, most of the computers we buy have operating systems in English, or made by English corporations. We listen to English songs, we watch English TV programmes, we even express sometimes in English but, unfortunately, in unpolite ways.

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Language in cross-cultural understanding

So if you slept with the royal family, did you sleep in a hut or a palace? Your choice of words can show the bias in how you view the world.

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Speak about the importance of being good - mannered in one's life

Human society has always been based on rules that every member has to respect. Without rules there would be chaos and conflicts among people. Some of the basic rules that guide us in our relations with other people are called good manners.

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Speak about the importance of friendship in one's life

Having friends is very important in everyone’s life because friends are always there for us whenever we need them. We need friends to share all our problems, worries, all the moments of joy and happiness.

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Importance of Ethics in Software Engineering

Underlying some ethical principles, make a job more understandable, but these principles can be applied differently. Often, the reasons for different interpretations hide personal interests, which other people may not agree on. If people at least understand each other’s point of view, they will have an idea to try and seek something acceptable toward all of them.

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HTML Hypertext Markup Language

Astfel, textul pe care il vom scrie intre aceste tag-uri va fi afisat in bara de titlu a documentului. - odata cu acest tag incepe continutul paginii web. si -tot ce se scrie intre aceste tag-uri va fi afisat de catre browser, pe ecranul monitorului. - este tag-ul de incheiere al tag-ului . Codul oricarui document se termina cu acest tag.Tag-urile (etichetele) pot fi scrise atat cu litere mari cat si cu litere mici.

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In Mai 1996, W3C a scos pe piata specificatia HTML 3.2 , care era proiectata sa reflecte si sa standardizeze practicile acceptate la scara larga. Deci, HTML 3.2 include tagurile HTML 3.0 ce erau adoptate de autorii de browsere ca Netscape si Microsoft plus extensii HTML raspandite. In Bilantul asupra HTML, W3C recomanda ca providerii de informatii sa utilizeze specificatia HTML 3.2. Versiunile curente ale majoritatii browserelor ar trebui sa suporte toate, sau aproape toate aceste taguri.

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