The importance of sport in our life

Sport in our life

Sport in Our Life
Sport plays an important role in the life of many people. It makes people healthier and it’s a good way of spending free time.
Sport is good for health, but only if you are sport-lover. Professional sportsmen have a lot of injuries. A lot of people in Russia heard about the young Russian gymnast Masha Zasipkina who fell during coaching and injured her spine. It was a year ago. She was paralyzed, she had surgery and now she feels O.K. But she would never go to the gymnastic stage again.
One of the least dangerous kinds of sport is swimming. You can’t break your spine, leg, hand, etc. Of course, someone can say that you can sink in the swimming-pool, but I think it is less probable then breaking your nose in basketball.
In Russia is very long and cold, so people can’t afford to spend a lot of time in the fresh air. But if it is not very cold skiing and skating are a good way to stay fit.
If you ask anyone about health, practically all the people will say that ...

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Importance of Ethics in Software Engineering

In the software world, like in ethical world, if a good belief exists, such as everything will be perfect, things can fall completely on the other side. People think, and make different decisions, but understanding the way how they make those decisions, and discuss the opinions with others, will help reach a better agreement.

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Speak about the importance of being good - mannered in one's life

Human society has always been based on rules that every member has to respect. Without rules there would be chaos and conflicts among people. Some of the basic rules that guide us in our relations with other people are called good manners.Good manners are taught in family and at schools and they are and essential part of one`s education. No respected human being could be accepted in a community without showing knowledge of these social rules.

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Speak about the importance of friendship in one's life

Having friends is very important in everyone’s life because friends are always there for us whenever we need them. We need friends to share all our problems, worries, all the moments of joy and happiness.

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Our journey to a strange planet

This planet is very young, and if we do find intelligent life, it will be only at its beginning. We must find them and make friends with them. They may be very different from us, but we must remember that this is their world. It will be very wicked to hurt any kind of life on its own planet. If we find any such life, our duty is to teach, and to learn, and to work with them. Perhaps one day we shall build a world even more civilized than Earth’s own…

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The Life and Work of William Shakespeare

The play opens with the servants of the Montague and Capulet families quarreling and fighting in the streets of Verona, Italy. The two families have been enemies for as long as anyone can remember. Romeo, son of Lord Montague, accidentally finds out about a ball given by Lord Capulet and plans to attend uninvited.

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About womens life after 1850

Industrial England by mid-19th century made available to middle-class women fashionable clothes of quality which, hitherto, only aristocrats could afford.

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The secret of life

Instead of wallowing in the past, learn from it. What did you do wrong? Correct your behavior! What did you do right? Keep doing it! Learn from the past with open eyes. Be brutally honest. Learn from what has happened, not from what you imagined has happened. Learn and move on. Use the past as a guidepost, not as a hitching post. Learn to let go of the past. Until you release it, you won’t be free to work on the present. And don’t be afraid of the past. It can’t reach out into the present and bite you. Let the dead rest in peace and focus on the only moment you are alive, which is now.

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The importance of being earnest

"The Importance of Being Eernest" was an Oscar Wilde's early experiment in Victorian melodrama. Part satire, part comedy of manners and part intellectual force, this play seems to have nothing at stake because the world it represents is so blatantly and ostentatiously artificial. Below the surface of the light, brittle comedy, however, is a serious subtext that takes aim at self-righteous moralism and hypocrisy, the very aspect of Victorian society that would, in part, bring about Wilde's downfall.

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Sport dopping

Sport doping,by legal definition, represents the use of substances (procedures)so as to modify artificially the capacities of a sportsmen ,or the products meant to hide the use of doping substances.These forbiden substances should be known by every sportsmen , by their personal doctor or that of the team. The list of medecines, products, substances and forbiden procedures is approved by the Convention against doping of European Corporation and by The International Olimpic Comittee(IOC) and it contains 1379 medicins.

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Life on other planets

The second ingredient is access to the necessary biogenic elements, such as C, H, O, N, and so on. This is not a very limiting factor, though, since we expect these elements to be very widespread throughout the universe, to be incorporated into planets during their formation, and to be readily available at the surfaces of geologically active planets. A source of organic molecules was required for the origin of life on Earth, and presumably would be required for life elsewhere as well.

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Le Parkour

• Saut de chat : franchissement d'un obstacle en plongeant et en poussant sur les bras afin de passer ses jambes entre ses bras ;
• Saut de Bras : saut sur un mur, ou autre prise, conclu par une réception avec les bras (et amortie par les jambes) ;
• Saut de Détente : saut réalisé avec élan ou sans élan pour franchir une distance.
• Saut de Précision : saut technique dont la réception se fait sur une petite surface (muret par exemple), généralement associé à un saut de détente ;
• Saut de Fond : saut effectué d'une hauteur importante suivi généralement (et c'est même vivement recommandé pour les articulations) par une roulade ;
• Tic Tac : appui sur un objet ou un mur avec le pied pour passer par dessus un obstacle (ou une portion de vide) ou exécuter un saut de bras ;
• Passe Muraille : technique de franchissement d'un mur d'une hauteur assez importante : consiste à prendre appui sur le mur avec un pied pour atteindre une plus grande hauteur ;
• Lâché ...

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-invatarea respingeri mingi cu piciorul (ducerea piciorul razant cu soldul la pasirile laterale, semi fandarile si fandarile necesare aparari mingilor aruncate jos),
- invatarea recuperari rapide a mingi si repunerea ei in joc la intermediar.

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Totul despre volei

VOLEYUL este un sport(al doilea in lume ca popularitate)in care doua echipe,separate de un fileu inalt,trebuie sa treaca mingea deasupra acestuia,folosin doar mainile,cu scopul de a face ca mingea sa atinga terenul advers.Fiecarei echipe ii este permisa doar trei lovituri pentru a
trimite mingea catre terenul celeilalte echipe.

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Sport si cultura

Sport si cultura - Componenta esentiala a vietii, miscarea si, derivat din aceasta, exercitiul fizic se constitue intr-un adevarat izvor de sanatate, practicarea lor recomandindu-se din frageda copilarie pina la adinci batrineti. Realizata initial in cadrul familiei, sub supravegherea parintilor, apoi la nivelul scolii, in lectiile de educatie fizica sau in activitatile sportive extrascolare, pregatirea fizica a persoanelor este strins corelata cu cea intelectuala, eficienta procesului de instruire fiind conditionata de alternarea judicioasa a orelor de intensa solicitare intelectuala cu cele practice, sub forma exercitiului fizic.

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Educatie fizica - curs

- Evoluţia în timp a bazelor sportive din aer liber sau din interior, precum şi a instalaţiiilor sportive, a aparatelor şi mai ales a materialelor, sportive este deosebit de elocventă.

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A devenit „clasică" în fotbal expresia „vînaoare de picioare". Am văzut astfel de vînaoare în finala Cupei Intercontinentale din 1969 dintre Estudiantes La Plata şi A. C. Milan, terminată cu penibile sancţiuni şi ma- infestări huliganice.

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