The man and the internet

The man and the internet

The man and the internet.I have seen so far that the virtual world of the Internet wants to be, in view of some, a parallel to the real world, a better copy of it. Although many experts say that to achieve this desideratum is a pretty long way to go, germ 'new world' where there is a present attractiveness can not be neglected. The number of citizens of this world and increasing rapidly despite the fact that you should still take a long time yet until „cyberspace”.
The man and the internet

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The impact of the internet

The computer is a fix part of every modern office and the greatest part has also an access to the Internet. Companies already present their products, their services on the Internet and so they get more flexible.
The next advantage I want to mention is the faster development. Many universities and research institutions are also linked. They are able to exchange experiences, novelties and often they start new projects together. If they are linked, they can save time and money.

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Computer and internet addiction

The technology is getting closer to ultimate virtual reality and this is good for the technology advance, but its not good for those already addicted or almost addicted.

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The internet

• Reduce costs. Another spectacular aspect offered by the Internet: cut costs, particularly costs for the communication and those handling information and data.

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God and Satan

The last thing He created was the man. This was His greatest creation. But because of the betrayal of the man in front of the creator and the ruler of the universe, God chased away the man from the heaven.

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All you need to know about living and studying in Romania

If you are reading this Guide, it means, at least, that you think to undertake a mobility for learning purposes in Romania.We hope the information inside its pages will help you to make the good decision to come to Romania for a a few months and then, it will help you to have a smoother induction period, so as to take the maximum benefit from your staying here.

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You have the opportunity to visit a foreign country for two weeks. Which country would you like to visit? Use specific reasons and details to explain your choice.

If I were to choose between the many tourist destination in the world, I would definitely choose France.One of the most visited countries in the world, France has everything I could ever want to see on my holidays.

On the one hand, my dream is to visit the city of lights, Paris and although it is considered to be very expensive , it is the best place to have a romantic holiday with someone loved.

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Broadcasting - Radio and Television

A Radio Broadcasting
The story of radio begins in the development of an earlier medium, the telegraph, which was the first instantaneous system of information movement. Patented simultaneously in 1837 in the United States by inventor Samuel F. B. Morse and in Britain by scientists Sir Charles Wheatstone and Sir William Fothergill Cooke, the electromagnetic telegraph realized the age-old human desire for a means of communication free from the obstacles of long-distance transportation.

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Famous american and british universities - atestat engleza

I chose to write my paper about the science profile of 4 famous universities after I took part in many Mathematics and Physics contests. There were lots of pupils who wanted to apply for a foreign university and they preferred 3 universities from the United States of America (_Massachusetts Institute of Technology, California Institute of Technology, Berkeley University of California ) and one university from England ( The University of Cambridge ).

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Moldova and Chisinau

Moldova and Chisinau - In spite of its old age it is young and beautiful.I was born in Chisinau . Its my native town and I love it very much. I live in the centre of it. Its one of the most beautiful parts of the city, though there are other nice places in it,too.

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The Life and Work of William Shakespeare

Appraised next to the Bard's mature works, Romeo and Juliet appears to lack the psychological depth and the structural complexity of Shakespeare's later tragedies. But over the past three decades or so, many scholars have altered this assessment, effectively upgrading its status within Shakespeare's canon. They have done this by discarding comparative evaluation and judging Romeo and Juliet as a work of art in its own right.

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Pour ou contre - internet

- Thibaud : Je suis pour mais les parents peuvent être contre car ça occupe la ligne téléphonique. Quand ta mamie veut appeler tout le temps, tu mets Internet et tu es tranquille.
- Sirad : Il n'y a pas de page à tourner si jamais on s'est coupé un doigt.
- Jérémied : Je suis contre car après on passe tout notre temps devant l'ordinateur, on ne fait rien d'autre.
- Lindsay : C'est bien parce qu'on peut se faire aider pour les devoirs.

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Comunicarea pe internet

Forma de elaborare si raspindire este diversa: ca programe gratuite sau inglobate in sisteme de operare (ex. programele Netmeeting si Chat incluse in Microsoft Windows)Sau sisteme dedicate cu circuit limitat fabricate la comanda (sisteme de comunicatii bancare, militare etc.). In continuare voi descrie mai amanuntit cea mai raspindita resursa din acest domeniu si anume I.R.C -ul.
Ce este I.R.C-ul

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3. Text "Scalabil", sublinieri di animatii rulând constant
Niciodata sa nu includeti elemente ale paginii care se misca încontinuu. Imaginile miscatoare au puterea unor viziuni umane periferice. O pagina ar trebui sa nu emuleze o piata într-un oras, pentru ca este un atac constant la simturile umane: dati-i userului ceva pace si liniste sa citeasca textul! De asemenea, este un mic dracusor.

4. Adrese de web (URLs) complexe
Atâta timp cât adresabilitatea la nivel de masina, adica o adresa de web (URL) nu ar trebui expusa în interfata utilizatorului, se observa ca utilizatorii actuali încearca sa decodeze adresele paginilor pentru a interactiona cu structura web-site-urilor.

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