The relationship between adolescents and their parents

Daughters and their parents - compunere

My composition is about the strange thing at the way of beeing of the teenage daughters who joke with their parents.I will try to discuss this situation from different ways.If we look at this problem from the point of view of any person who is not from that family and who took part of a kind of this manifestation I think they would believe that daughters have been educated and grew up very good and in consequence these were not self-posessed, but I think they would believe that them parents have a lot of guilty even if this is not always
like this.

There were and will be cases when not the parents are those who contribuate in theirs daughters way of beeing but, for exemple, the anturaje .For the parents the opinions are much more .So there are some of them who encourage these jokes and they respond if you ask them why they do that that is good for a girl to be good in speeking ,but other parents don't enjoy laughing of them so they try unsuccesfully to stop these situations.

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About Families

In olden times the families where very big. Usually they had between 7
and 12 children. They live in harmony. Now the families are smaller.
They have 1 or 2 children. But sometimes also they have 3 children.
The parents have not time for them. They work very hard and lot.

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The gap between generations

A cold definition that is contrasted strongly with the fire that is burning in the bodies in full transformation,in the souls that take for the first time full contact with love,with the infinite power that the unconsciousness and innocence of this age give it to us…this is TEENAGE.
I am asking myself:Should I be happy or sad because from now on I am a teenager?
I regret the absence of cares of the childhood,but I am glad that now I will have responsibilities.
I regret the cleverness of childhood,but now I find out that life is not pink,that the people are good and bad.
I regret the simplicity and sincerity of the relationships between children,but I am happy of the deep ones that will be created.
I regret the unconsciousness of childhood,but I am happy that I will discover myself,the one from deep heart.
Each of us passes through the period of teenage ,but not all of us remember how it was when our parents,teachers,
grandparents were in love,suffered,listen to music,danced ...

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Do you agree with the idea that children should be raised by their grandparents

This is the reason why they had to find someone to look after their children who needed a stable environment to grow up in. In these situations, parents think that the most reliable persons they should trust their most valuable treasures are their own parents. In this way, children move in with grandparents who try, for a long or short period of time to replace the parents.

If it's good or bad that children are raised by grandparents it's difficult to stay, that depends on the each and every situation. Though, it is much better that parents raise their son or daughter. Why?

Sometimes grandparents spoil too much the child, overwhelming him or her with too much affection trying to replace the emptiness left by the parents' departure.

Another problem raised by the substitute-parents is that the gap between generations is twice wider this time, and this can cause irreconcilable problems.

For example the 2000s generation has a totally different view of life than that ...

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The telephones parents

Since the age of 18 Bell had been working on the idea of transmitting speech. In 1874, while working on a multiple telegraph, he developed the basic ideas for the telephone. His experiments with his assistant Thomas Watson finally proved successful on March 10, 1876, when the first complete sentence was transmitted: “Watson, come here; I want you”. Subsequent demonstrations, particularly one at the 1876 Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, introduced the telephone to the world and led to the organization of the Bell Telephone Company in 1877.

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Strategies in the contest between lawyer and witness

Strategies in the contest between lawyer and witness
In the answer, the defendant admits or denies each of the facts contained in the plaintiff's complaint and gives any reasons the plaintiff should not win. This is the procedure in civil cases. If the defendant believes that he or she is the injured party, he or she files a counterclaim and asks for damages. For example, if the plaintiff sues you for damages resulting from an automobile accident, you would file a counterclaim against the plaintiff if you think the plaintiff was the one at fault in the accident.

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Pride and prejudice

The Bennets’ neighbors are Sir William Lucas, his wife, and their children. The eldest of these children, Charlotte, is Elizabeth’s closest friend. The morning after the ball, the women of the two families discuss the evening. They decide that while Bingley danced with Charlotte first, he considered Jane to be the prettiest of the local girls. The discussion then turns to Mr. Darcy, and Elizabeth states that she will never dance with him; everyone agrees that Darcy, despite his family and fortune, is too proud to be likable.

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King arthur and the knight of the round table

Sir Bedivere
Sir Bedivere was a trusty supporter of King Arthur from the beginning of his reign, and one of the first knights to join the fellowship of the Round Table. He helped Arthur fight the Giant of Mont St. Michel, and later he was made Duke of Neustria.

Sir Bors de Ganis
Sir Bors was the only knight to survive the Quest for the Holy Grail and return to court. His fathers name was Bors, and he later succeeded his father as King of Gannes. Bors was a chaste knight, but the daughter of King Brandegoris fell in love with him, and with the aid of a magic ring forced Bors into loving her.

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The European Union and Romania

The European Union and Romania - Many of us, the romanian people and not only us, but also the people of other nationality, all gathered under the title of europeans, have wondered at a certain point of our lives: “What is, in fact, the European Union ?” and “In what realities or aspects of the societ can and will be materialised the E.U. ?”.The European Union and Romania

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Psychology and Human behavior

Many people think of psychologists as individuals who dispense advice,
analyze personality, and help those who are troubled or mentally ill.
But psychology is far more than the treatment of personal problems.
Psychologists strive to understand the mysteries of human nature--why
people think, feel, and act as they do. Some psychologists also study
animal behavior, using their findings to determine laws of behavior
that apply to all organisms and to formulate theories about how humans
behave and think.

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You have the opportunity to visit a foreign country for two weeks. Which country would you like to visit? Use specific reasons and details to explain your choice.

Furthermore, the north area of France is ideal to visit if you love nature, good food or great wines. There are beautiful hills, sandy beaches and quiet little harbor towns and you can still sense there the celtic origin of the region and of its inhabitants.

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Broadcasting - Radio and Television

Broadcasting is a crucial instrument of modern social and political organization. At its peak of influence in the mid-20th century, radio and television broadcasting was employed by political leaders to address entire nations.

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Moldova and Chisinau

Moldova and Chisinau - the capital of Moldova is more than 500 years old. The first settlement under this name dates as far back as 1466. But the first mentioning of Chisinau as a city refers to 1666.It is situated on the hills and terraces of the Byck river valley , as the history of the city says, and occupies about 200 sq.kilometers.

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Review of "unification and explanation"

That the construction of a theory as a response to a why-question is less explanatory, it seems to me too artificial, less important, less true, too sofisticated.
We have both general explanations
and particular and individual explanations.

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Review of totality and complementarity

Of course, Bohr's postulate surprise, additive to the need of perspectival analysis, also the idea of subject-object interaction in the process of knowledge, relativizing both the one and the other one. The ideea is deep, touching in epoch, simultaneously two objectives: additive to a positive integration of Heisenberg's sceptical implications, it is doing apeal at the requirement to consider the phenomena in their totality, in ensemble, because neither one perspective, nor other, does not succed, each in part, to exhaust the data of the object of known.

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