The tradition of easter

The tradition of Easter

The tradition of Easter - As with almost all "Christian" holidays, Easter has been secularized and commercialized. The dichotomous nature of Easter and its symbols, however, is not necessarily a modern fabrication. The tradition of Easter

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Easter in Romania

Such festivals, and the stories and legends that explain their origin, were common in ancient religions. A Greek legend tells of the return of Persephone, daughter of Demeter, goddess of the earth, from the underworld to the light of day; her return symbolized to the ancient Greeks the resurrection of life in the spring after the desolation of winter. Many ancient peoples shared similar legends. The Phrygians believed that their omnipotent deity went to sleep at the time of the winter solstice, and they performed ceremonies with music and dancing at the spring equinox to awaken him.

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Easter symbols: eggs, bunnies, hot-cross-buns, spring flowers.Easter food: eggs, hot-cross-buns, roast lamb, sweet- cheese-cream-cake, fresh vegetables, ham, cookies.Easter flowers: daffodils, tulips, lilies, liliac, pussy willow brunches

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The expansion in the 19th century of the British Empire increased London’s influence still further . SinceWorld War II the city’s prominence on the international stage has diminshed , but it remains a flourishing financial centre and home to one of the world’s most important stock exchanges .

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Easter in Romania

In Banat for instance, on the first day of Easter, at breakfast, people practice the tradition of incensing the goods; then, every table companion receives an Easter spoon = wine and hallowed bread.
In Transylvania, the man of the house shares a single hallowed egg with the rest of the family. A belief from Bucovina says that the people that knock red eggs in the Easter day will meet each other in the life after death. Moreover, the one whose egg breaks first, will die before the other one.

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Tradition in Britain

The word "wassail" is derived from the Anglo-Saxon phrase waes hael, which means "good health." Originally, wassail was a beverage made of mulled ale, curdled cream, roasted apples, nuts, eggs, and spices. It was served for the purpose of enhancing the general merriment of the season. Like many of the ancient customs, "wassailing" has a legend to explain its origin. It seems that a beautiful Saxon maiden named Rowena presented Prince Vortigen with a bowl of wine while toasting him with the words "Waes hael."

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Fred Astaire &Ginger Rogers

Astaire, Fred (1899-1987), American dancer and actor, known for his graceful, sophisticated dance style and for his musical comedy films. Born Fred Austerlitz in Omaha, Nebraska, Astaire appeared in vaudeville at the age of seven with his sister Adele. From 1917 to 1932 they were a noted Broadway dancing team, appearing in such musicals as Over the Top (1917), Lady Be Good (1925), and Funny Face (1927). After Adele Astaire retired from the stage, Fred Astaire began a career in films. His first film was Dancing Lady (1933). His films with the dancer Ginger Rogers, beginning with Flying Down to Rio (1933), include Roberta (1935), Top Hat (1935), Shall We Dance? (1937), and The Barkleys of Broadway (1949). Astaire and Rogers developed an elegant dance style, noted for its technical excellence and intimacy. Astaire's other films include Easter Parade (1948), with Judy Garland; Daddy Long Legs (1955), with Leslie Caron; Funny Face (1957), with Audrey Hepburn; and Silk Stockings (1957), with ...

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Every February, across the country, candy, flowers, and gifts are exchanged between loved ones, all in the name of St. Valentine. But who is this mysterious saint and why do we celebrate this holiday?
The history of Valentine's Day -- and its patron saint -- is shrouded in mystery. But we do know that February has long been a month of romance. St. Valentine's Day, as we know it today, contains vestiges of both Christian and ancient Roman tradition.
So, who was Saint Valentine and how did he become associated with this ancient rite? Today, the Catholic Church recognizes at least three different saints named Valentine or Valentinus, all of whom were martyred. One legend contends that Valentine was a priest who served during the third century in Rome. When Emperor Claudius II decided that single men made better soldiers than those with wives and families, he outlawed marriage for young men -- his crop of potential soldiers. Valentine, realizing the injustice of the decree, defied Claudius ...

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The Traditional Cuisine

The intercultural dialogue by means of sharing the food is achieved on a non-verbal level, the words being superfluous. Each gesture and impression of the guest is watched attentively and decoded according to the behavioural acquisitions of the individual and the local customs.

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European Union - United in diversity

“Oda bucuriei”, the begining of the fourth parts of Ludwig van Beethoven lX-a Simphony, was adopted like european hymn by the presidents and the guvern from European Union countries, rewrite in side of European concil in june 1985 at Milano.
The musical arranjament of the hymn was writen by Herbert son Karajan.

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The History Of Thanksgiving Day

They were also the most important and influential sachem of the Wamapanoag. It was because of the Massasoit's generosity and in hopes to negotiate a land deal that they were invited to the harvest celebration with the Separatists. The most noteworthy and historically familiar member of the Native party was Squanto, who was the only non-Separatist who had been formally educated and baptized a Christian.

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Pastele - in limba germana

Die Verbindung zwischen Ostern und der Tierwelt ist ähnlich, wie bei den Osterblumen. Da Ostern in die Frühlingszeit fällt und in diesem Zeitraum die Natur zu leben und zu wachsen beginnt, zeigen sich auch immer mehr die Tiere. Es gibt die Tiere wie der Igel, Hamster, Siebenschläfer, Murmeltier, usw., die in einen Winterschlaf fallen und erst bei steigenden Temperaturen sich zeigen.
Ostern steht aber vor allem in Verbindung mit dem Osterhasen, dem Osterlamm oder dem Osterhuhn. Diese Tiere sind natürlich keine besonderen Tierarten, die nur an Ostern leben, sondern sie werden mit einer besonderen Bedeutung an Ostern versehen.
Der Osterhase, bringt die Ostereier, das Osterlamm oder das Osterhuhn liegt als Backwerk auf dem Frühstückstisch. Diese Bedeutungen gehen auf heidnischen und christlichen Glauben zurück. Der Osterhase steht als Zeichen der Fruchtbarkeit und das Osterlamm, soll das Sinnbild Gottes sein.
Typisch für die Frühlingszeit ist das Vogelgezwitscher in den Bäumen. ...

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Sarbatorile la romani - Pastele

Cea mai insemnata coptura pe care o mananca romanii in decursul
sarbatorii Pastelor este pasca, pascuta.

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Sarbatori de Pasti

Astazi este ziua triumfului vesnic al invierii lui lisus, minunea minunilor, praznicul praznicelor, sarbatoarea sarbatorilor si cel mai mare act de inceput de istorie a crestinismului, "scularea dintre morti a Mantuitorului nostru".invierea Domnului este temelia invierii noastre, este botezul credintei celei adevarate, este inlaturarea nestiintei si inselarii, este implinirea profetiilor de la Facerea lumii.invierea este fulgerai care lumineaza constiintele credinciosilor, curatindu-le de idei preconcepute, este inlaturarea mitului si a legendei.

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Halloween - franceza

Les couleurs d’Halloween
Le noir de la nuit et de la mort et l’orange de lueurs et de la citrouille.

CONSEIL:Il est bon de respecter toutefois quelques règles de sécurité pendant cette fête. Pour les enfants, il est préférable de les faire accompagner par un adulte pour la partie porte à porte. D'autre part, il est conseillé de ne pas laisser les enfants manger les bonbons te de chocolates

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Paris in 4 zile


Le PALAIS DE CHAILLOT, qui couronne les pentes de la colline du Trocadéro vers la Seine et a pris son aspect actuel en 1937, représente bien l’architecture de l’ entre – deux guerres. La sévérité du matériau accentue l’aspect grandiose de l’édifice, puissamment scandé par les longues fenêtres verticales. La terrasse centrale, d’où jouit d’une superbe vue sur Paris, recouvre la plus vaste salle de théâtre de la capitale, celle du Théâtre National Populaire, qui a réussi à rendre le théâtre accessible aux moins fortunés et a profondément influencé les metteurs en scène contemporains.

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Le fete de noel en France

La tradition veut que le repas du reveillon se termine par treize desserts qui symbolisent le Christ et les douze apotres. Ces desserts rassemblent tous les fruits et les confiseries de la region. En France, des mets traditionnels se degustent a Noel, comme la dinde, le foie gras, les huitres, les escargots, le boudin blanc, la buche, les chocolats, etc.

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