Tom cruise

Tom Cruise

His other films of the late 1980s and early 1990s include Cocktail (1988), about a bartender; Days of Thunder (1990), about a race car driver; Far and Away (1992), about Irish immigrants to the United States in the late 19th century; A Few Good Men (1992), which concerns the murder trial of two marines; and The Firm (1993), about corruption in a prestigious law firm. Although his works during this period earned a mixed reception from critics, Cruise’s popularity with motion-picture audiences grew dramatically.

In 1993 Cruise made his directing debut with “The Fabulous Frammis,” an episode of the cable-television miniseries Fallen Angels. In 1994 he appeared in Interview with the Vampire, and in 1996 he starred as agent Ethan Hunt in Mission: Impossible, which he also produced. In 1997 Cruise won the Golden Globe Award for best actor in a drama for his starring role in Jerry Maguire (1996), which concerns the conflicts a sports agent feels between his personal and professional ...

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Pride and prejudice

The news that a wealthy young gentleman named Charles Bingley has rented the manor known as Netherfield Park causes a great stir in the neighboring village of Longbourn, especially in the Bennet household. The Bennets have five unmarried daughters, and Mrs. Bennet, a foolish and fussy gossip, is the sort who agrees with the novel’s opening words: “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.” She sees Bingley’s arrival as an opportunity for one of the girls to obtain a wealthy spouse, and she therefore insists that her husband call on the new arrival immediately.

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History of Hollywood

The name „Hollywood has its origin in a Easter summer, home to a Cahuenga Valley ranch. In the middle of a sun-drenched nowhere, a sober, God-fearing man and woman settled in to create a like-minded community. Harvey Henderson Wilcox of Kansas, who made a fortune in real estate even though he had lost the use of his legs due to typhoid fever, and his wife, Daeida, moved to Los Angeles from Topeka in 1883. In 1886, Wilcox bought 160 acres (0.6 km²) of land in the countryside to the west of the city at the foothills, in the Cahuenga Valley at, what is now, Hollywood Blvd. and Cahuenga Ave. He thought it would be a perfect site for a community that would reflect his conservative beliefs, and he built his house smack in the middle of a fig orchard.

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Jane eyre - rezumat pe capitole

Soon after her own reflections on the past in the red-room, Jane learns more of her history when she overhears a conversation between Bessie and Miss Abbott. Jane’s mother was a member of the wealthy Reed family, which strongly disapproved of Jane’s father, an impoverished clergyman. When they married, Jane’s wealthy maternal grandfather wrote his daughter out of his will. Not long after Jane was born, Jane’s parents died from typhus, which Jane’s father contracted while caring for the poor.

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Symbol of Europe

In 1971 the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe decided to propose adopting the prelude to the Ode To Joy from Beethoven's 9th Symphony as the European anthem. The Council of European Ministers officially announced the European Anthem on January 19th 1972 at Strasbourg: the prelude to "The Ode to Joy", 4th movement of Ludwig van Beethoven's 9th symphony.
The well-known conductor Herbert von Karajan was asked to write three instrumental arrangements - for solo piano, for wind instruments and for symphony orchestra and he conducted the performance used to make the official recording. He wrote his decisions on the score, notably those concerning the tempo. Karajan decided on crotchet = 120 whereas Beethoven had written minim = 80.

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Alfred Krupp

The company began to make steel cannons in the 1840s - especially for the Russian, Turkish, and Prussian armies. Low non-military demand and government subsidy meant that the company specialized more and more in weapons: by the late 1880s the manufacture of armaments represented around 50% of Krupp's total output. When Alfred started with the firm, it had five employees. At his death twenty thousand people worked for Krupp - making it the world's largest industrial company.

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John Keats

Desi doar 25 de ani de viata i-au fost haraziti, acestia au fost niste ani miraculosi, începând cu majoratul acestuia, deoarece a reusit sa se impuna ca poet national, pe drept cuvânt, înfruntând multe dificultati de ordin pecuniar si familial, chiar.

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Bill Gates

In addition to his love of computers and software, Gates founded Corbis, which is developing one of the world's largest resources of visual information - a comprehensive digital archive of art and photography from public and private collections around the globe. He is also a member of the board of directors of Berkshire Hathaway Inc., which invests in companies engaged in diverse business activities.
Philanthropy is also important to Gates.

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Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise was born in 1962 and he is an american motion-picture actor, who became a celebrity in the 1980s after his performance in Risky Business (1983), a satire of suburban adolescence. In the 1990s Cruise became one of the world’s most popular film stars.

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Tom Cruise

Cruise, Tom (1962- ), American motion-picture actor, who became a celebrity in the 1980s after his performance in Risky Business (1983), a satire of suburban adolescence. Born Thomas Cruise Mapother IV in Syracuse, New York, he appeared in a succession of motion pictures in the early 1980s that focused on adolescent characters, then moved on to roles in such major productions as Legend (1985); The Color of Money (1986), directed by Martin Scorsese; and Top Gun (1986), a popular motion picture about United States Navy fighter pilots.

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The stand-out track, "Just Don't Give A fuck", became a highly popular underground hit, and led to guest appearances on MC Shabaam Sahddeq's "Five Star Generals" single and Kid Rock's Devil Without A Cause set. As a result, Eminem was signed to Aftermath Records by label boss Dr. Dre, who adopted the young rapper as his protege and acted as co-producer on Eminem's full-length debut. Dre's beats featured prominently on The Slim Shady LP, a provocative feast of violent, twisted lyrics, with a moral outlook partially redeemed by Eminem's claim to be only "voicing" the thoughts of the Slim Shady character.

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Toma Alimos - momentele subiectului

Toma Alimos era un haiduc vestit din Tara de Jos. El se afla pe camp, la poalele unei paduri si se simte singur deoarece nu are nici un tovaras in preajma. Desi nu se asteapta ca la inchinarea sa adresata codrului, armelor, si murgului acestia sa-i raspunda, toti cei carora le inchina raspund haiducului. Boierul Manea vine si ii cere socoteala haiducului pentru o presupusa vina. El ii cere drept despagubire calul. Toma il pofteste pe boier sa inchine alaturi de el, promitandu-i ca apoi vor discuta impreuna. Prefacandu-se ca-i accepta invitatia, Manea il injunghie miseleste, iar apoi fuge ca un las.

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Toma Alimos

Toma Alimos:Balada sau cântecul bătrânesc este una din speciile cele mai reprezentative ale literaturii noastre populare.Denumirea provine din termenul latinesc “ballare” cu sensul de „a dansa”.Ambii termeni au fost impuşi la noi de Vasile Alecsandri.Termenul propriu pentru această specie folclorică este socotit însă cel de cântec epic.Toma Alimos

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Toma Alimos

Toma Alimos - Un loc aparte în creeatia populară romînească îl ocupa baladele în care autorul anonim a înfăţisat si lupta pentru dreptatea socială împotriva boierilor sau chiar împotriva domnitorului ,lupta pentru libertatea naţională dusă contra unor duşmani cum ar fi turcii , care au călcat de atîtea ori pămîntul ţării .O astfel de balada este şi creaţia populară Toma Alimos.

Toma Alimos este o opera literară populară şi face parte din categoria baladelor haiduceşti ,prima sa varianta fiind notată în anul 1831 însă aparitia ei este legata de destrămarea feudalismului şi aparitia relaţiilor capitaliste de intensificarea maselor ţărăneşti perioada în care haiducul reprezenta una din principalele forme de rezistenţă prin prădarea celor bogaţi şi ajutarea celor săraci.

Prima dovadăp ...

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Paralela Tom Sawyer-Nica

Familia , scoala , prietenii , sotiile reprezinta universul copilariei lui Nica despre care poate vorbi orice elev . Una dintre temele întâlnite în « Amintiri » este si cea a copilariei , jocului si joaca , si semnificatiile ei . Aceasta tema este evideniata cel mai bine prin limbajul folosit de autor, prin tehnica narativa care-l face mereu pe cititor sa-si continue opera , stârnindu-i curiozitatea si umorul în universul humulestean care reprezinta familia , bucuriile , jocurile , fericirea , o existenta într-o colectivitate prietenoasa , o viata sub semnul traditiei care presupune
si sarbatoare , dar si munca.

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Toma Alimos

Balada, secie a epicii populare in versuri, prezinta o intamplare neobisnuita din trecutul indepartat, cu un numar mic de personaje prezentate in antiteza si in care realul se impleteste cu fabulosul.

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Toma Alimos

Pe campia verde,-ntinsa,
Si de cetine cuprinsa,
Sade Toma Alimos,
Haiduc din Teara de Jos,
Nalt la stat,
Mare le sfat,
Si viteaz cum n-a mai stat.

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Toma Alimos - opera literara folclorica

Toma Alimos - Să se demonstreze că „Toma Alimoş” este o operă literară folclorică. Opera „Toma Alimoş” este o baladă populară pentru că înfăţişează fapte şi întâmplări din trecut, la care participă eroi cu însuşiri deosebite, supranaturale.

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Toma Alimos

Toma Alimos - Ca specie epică,Toma Alimos este o baladă populară deoarece autorul anonim ,prezinta în versuri,o întâmplare deosebită din trecut ,săvârşită de personaje cu însuşiri ieşite din comun.În această baladă este înfăţişată figura legendară a unui haiduc Toma Alimos.

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