Types of accommodation

Traditional Types Of Accommodation

It destroys them completely, as in 1930, 1970 and 1985. Also, the problem the with the palm tree wood – termites. The cellulose of the palm wood is the preferred food of the white ant. These ants grow in some houses, which makes many people to leave these houses because it was the reason of them falling down. It makes them start to build modern houses from white stone, changing the view of Siwa Oasis.

The traditional Indonesian Houses
In Indonesia, the construction of the house symbolizes the division of the macrocosm into three regions: the upper world, the seat of deities and ancestors. The typical way of buildings in Southeast Asia is to build on stilts, an architectural form usually combined with a saddle roof.

Another characteristic of Southeast Asian houses is the forked horn on the roof, which is considered to be a symbol of the buffalo, regarded throughout the region as a link between Heaven and this world. The most famous stilt houses of Indonesia are those of the Dayak ...

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London-travel and transportation

Travel And Transportation
London has 5 main airports, though long haul visitors normally arrive at just 2.We can provide taxis to and from all airports, mail us for a quote. Heathrow Airport is 15 miles to the west of London, and is the biggest. Central London can be accessed by many types of transportation. Obviously taxis are available but quite expensive. There is the Heathrow express train link to Paddington (under 15 minutes), and even a tube service – the Picadilly line. Driving is quite simple as it is situated near to 2 motorways – the M4 and the M25 which encircles London. There are National Express buses from here to 500 destinations including central London.Gatwick Airport is south of London, and is considerably further out than Heathrow. While taxis are available it is quite a distance to the centre. The Gatwick Express (train) is simple and reasonably priced and goes to Victoria, where taxis and tubes will take you to your apartment (link) or hotel. There is also ...

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Creaturi magice din universul Harry Potter

Antipodean Opaleye
native to: New Zealand (and Australia)
habitat: valleys
size: medium
appearance: iridescent, pearly scales
eyes: glittering, multicolored, with no pupils
flame: vivid red
food: sheep
eggs: pale grey

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Banks and Banking

In some cases, the US Federal Reserve System have been established specifically to lead or regulate the banking system; the Bank of England have come to perform these functions through a process of evolution.
Finance companies, savings banks, investments banks, trust companies are often called banks, but they don’t perform the banking functions described and are only financial intermediaries, cannot create money, they can lend no more than savers place with them.

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The Great Barrier Reef

Sometimes referred to as the tropical rainforests of the seas, coral reef ecosystems are highly diverse, productive aquatic marine communities. Coral reefs are biogenic deposits formed by coral, marine invertebrates belonging to the phylum Cnidaria and class Anthozoa. Coral are sensible animals living primarily in colonies of individual polyps. Two main types of extant corals are hard rayed (stony) corals (subclass Zoanthiniaria, order Scleractinia) and soft corals (order Alcyonaria).

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After all or part of a forest is destroyed by a disturbance, such as fire or wind or avalanche, trees and other plants reinvade the area, halting erosion and nutrient loss and maintaining water quality. This series of changes in vegetation structure, known as ecological succession, will make the forest more suitable for some animals and plants and less suitable for others.

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In the end, there are many choices on the personal and societal level that we must make (consciously or not) that affect the amount of pollution our town or country will be forced to live with. Our standard of living and very way of life is based upon practices which are inherently "dirtier" than those of our distant ancestors, although they too polluted their environment to some extent.

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Designing a wind turbine

This is the life for which the unit will function successfully with a reliability of . If = 0.50 then = , the median life, or the life by which half of the units will survive.
The Failure Rate Function
The 2-parameter Weibull failure rate function, (T), is given by:

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Education in the US

As a result, although American education is expected to provide equality of opportunity, it is not easily directed toward these goals. This complex enterprise, once one of the proudest achievements of American democracy because of its diversity and inclusiveness, became the subject of intense debate and criticism during the second half of the 20th century. People debated the goals of schools as well as whether schools were educating students well enough.

History of Education in America
Until the 1830s, most American children attended school irregularly, and most schools were either run privately or by charities. This irregular system was replaced in the Northeast and Midwest by publicly financed elementary schools, known as common schools. Common schools provided rudimentary instruction in literacy and trained students in citizenship. This democratic ideal expanded after the Civil War to all parts of the nation. By the 1880s and 1890s, schools began to expand attendance requirements ...

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Adventure tourism

Adventure tourism is a type of tourism involving exploration or travel to remote, exotic and possibly hostile areas;A trip with the specific purpose of participation in exploring controlled danger, associated with personal challenges, in a natural environment or exotic outdoor setting;
This type of tourism is rapidly growing in popularity, as tourists seek different kinds of vacations.

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Estetica arhitecturii egiptene

1.2. Arhitectura regatului timpuriu (3000- 2778 i.e.n)
Arhitectura monumentala a Egiptului se naste odata cu constituirea statului despotic, sub impulsul credintei privind viata de dincolo de mormant, programul funerar devenind programul domiunant al arhitecturii regatelor timpurii si vechi. Ca si suveranii celor doua regate, faraonii primelor dinastii au avut cate doua morminte: un mormant fals (cenotaf) in forma de tumulus, in Egiptul de Sus la Abydos si un mormant locuinta , in Egiptul de Jos la Saqqara.

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Religia Egiptului

Deasupra se află camera ofrandelor. Când faraonii hotărăsc să-şi construiască piramide, aceste mastaba devin mormintele înalţilor demnitari ai regatului. Piramidele erau iniţial cu trepte, cum este cea a regelui Djoser de la Saqqarah, simbolizând o scară gigantică pentru a urca în sălaşul zeilor. Apoi, cele patru pante ale lor devin netede şi simbolizează o rază de soare, cum sunt cele ale piramidei lui Kheops. În interior o lungă galerie în pantă duce la un adevărat apartament alcătuit din mai multe încăperi despărţite prin uşi sigilate, care înconjoară camera unde se află sarcofagul şi unde se găsesc bogăţiile regelui defunct. Un sistem de galerii şi de camere goale au rolul de ai păcăli pe hoţi, însă aproape toate mormintele au fost jefuite pe vremea faraonilor.

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Pe marginea stancoasa a Libiei, la Gizeh, pe un teren nivelat de mana
omului, la aproximativ 9Km vest de Cairo, se inalta grupul celor 11
piramide, 3 mari si 8 mici, din care face parte si Piramida cea mare.
Aceste piramide, impreuna cu Sfinxul, cu templele si cu mormintele te
tip mastaba care le inconjoara, sunt asezate pe un platou de calcar,
inalt de 40m peste nivelul mediu al apelor Nilului. Acest platou are o
lungime de 2000m de la est la vest si 1500m de la nord spre sud si
este marginit atat spre nord cat si spre est - unde terenul cade brusc
aproximativ 30m fata de nivelul solului - de o faleza.

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Howard Carter il descopera pe Tutankhamon

În anul 1902, americanul Theodore Davis a obţinut din partea guvernului egiptean autorizaţia de a înterprinde săpături în Valea Regilor. Lucrările au durat doisprezece ani. A descoperit mormintele lui Tutmes al IV- lea, Mineptah- Siptah, Horemheb, Amenofis al IV-lea, soţul lui Nefertiti, al cărui admirabil bust colorat se numără fără îndoială printre cele mai cunoscute sculpturi egiptene.

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Religia egipteana

Caracterul zoomorfic
Pana in vremurile cele mai indepartate se poate dovedi existenta a doua grupuri de zeitati. Unul dintre cele doua grupuri este cel al zeitatilor legate de un anumit loc, vechii zei ai nomelor, reprezentati ca animale sau cu capete de animale. La Dendera, Hathor era adorata ca vaca, la Hermopolis, Thot era adorat ca ibis, iar Chnum, cel cu cap de berbec, trecea drept “stapanul Elephantinei”. Inca de la inceptul Regatului Vechi, regele era conceput ca incarnare a zeului cu chip de soim, Horus; el trecea drept purtatorul coroanei binecuvantat de zei.

Cultul animalelor pare sa fi fost motivat initial prin teama omului fata de acestea si de foloasele aduse de ele. Animalul a devenit purtatorul revelatiei si intermediarul unor puteri supraomenesti, al unor insusiri arhetipale; astfel, taurul simbolizeaza puterea de procerare, vaca, maternitatea. Pretutindeni au existat animale sacre, ocrotite prin tabu, care treceau drept forme de aparitie ale unor zei; ...

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Intelectual properity

III Trademarks and Geographical Indications
a) What are the differences between a trademark and a geographical indication?
A trademark is a sign that an individual trader or company uses to distinguish its own goods or services from the goods or services of competitors. A geographical indication is an expression with a “place-goods”. Geographical indication of the goods is understood as a designation, directly or indirectly indicating on a place of the valid origin or manufacturing of the goods. If a trademark is registered by a single holder he is the one who has exclusive rights for its usage but geographical indication must be available for usage by all the producers in that region.

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