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Big cities in UK

Big cities in UK - Manchester is a city in the North West of England, UK. The place is named from the old British name Mamucium plus ceaster, derived from the old Latin 'Castra'. Manchester is a metropolitan borough with city status.

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London City

Capital of the United Kingdom. It is situated in south-eastern England at the head of the River Thames estuary. Settled by the Romans as an important shipping point for crops and minerals, it gradually developed into the wealthy capital of a thriving industrial and agricultural nation. The expansion in the 19th century of the British Empire increased London’s influence still further. Since World War II the city’s prominence on the international stage has diminished, but it remains a flourishing financial centre and home to one of the world’s most important stock exchanges.

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This restricted, defensible zone became a medieval Manhattan, forcing its densely packed inhabitants to build tenements that soared to 12 stories.A golden era that saw the foundation of the College of Surgeons and the introduction of printing ended with the death of James IV at the Battle of Flodden in 1513.

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Scotland, one of the four national units that make up the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The other units are England, Northern Ireland, and Wales. Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland, and Glasgow is its largest city

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The Chemical Treatmeant Of Rezidual Water

Physical / Chemical Treatment
Physical chemical waste water treatment techniques are techniques to remove the coarse fraction. Oil, fatty acids and suspended solids could be removed by the use of the following techniques:

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The tower of London

During the Second World War the Tower was closed to the public. The moat, which had been drained and filled in 1843, was used as allotments for vegetable growing and the Crown Jewels were removed from the Tower and taken to a place of safety, the location of which has never been disclosed. After the war, the Tower of London reopened its gates and resumed life as one of the world's major tourist attractions; today, over 2.5 million visitors a year come to discover its long and eventful history, its buildings, ceremonies and traditions.

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England is the largest political and geographic division of the United Kingdom which also includes Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. About four-fifths of the UK's population lives in England. Since the end of World War II, there has been large-scale immigration, with people arriving from the UK's former territories in the West Indies, Africa, India, Pakistan, and other parts of Asia. These people now account for nearly 3 per cent of the population. England has been fairly successful in assimilating its ethnic communities, but racial tensions remain a problem in some areas, particularly in inner-city districts with a relatively high proportion of immigrants.

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Warrner G. Harding

Before his nomination, Warren G. Harding declared, "America's present need is not heroics, but healing; not nostrums, but normalcy; not revolution, but restoration; not agitation, but adjustment; not surgery, but serenity; not the dramatic, but the dispassionate; not experiment, but equipoise; not submergence in internationality, but sustainment in triumphant nationality...."

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London - Introducing the city (atestat)

Political, religious and regal power has emanated from Westminster and Whitehall for almost a millennium. It was Edward the Confessor who established Westminster as London’ s royal and ecclesiastical power base, some three miles west of the real, commercial City of London. In the nineteenth century, Whitehall became the “heart of the Empire”, its ministries ruling over a quarter of the world’s populations.
The monuments and buildings from this region include some of London’s most famous landmarks – Nelson’s Column, Big Ben and the House of Parliament, Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace, plus the city’s two finest permanent art collections, The National Gallery and the Tate Gallery. This is a well-trodden tourist circuit for the most part - hence the council’s decision to reinstate the old red phone boxes – with few shops or cafes and little street life to distract you, but it’s also one of the easiest parts of London to walk round, with all the major sights within ...

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Ploiesti - the city of black gold

A New Borough at the Feet of The Mountains Another legend speaks about Michael the Brave (1593 – 1601) who, willing to settle a new borough, asked the chief magistrate of the village of Ploieşti to sell him that land. The chief magistrate refused the money offered by the Prince for that land because he said that villagers who lived there were freeholders and if they had sold their land they would have became serfs. The legend is only partly true. In fact, the Prince bought the land from two country squires and gave it to the inhabitants of Ploieşti to keep into possession. Michael the Brave also got that land colonized by brave soldiers.

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New York

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New York is the most populous city in the United States and the center of the New York metropolitan area,which is one of the most populous urban areas in the world , called the heart of America. The city is divided in five areas: The Bronx , Brooklyn , Manhattan , Queens and Staten Island . Much of New York is built on a three islands of Manhattan , Staten Island and Long Island , making land scarce and encouraging a higt population density . The New York population is estimate at 8,3 milion people.

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The Big Boss

Very few customers are aware of the process of making a product and how it ends up on a store shelf or in a refrigerator. People are used to just entering a store and finding everything they came for, and much more. When it is Christmas time, customers expect to find Christmas products. When it is Halloween they expect to find masks and candies, and when it is the flu season they expect to find flu shots.

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Roma Antica

Yet these same Romans created a civilization that has shaped subsequent world history for 2,000 years. The remains of vast building projects, including roads and bridges, enormous baths and aqueducts, temples and theaters, as well as entire towns in the North African desert, still mark Rome’s former dominion. Cities throughout Western Europe stand on Roman foundations.

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World Trade Center

Today the World Trade Center collapse is quite possibly the greatest disaster in modern history. The exact number of people killed in the attack is uncertain.
In my opinion the terrorists failed in achieving their goal: to make the American people fear them. By destroying the WTC complex the terrorists only got the Americans angry. They woke up a monster from its sleep.
The WTC disaster did not destroy the American spirit. It made it stronger.
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Unfinished business

That night she was looking through the window, with a cold distant look on her face.Then slowly, like a ghostly statue, she lifted her bloody and long fingers and studied them with sore eyes.The glow from the moon shone through cracks in her hair. I am quite ashamed but I must admit I was afraid. She seemed so far away as I entered the room with a big smile on my face.But everything was gone once I saw the scissors in one hand and the blood on her imaculate white night gown ; it felt like all my feelings were vacuumed together with my breath.

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The impact of the internet

You can also place your digital photos in the internet. With a password and a login name your friends in America can look at your photos without sending them to them.
Another important part is online gaming. You can play with people from all over the world and share your knowledge. In my opinion it’s more exiting to play with friends than playing alone.

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Teoria Big-Bang

Teoria Big-Bang astronomii cred acum ca universul a crescut pana la dimensiunile sale astronomice plecand de la o marime submicroscopica in prima trilionime de secunda. Aceasta este concluzia obtinuta in urma noilor imagini, mai detaliate, obtinute de Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP) – sonda care orbiteaza Pamantul si cartografiaza micile variatii ale radiatiei de fond.Teoria Big-Bang

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Big Bang

In ceea ce priveste formarea Universului exista mai multe teorii. Fiecare religie a prezentat propria varianta despre creatie.In conceptia unor religii, precum budihsmul Universul a fost creat prin transformare unor materii deja existente precum apa, aerul de catre mai multi zei. Insa cea mai plauzibila este teoria Creationista care explica apritia Universului in felul urmator: “La inceput Dumnezeu a creat cerul si pamantul.

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