Video and internet addiction referat

Computer and internet addiction

Computer and internet addiction - There are symptoms that demonstrate it is a real problem and here are some of them : A demonstrated loss of control, like anger, shouting, frustrated for no reason when trying to stop or limit the amount of time spend on the computer. Promising to quit or cut down and not being able to do so. In this way breaking promises to self or others. Computer and internet addiction

Computer and internet addiction - Being dishonest, like covering up what activities you participate in when on the computer. Participation in high risk or normally unacceptable behaviors when using the computer. Computer and internet addiction

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Computer job displacement

are being lost rather than created. In conclusion there is a major change in employment patterns.
Let’s take agriculture for example. Up to the eighteenth century most of the people were working either in this area or one of the other primary fields. But as techonological innovations began to occure the number of employees gradually decreased. So you agree? Computer industry stroke some of the basic past fields of human activity, and it will continue to do that as technology never stops developing.
Than what can we do to help ourselves? To escape the influence of the computer industry, or at least to coexist with it? In some industries, most of them automobile and newspaper industry workers have actually grouped together in attempt to overcome the troubles computerization has brought up to light. It is most probable that opposing groups will be more and more numerous as the computer goes on displacing and interfering in people’s lives.
There ...

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My hobby

Always Saturday, I go to the computer-class! I study about Pascal Program and another interesting things:

Internet program ,how I use : Paint , Microsoft Word E.t.c
In my free time I play the XXI century games: Underground 2, Sims 2, Half-life 2 and Doom III! It is nice and I like very much!!

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Computer in the new world

In nowdays, the world is full of new inventions, different technologies that make our lives more interesting, dynamic and easier. Computer is the child of 20th century’s sensations. Many people are convinced that computer isn’t very important and necessary for people, but they are for away from reality. First of all computer replaces the man or lightens a lot the man’s work in many economical branches. A lot of companies and factories are equipped with computers that are provided with the corresponding soft ware, so their job is done more quickly and efficiently.

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Between 1948 and 1989 the Communists controlled all levels of government in Romania, and the head of the Communist Party was the country’s most powerful leader. In 1989 the Romanian army joined in a popular uprising against the Communist regime. President Nicolae Ceauşescu was deposed and executed, and a provisional government was established with Ion Iliescu, a former Communist, as president. In May 1990 multiparty elections were held to elect a president and national legislature. Iliescu was elected president, and his party, the National Liberation Front (NLF), gained control of the legislature. In December 1991 a new constitution was approved by popular referendum. The constitution declares Romania to be a parliamentary republic and provides for multiple political parties, a separation of powers between branches of government, a market economy, and respect for human rights. In 1996 presidential and legislative elections, the former Communists were defeated by an ...

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The European Union and Romania

Thinking from another point of view and also focusing on the society from a more particular image, precisly refering to individuals and social or personal activities or actions, the EU reflects itself in economy, in culture, in education and in other socialfields, but also the EU involves the mutual respect of the ethical, civil and juridical rights and obligation. Concerning culture and education, EU tries to preserve the specific and the tradition of each member state. Being part of EU doesn’t mean losing your national identity, like some of the people less informed concerning this mather belive.

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Robin Hood and the Black Cloak

At twelve o’clock the market square was full of people. Two men with ropes round their hands stood under the gallows. Their faces were white with fear. The Sheriff was there with twelve men. Only the hangman!’ he shouted. ‘Well? Doesn’t anybody here want to do the job? For five pounds?- For ten pounds?’ Nobody answered.

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Banks and Banking

Banks and Banking
Provided it honours its promises, a bank can create credit for use by its customers by issuing additional notes or by making new loans which in their turn become new deposits. The amount of credit may considerably exceed the sums available to it in cash, but the bank is able to do this, only as long as the public believes the bank can and will honour its obligations. The claims against the bank can be transferred by means of checks or other negotiable instruments from one party to another.

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Moldova and Chisinau

If I were a guide, I would like to show you my city. Id begin with the so-called Gates of the city. If one arrives in Chisinau by air they would go into the city from the airport, passing by the Gates. There is another starting point of the city tour. It’s the railway station-a traditional gateway which one cannot help passing through. It was built in 1948.

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Computerul la scoala

In cadrul orelor de aplicatii tehnice, elevii trebuie sa realizeze planuri si desene tehnice.Pentru aceasta vor avea nevoie de un plotter si nu de o imprimanta laser sau cu jet de cerneala.Plotterele folosesc pentru crearea de diagrame varfuri de scriere telecomandate, cu diverse culori.Plotterele realizeaza desene tehnice de calitate superioara celor produse de imprimantele cu jet de cerneala, iar cele mai mari folosesc pentru planurile si desenele de mari dimensiuni coli de hartie uriase, cum ar fi cele de format A10.

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Multe sisteme de acest gen, cunoscute ca „bulletin board sistem” (BBSs), sunt gratuite; altele cum ar fi vechiul sistem „online” de informaţii comerciale CompuSer-ve, trebuie plătite de către utilizator, plata făcânduse în funcţie de timpul efectiv pe-trecut „online” şi în funcţie de serviciul folosit. Deoarece Internetul a fot construit din banii publici şi primii lui utilizatori au fost universităţile şi cercetătorii, informaţiile de pe Internet erau gratuite. Situaţia însă începe să se schimbe, pe măsură ce finanţarea vine tot mai mult privat şi sunt dezvoltate sisteme de securitate tot mai performante.

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Societatea si Internetul

Daca la inceput Internetul oferea numai un mecanism pentru schimbul de mesaje, in prezent Internetul reprezinta un imens depozit distribuit de informatie. Ceea ce se intelege acum prin Internet este de cele mai multe ori numai unul dintre serviciile pe care acesta le pune la dispozitia comunitatii de utilizatori, si anume serviciul de Web care permite navigarea prin informatia disponibila pe servere. ...iar mai aproape in timp

Cat timp Internetul a fost subventionat de catre guvernul american utilizarea sa a fost limitata la domeniul academic sau guvernamental. In mai 1995, subventionarea de catre guvern a structurii de baza a Internetului a fost oprita trecandu-se la functionarea retelei pe principii comerciale.

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Ce este internetul

Ei conecteaza retelele intre ele si au tabele de rutari pentru a determina cum circula informatia din si spre Internet.Routerele au un IP pentru fiecare legatura,de exemplu un router care are o conexiune PPP si doua conexiuni ETHERNET ar trebui sa aiba 3 IP-uri. Secretul care face Internetul sa mearga este protocolul TCP/IP.IP este componenta care muta pachetele de date catre un nod al retelei catre altul.TCP este componenta care verifica daca datele au ajuns unde trebuie.

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Internet-ul este in acelasi timp o uriasa biblioteca , un instrument de corespondenta rapida , un nou mediu de publicare si un mijoc de difuzare mondial al informaticii .Modul de acces este simplu interactiv si inlatura discriminarea geografica .

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In acest fel ia nastere ARPANET ( Advanced Research Project Agency Network).In perioada anilor '70 s-au adus o serie de modificari in sensul imbunatatirii comunicatiilor, cea mai importanta fiind elaborarea unor seturi de reguli (protocoale), ce au asigurat o comunicare intre calculatoare la un nivel mai bun ce a adus viteza de tranmitere la 50Kbps.

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Internet si Intranet

Internet si Intranet - Uşurinţa cu care se pot distribui informaţii, dar mai ales cu care orice utilizator, poate avea acces la informaţii, a făcut din Internet un mediu preferat.Internet si Intranet

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