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Who was King Arthur

The figure of Arthur begins as a war hero, the praises of whom are sung in war poems by the Celts and the Welsh. Y Gododdin celebrates one particularly brave warrior, then says he "was no Arthur." The Triads are full of wonderful, courageous things Arthur did. The most important early source for Arthur's deeds is Historia Brittonum, written by the monk Nennius in the 9th century. Nennius calls Arthur dux bellorum and tells us of 12 great battles Arthur fought. Although Nennius tells us the location of each battle, those locations are hard to come by these days. Scholars are still arguing over the locations. Even the agreed-on locations suggest that Arthur got around--literally--from Scotland to the lowlands of Wessex to Wales.

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Arthurian Legend , group of tales that developed in the Dark Ages concerning Arthur , semihistorical king of the Britons , and his knights . The legend is a complex weaving of ancient Celtic mythology with later tradiditions around a core of possible historical authenticity .The earliest references to Arthur found in Welsh sources the poem , Y Gododdin ( c. 600 ) , histories written in Latin , in the 9th and 10th centuries , and tales in the Welsh story collection The Mabinogion (c. 1100 ) . In one of these tales Arthur's wife , Guinevere , and his knights Kay , Bedivere and Gawain make their appearance .

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King Arthur

rom the very beginnings of the English language there have been legends of great heroes. From the first settlements of Britain come stories rooted in ancient Celtic and Germanic imagination. Out of these stories, certain figures enjoy pre-eminence as the strongest, the bravest and the best. King Arthur is one such hero, known perhaps over all other mythical medieval figures as a chivalrous knight, a powerful warrior and a just and intelligent leader.
In an age of treachery and darkness, one king brought peace and prosperity to his land, defended it from every danger, and expanded it to an empire that would rival Rome itself. His wise counselor taught him the ways of justice and to value truth. At his command a loyal band of fearless, gentle knights protected the helpless, struggled against evil, and faced unimagined peril in the search for the holiest of relics. Though his queen and his best knight would betray him, though his own son would defeat him, though the shining kingdom he had ...

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King Arthur and the knights of the round table

Welsh arth gwyr (T. R. Davies). Bruce also suggests the possibility of a connection with Irish art (stone).Life. An outline of the hero's life is given by Geoffrey of Monmouth (twelfth century) in his Historia Regum Brittaniae - History of the Kings of Britain. Just how much of this life was Geoffrey's invention and how much was culled from traditional material is uncertain. He tells us that King Arthur was the son of Uther and defeated the barbarians in a dozen battles.

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King arthur and the knight of the round table

King arthur and the knight of the round table is most known for his Kingly leadership, his loving rule, and even his ruthless judgment of Lancelot and Guinevere. But often a very important part of Arthur'sKing Arthur is most known for his Kingly leadership, his loving rule, and even his ruthless judgment of Lancelot and Guinevere. But often a very important part of Arthur's life is forgotten: his skills as a general and knight.

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King Arthur

He took it out and gave it to Kay without knowing that whoever took out that sward would become king. Kay took it to show his father but his father knew he wasn’t meant to be king, so he took both his sons back to the stone. Only Arthur could pull it out so he become king, after his dad told him about his parents and Merlin.

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Geoffrey tells us that king Aurelius Ambrosius wanted to create a memorial to the killed men that would remind people of their suffering, so that was when Merlin brought the stones from South Wales. In form Stonehenge is a series of circles made of standing stones around an altar stone in the center.

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Vlad the Impaler

In spite of such reported atrocities, Vlad Tepes is a significant figure in Romanian history. For one thing, he was one of a number of voivodes who contributed to the building of a strong, independent Wallachian state. He stood up against the powerful nobles and assured law and order in what were lawless times. But most of all he is remembered for standing up against the Ottoman Empire, at a time when other principalities around him were falling under Turkish control. He is perceived as something of a David facing a Goliath. As for the brutality of his punishments, his defenders point out that his actions were no more cruel than those of several other late-medieval or early-Renaissance European rulers such as Louis XI of France, Ferdinand of Naples, Cesare Borgia of Italy, and Ivan the Terrible of Russia.

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King Henry the VIII

In Cardinal Wolsey, the king, Henry the VIII, found an adviser who was essentially a transition minister, holding a middle place between an English statesman and a Catholic of the old order. Under Wolsey's influence, Henry made war with Louis of France in the pope's quarrel, entered the polemic lists with Luther and persecuted the English Protestants.

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Windsor Castle

The richly decorated interior of this fifteenth-century chapel was created by George Gilbert Scott for Queen Victoria to commemorate her husband Prince Albert, who died in 1861. The valuatied ceiling has gold mosaic by Antonio Salviati. The inlaid marble panels by Henry de Triqueti around the lower walls depict scenes form Scripture. The marble effigy of Prince Albert himself is also by Triqueti.
The Chapel is now dominated by Alfred Gilbert’s masterpiece, the tomb of the Duke of Clarence and Avondale (elder son of Edward VII).

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Shakespeare`s King Lear

It would be nice if we could say that William Shakespeare wrote King Lear when he himself was at an advanced age. We could picture him becoming concerned with retirement and the disposal of his property and goods. But the theory collapses when you realize that Shakespeare was only 41 years old when the first performance of King Lear was recorded in an official document.

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Personalitati din domeniul chimie - engleza

Pasteur spent the rest of his life working on the causes of various
diseases--including septicaemia, cholera, diptheria, fowl cholera,
tuberculosis, and smallpox--and their prevention by means of
vaccination. He is best known for his investigations concerning the
prevention of rabies, otherwise known in humans as hydrophobia. After
experimenting with the saliva of animals suffering from this disease,
Pasteur concluded that the disease rests in the nerve centres of the
body; when an extract from the spinal column of a rabid dog was
injected into the bodies of healthy animals, symptoms of rabies were
produced. By studying the tissues of infected animals, particularly
rabbits, Pasteur was able to develop an attenuated form of the virus
that could be used for inoculation.

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The Hobbit - J.R.R.Tolkien

A big light went out of the hole and suddenly it closed so that Gandalf couldn’t help his friends anymore. On the other side of the tunnel the dwarves met the Great Goblin, who got angry when he saw Thorin's sword, Orcrist, because that sword had killed many goblins in the past.
Gandalf left in the cave was searching for a way to get to the goblins’ secret place and found an opening in the tunnel, going through it to save the others.

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From the History of Russia

In 1547 Vassily’s son, Ivan IV (known as Ivan the Terrible) was the first Russian ruler crowned as “Tsar and Autocrat of All the Russians” in the Cathedral of the Assumption in the Moscow Kremlin.
Ivan expanded Muscovy far south till the Caspian Sea by the conquest of the Tatar Khanates of Kazan and Astrakhan. The victory at Kazan in 1552 was celebrated by the construction of St Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow.
Russia had gained control of the whole of the Volga region and Bashkiria. The conquest of the Kazan, followed by that of Astrakhan in 1556, also found an open way along the Kama River to Siberia, with its enormous wealth of furs and mineral resources. The military advance into Siberia began with the campaign of Yermak, who was a hetman (‘headman’) of the Cossacks.
Yermak with eight hundred Cossacks advanced over the Ural mountains into the Ob River basin of Western Siberia and defeated the last Tatar defences. As a result of Yermak’s campaign, Russians gained control ...

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Shahid Minar : Previously known as Ochterlony Monument, located in the heart of Esplanade. The panoramic view of the city from the top of the monument is really captivating. With 218 steps, this 52 meters high monument consists of a combination of Egyptian base, Syrian column and Turkish copula.
Birla Planetarium : Located at the top end of Chowringhee, the only planetarium in the country, whose dome houses a collection of projectors and optical equipments expensively imported from East Germany. It is the largest planetarium in South-East Asia and the 2nd. largest planetarium in the world.
Victoria Memorial
Rabindra Sadan
Academy of Fine Arts
Jorasa(n)ko Tagore House (Thakurbari) : The world famous poet Rabindranath Tagore was born and died in this house. Located at the junction of the Chitpur Road and the Vivekananda Road, it is the headquarter of Rabindrabharati University, a famous center for the study of the Indian Arts. There is a museum too in memory of the great ...

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Greuceanu - in engleza

Once upon a time there was a king by the name of Red. .This king was very upset because some monsters stole the Sun and the Moon, his kingdom remaining in darkness .he promised his daughter and half of his kingdom to the one that will release the two Stars. Although many tried, none of them succeeded. So a brave and mighty warrior named Greuceanu asks permission to try and get the Sun and the Moon back.
After receiving permission, Greuceanu begins the journey, taking along his brother. They go a” long, long way together” and arrive at the Blacksmith of the Earth, which was a very good friend of Greuceanu.
For three days Greuceanu and the Blacksmith of the Earth locked themselves in a room deciding what to do. After the three days, Greuceanu and his brother go along until they arrive at a crossroad, where they split up. Before splitting up they give one each other a scarf and a knife, saying “The one that returns first and sees the knife rusted and the scarf broken shouldn’t ...

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Explorations in Arthurian Legends

For war was a way of life in Arthur's day. Just after he pulled the Sword from the Stone, he hurried to Bedegraine and defeated a rogue band of 11 powerful men who had rebelled against his leadership.

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Arthur H. Compton

In primii ani la Princeton,Compton a conceput o metoda eleganta pentru a demonstra rotatia Pamantului,dar curand a inceput studiul in domeniul razelor X.El a demostrat o teorie despre intensitatea reflectiei razelor X din cristale,ca mijloc de studiere a aranjamentului electronilor si atomilor,si in 1918 a inceput studiul imprastierii razelor X.

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