Young person s philosophy of life

Sport in our life

Sport plays an important role in the life of many people. It makes people healthier and it�s a good way of spending free time.Sport is good for health, but only if you are sport-lover. Professional sportsmen have a lot of injuries. A lot of people in Russia heard about the young Russian gymnast Masha Zasipkina who fell during coaching and injured her spine.

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About womens life after 1850

Industrial England by mid-19th century made available to middle-class women fashionable clothes of quality which, hitherto, only aristocrats could afford.

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Person-centred planning

What is person-centred planning?
Person-centred planning is a process-oriented approach to empowering people with disability “labels”. It focuses on the people and their needs by putting them in charge of defining the direction for their lives, not on the systems that may or may not be available to serve them. This ultimately leads to greater inclusion as valued members of both community and society. Person-centred planning involves the development of a "toolbox" of methods and resources that enable people with disability labels to choose their own pathways to success; the planners simply help them to figure out where they want to go and how best to get there.Many people are asking "What is Person Centred Planning?" Basically, it is a constellation of tools developed to help a person or a family who want to make a purposeful and meaningful change in their life. Person Centred Planning tools include; Individual Service Design, Lifestyle Planning, Personal Futures Planning, Essential ...

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Speak about a person or personality you admire most - Bill Clinton

A person I admire very much is Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton is one of the most famous and loved American presidents being elected twice to be the ruler of the most impressive power on Earth.

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My bugs life

This horrible change impacted my entire life. My connection with family friendship has been interrupted to silence. I wasn’t accepted any longer by my family. They rejected me. My only true friend is God.

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Dinner with a famous person

She has also stared in English-language movies like 'The Da Vinci Code' or 'Dirty Pretty Things' which is, in my opinion, a great achievement. Not any foreign actor can prowl with taking part in the English film industries, yet alone the U.S. ones but she succeeded in doing so and for that she has assured herself a top place in my narrow actors-top.

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Life on other planets

On Earth, organics could have come from one or more of several different sources. These include the Earth's atmosphere, where they could form from energetic processes such as lightning in a slightly reducing atmosphere (the so-called Urey-Miller process); hydrothermal vents at the bottoms of the early oceans, heated by the extremely active volcanism that would have been present then, where organics could form by a chemical slide toward equilibrium as very hot water cools off once injected into the oceans; or from organic molecules that were present in dust and planetesimals accreting onto the Earth. Most likely, all of these sources contributed to the prebiotic supply of organic molecules.

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An absent - minded person

It was a sunny April morning, the people in the city had already begun their Monday routine. All of them ressembled machines that were programmed to do different things,that is probably why they seemed to live only in their thight universe not seeing beyond it, not noticing the beauty of the nature, hearing neither the beautiful songs that the birds sang nor the terrible noise made by the traffic.
On one of the many streets of the great city, a man holding a briefcase was walking in a very strange manner. Not only did he step in all the holes that were in that street but he also fell a few times. Nevertheless he did not appear to be drunk, he seemed more like a man that had a lot on his mind.
As he was walking towards the railway station he heard the voice of a woman calling his name. He continued walking without turning back as he knew that at that hour all his friends were either at work or sleeping. The voice kept calling his name, therefore he decided to turn back. He then saw a ...

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Le Parkour

L'entraînement doit être régulier et non dangereux, c’est-à-dire que le risque est calculé, on ne brûle pas d'étapes ; la pratique sur les toits entre autre n'est pas nécessaire, le sol présente bien plus d'obstacles à passer. Le Parkour est une discipline sportive particulièrement dangereuse. L'une des règles de cet art est de ne jamais faire un mouvement qu'on n'est pas certain de réussir, ou sinon on peut demander à un ami de parer, et les indications d'un pratiquant déjà formé. Le pratiquant qui se blesse s'éloigne de la philosophie du Parkour. Il faut commencer progressivement, sans jamais forcer son corps. Tout le monde peut y arriver, il suffit de le faire raisonnablement. L'entraînement en gymnase peut être une bonne solution pour éviter plusieurs blessures lorsque vous tenterez de nouveaux mouvements.

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c) daca nu exista un copil care sa intruneasca mai multe calitai sau nu se reliefeaza din cadrul grupei, este bine ca toti cei selectionati sa treaca prin poarta sic el care se apropie mai mult de modelul portarului sa fie convins sa se specializeze pe postul de portar; d) datorita necesitatii de a juca este indicat sa se specializele ( prin trecerea in poarta la jocuri si exercitii) 1—3 copii pe acest post ( dintr-o grupa); e) incurajarea permanenta.

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Totul despre volei

Campionatele Europene de la Bucuresti, din 1963, ne aduc marea bucurie a ocuparii locului I la baieti, iar in 1966 ne clasam pe locul II la Campionatele mondiale. Dupa multe incercari neizbutite, in 1980 la Jocurile Olimpice de la Moscova, reprezentativa masculina a tarii noastre ocupa un onorabil loc III.

Alidei Marcovici,Sergiu Stancu,Mirela Corjeuteanu,Bogdan Olteanu,Elena Butnaru,Fabian Birau,Nneka Onyeykwe.

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Sport si cultura

In aceste conditii – afirma cercetatorul Nicu Alexe – nu trebuie sa surprinda aparitia notiunii de cultura sportiva. "Se spune despre un individ ca are o cultura muzicala, dar tot asa de bine poate sa aiba si pe cea a miscarii, a sportului, daca le realizeaza constant si, cel mai important, le intelege sensurile, le cunoaste esenta". Cultura sportiva inglobeaza un sistem de principii care ne ajuta sa gasim in noi insine uimitoare resurse, sa le valorificam si astfel sa descoperim dimensiunile noi ale propriilor disponibilitati. In acest fel, cultura sportiva favorizeaza "formarea unei conceptii optimiste, prin insuflarea increderii in fortele proprii, in capacitatea de a depasi propriile performante sau momente de dificultate, stimulind capacitatea de munca si creatie". (cum spune prof. univ. dr. doc Stefan Birsanescu).

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Educatie fizica - curs

Exerciţiile fizice au apărut şi s-au perfecţionat continuu în concordanţă cu comanda socială. Apariţia şi evoluţia exerciţiilor fizice au o condiţionare clară de ordin social. Acestea nu sunt determinate de instincte, de factori biologici, etc. Contrar unor teorii, apariţia şi evoluţia exerciţiilor fizice au fost determinate nu numai de latura materială a vieţii sociale ci şi de alti factori; ştiinţă, nivel de cultură, religie, etc.

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Brutalitatea este latura cea mai detestabila a întrecerii sportive şi ea nu are ce căuta pe stadioane. Să nu confundăm jocul bărbătesc, chiar dur, dar fair, cu brutalitatea. Ea reaminteşte trist caverna, arenele cu fiare si gladiatori.

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Towards a philosophy of gerontology - version 5

Like Vacariu et al (2001, p.275), I consider that the previous
characterizations are partly correct but they concern philosophy from
a single perspective, sometimes from a reductionist point of view.
They can be considered as quasi-complementary. However, previous
characterizations, either in particular or taken all together
simultaneouslly, do not succed to surprise all that was, all that is,
all that will be, all that can be philosophy. But, until to what
limits can be philosophy extended and developed? What is philosophy?
Or, can be it unificated? If an unification by reduction at one of the
previous characterizations is inacceptable, still remain a posibility
of unification not by reduction but by an ultimate persistent aim,
ideal. I will ilustrate this with an example from philosophy of
science. Popper considered that truth is the regulative ideal of
science, and in this sense truth may have an unificatory role,
relative to various special ...

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Healthy life - bacalaureat

To reach the level where one can consider as a healthy person,one should create the balance in his/her life,practice a correct alimentation,have time for oneself,combine fun with obligation,keep fit by practicing sport.

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Istoria calculatorului personal

Această dezvoltare a dus la apariţia unui nou personaj pe scena calculatoarelor. Minicalculatoarele au adus la înlocuirea programatorilor de mainframe, curaţi şi bine îmbrăcaţi, cu o nouă specie de programatori. Minicalculatoarele au început să fie introduse în universităţi şi alte instituţii de învăţământ, pentru că erau ieftine.

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