Relative Clause

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1. In this exercise you have to explain what some words mean. Choose the right meaning from the box and then write a sentence with who. Use a dictionary if necessary.
he/she steals from a shop
he/she designs buildings
he/she doesn't believe in God
he/she is not brave
he/she buys something from a shop
he/she pays rent to live in a house or flat
he/she breaks into a house to steal things
he/she no longer works and gets money from the state
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1. (an architect) _Architect is someone who designs buildings._
2. (a burglar) _A burglar is someone ---.
3. (a customer) ---.
4. (a shoplifter) ---.
5. (a coward) ---.
6. (an atheist) ---.
7. (a pensioner) ---.
8. (a tenant) ---.

2. Make one sentence from two. Use who/that/which.
1. A girl was injured in the accident. She is now in hospital.
_The girl who was injured in the accident is now in. hospital._
2. A man answered the phone. He told me you were away.
The man ---.
3. A waitress served us. She was very impolite and impatient.
The ---.
4. A building was destroyed in the fire. It has now been rebuilt.
5. Some people were arrested. They have now been released.
The ---.
6. A bus goes to the airport. It runs every half hour.
3. Complete the sentences. Choose the most suitable ending from the box and make it into a relative clause.
he invented the telephone
she runs away from home
hey are never on time
they were on the wall
it makes washing machines
it gives you the meaning of words
it won the race
they stole my car
it can support life
it cannot be explained

1. Barbara works for a company _that makes washing machines._
2. The book is about a girl ---.
3. What was the name of the horse ---.
4. The police have caught the men ---.
5. Alexander Bell was the man ---.
6. What's happened to the pictures ---.
7. A mystery is something ---.
8. A dictionary is a book ---.
9. I don't like people ---.
10. It seems that Earth is the only planet ---.

3. In some of these sentences you don't need who or that. If you don't need these words, put them in brackets like this: (who) (that).
1. The woman who lives next door is a doctor. ('who' is necessary in this sentence)
2. Have you found the keys (that) you lost. (in this sentence you don't need 'that')
3. The people who we met at the party were very friendly.
4. The people who work in the office are very friendly.

5. The people who I talked to were very friendly.
6. What have you done with the money that I gave you?
7. What happened to the money that was on the table? Did you take it?
8. It was an awful film. It was the worst film that I've ever seen.
9. It was an awful experience. It was the worst thing that has ever happened to me.

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