Testare din cursul de Limba engleza - gramatica

Timp total alocat raspunsurilor:

1. I would give up working, if I ..... into a fortune.
a) would come
b) had came
c) came
d) come
2. She had not thought how would react when he ..... whom she had spent the holiday with.
a) would found out
b) would find out
c) found out
d) will find out
3. You ..... me in my good old days.
a) ought to see
b) ought to have seen
c) ought see
d) ought not to see
4. It is utterly important that they both ..... present.
a) are
b) were
c) should be
d) will be
5. This is very serious. We ..... to take every precaution.
a) may
b) have got
c) can
d) must
6. Well, I' am not sure, but I think he ..... her to marry him on their holiday next week.
a) asks
b) will ask
c) is going to ask
d) would ask
7. You ..... better hurry if you don' t want to miss the bus.
a) did
b) do
c) would
d) had
8. We may leave now,..... ?
a) may we
b) may we not
c) may not we
d) can' t we
9. I must ..... in the garden when you called.
a) have been
b) be
c) had been
d) was
10. If you ..... more seriously, you would have passed the exam.
a) worked
b) have been working
c) had worked
d) would have worked
11. ...... the lights went out, I was having a maths test.
a) When
b) Whereas
c) While
d) During
12. Lucy was forced to stay at home ..... of whether she wanted to.
a) regardless
b) on account
c) because
d) despite
13. ...... to office gossip, Jim Brown is going to lose his job.
a) According
b) Attending
c) Regarding
d) Referring
14. All her hard work paid ..... in the end and she is now very successful.
a) up
b) out
c) back
d) off
15. I' m late for work again, I' ll be ..... a severe warning from my boss.
a) up to
b) in for
c) into
d) after
16. Whenever they ..... us a ring, we will go to meet them.
a) will give
b) gave
c) give
d) will be giving
17. When I came to the ranch I didn' t think I ..... so isolated.
a) shall be
b) will be
c) would be
d) be
18. He never allows ..... during his classes.
a) to talk
b) talking
c) to be talking
d) having talked
19. I ..... like a chop, please, a small lean veal chop.
a) should
b) would
c) shall
d) will
20. ...... , it' s going to rain.
a) Besides
b) Beside
c) Apart
d) Except
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