Testare la Limba engleza - varianta nr. 1

Timp total alocat raspunsurilor:

1. I' m worried because my friend smokes......
a) strongly
b) heavily
c) hardly
2. If I were a car, I ..... be a HONDA.
a) ought to
b) should
c) would
3. We ought to ..... the football match because it' s raining very hard.
a) cancel
b) call
c) clear
4. My sister becomes ..... when people ask her to do things she does not like.
a) satisfied
b) stubborn
c) surprised
5. We ..... swim near windsurfers.
a) wouldn' t
b) oughtn' t
c) shouldn' t
6. We never stop ..... a language.
a) learning
b) learn
c) to learn
7. If I ..... you, I' d write that letter straight away.
a) were
b) have been
c) had been
8. How do you ..... when friends make suggestions?
a) respond
b) answer
c) feel
9. I don' t want to cook. Let' s buy some ..... food.
a) takehome
b) takeaway
c) takeoff
10. They often go to the ..... pub for a drink.
a) near
b) social
c) local
11. Betty had lost a lot of weight and I didn' t ..... her at first.
a) see
b) recognize
c) understand
12. He' s very happy because he ..... his exam.
a) passed
b) did
c) won
13. They have some very lovely ..... in their garden.
a) booths
b) bushes
c) wigs
14. Her uncle' s son is her......
a) brother
b) nephew
c) cousin
15. People are generally ..... of snakes.
a) afraid
b) ashamed
c) hidden
16. He couldn' t listen to his walkman because his mother had ..... the batteries.
a) tied
b) removed
c) changed
17. Romeo ..... in love with Juliet.
a) died
b) hated
c) fell
18. I can' t do this puzzle. I.....!
a) give up
b) give out
c) give off
19. She has two sons ..... are taller than she is.
a) either
b) neither
c) both
20. ...... of them could win the quiz. It was very difficult.
a) either
b) neither
c) both
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