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1. What kind of letters would a business person need to write as to communicate successfully in the business world?
- in-company letters: reports, memos
- company to company letters: advertisement, enquiry, offer, order, complaint, credit letters; e-mails and fax facilities, thank-you letters, invitation and recommendation letters, letters of introduction.
2. Which will be the politically correct level of formality in a business letter?

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Generate sales by giving a prospect as many persuasive reasons to buy as possible.- Educate and inform potential customers about your company and your products and services.- Solicit a response from the prospect fill out an order form, make an appointment, dial an 800 number.
Despite similarities, a sales letter is different from a direct mail letter in these important ways:- A direct mail letter is almost always a component of a mass mailing, whereas a sales letter is not. A sales letter can be aimed at as few as one or two prospects.

- A sales letter is a more personalized form of communication. Sales people often use sales letters to follow-up with prospects after an initial meeting or telephone contact has been made. - A direct mail letter aims for immediate sales action on the part of the prospect, but a sales letter often attempts to lay the groundwork for future sales by assisting in establishing a relationship with the prospect. Businesses That Use Sales Letters If you are selling a relatively inexpensive product or service, such as a magazine subscription or a carpet cleaning service, a direct mail letter is an appropriate marketing tool. With relatively inexpensive products you can motivate your customers to take immediate action, such as use a coupon or fill out an order form.

- The more expensive your product or service however, the more personalized your sales efforts need to be to overcome a prospect's sense of risk. If you're selling costly medical products to a hospital for example, you will have to convince the administrators to invest a considerable amount of money in your company. Plus, you may need to establish purchase and payment plans and will have to become actively involved in solving any problems that may arise from use of your products. A sales letter would begin this process for you, not generate an immediate sale.
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