Conflict and negociations

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Culture-Based Negotiation Styles
In national or cultural approach to negotiation, generalizations are frequently drawn. Any generalization holds true or not depending on many contextual factors including: time, setting, situation, stakes, history between the parties, nature of the issue, interpersonal dynamics and mood.

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Time Orientations
Two different orientations to time exist across the world: monochromic and polychromic.Negotiators from monochromic cultures tend to :prefer prompt beginnings and endings, schedule breaks, deal with one agenda item at a time, rely on specific, detailed, and explicit communication, prefer to talk in sequence, view lateness as devaluing or evidence of lack of respect.

Time Orientations
Negotiators from polychromic cultures tend to:start and end meetings at flexible times, take breaks when it seems appropriate, be comfortable with a high flow of information, expect to read each others' thoughts and minds, sometimes overlap talk,view start times as flexible and not take lateness personally.

Space Orientations
In Northern European countries, personal space is much larger than in Southern European countries. Certain cultures, including Mediterranean, Arab, and Latin American, are more tactile and allow more touching.United States: allow cross-gender touching, while same-gender touching is less acceptable.Japan: women are frequently seen holding hands, but not men. Mediterranean: it is common to see men holding hands or touching in public, but not women.

Space Orientations
In United States and Canadian and Arab cultures: eye contact is taken as a sign of reliability and trustworthiness .In North American: eye contact may be seen as disrespectful and inappropriate Similarly Asia, looking down is usually interpreted as a sign of respect.
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