Developing writing skills

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The traditional ordering of the four skills - speaking, listening, reading, writing - reflects both a general belief about the natural order of skill acquisition and one about instructional priorities. Of the four skills, writing seems to be the odd one out. All children learn to understand and speak their mother tongue, and school ensures that most people grow up able to read. But writing is more difficult and mastered by only a few. If we think only of the pupils' long-term needs, writing is probably the least important of the four skills.

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Only a few might be expected to need any extensive writing in either Romanian or English. However, through the mastery of writing, an individual comes to be fully effective in intellectual organisation and in the expression of ideas and arguments. Actually, the pupils' need for writing is most likely to be for study purposes and also as an examination skill. At the purely practical level, good, clear writing leads to school success.

Teaching writing involves guiding in analysing and developing thinking, in shaping and organising it into central and subordinate ideas, in developing a line of thought and carrying it to the reader. At elementary and intermediate level, writing helps pupils to think and to learn. Writing new words and structures helps pupils to remember them; as writing is done more slowly and carefully than speaking. That is why, written practice helps the pupils to focus their attention on what they are learning.

Many English teachers feel that the development of writing skills represents an unrealistic goal for their pupils as most of them are still struggling to acquire this skill in Romanian. Writing, in general, is a difficult skill to master, requiring long practice. Writing in English will create even bigger problems. And yet, in the English classroom, a writing exercise may help to reinforce oral work, to confirm understanding of a reading text, to demonstrate awareness of English, as well as to provide a welcome change of pace in a lesson.
Writing is widely used in the English classes as a means of engaging the pupils with other language skills.

The pupils note down new vocabulary, copy out grammar rules, write out answers to reading or listening comprehension questions, do written tests. In these activities, writing is mainly a means of getting the pupils to practise a particular language point, or as a convenient method of testing it.
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