Drepturile UE - UE Law

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• Jean Monnet - civil servant within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (France) proposed something of the kind of European integration made using peace; this unification should not start with political issues, should be based on something else, start in the economic field, to increase the level of life, productivity and to maintain peace -> this idea was presented by Robert Schuman at a conference held in Paris, 1950

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• 1951, Paris - Treaty establishing an European Community of Coal and Steel (this 6 countries)
• Jean Monnet said that this unification had to be done step by step, in each economic field and in the end, the countries involved will be so well integrated that they will find themselves to be part of a state, of unified form

• From economic cooperation they can go further, until reach the political cooperation (at this level, an actual state is created)
• This treaty established as proof that the cooperation between European states can be done peacefully because it was used a treaty, meaning a juridical act of international public law, known by everybody for more than 2000 years and used within the time; this juridical act was used to create a new international organization having as main object the activity the economic cooperation of member states within a particular field

• At the time, they were many other international organizations; what is new with ECCS - the members have to work together to become a community
This new international organization obtained particular institutions that had within their activity to achieve the treaty objectives
First, this institutions obtain specific attributions similar to the attributions of a state, that was the idea looking forward to the future that this will become a state

• Second, this institutions have to work together even though they have specific attributions, because since they have attributions similar to a state, means that the member states have accepted through the signature of the treaty to transfer part of their powers to the new created institutions and also promised to accept the decisions taken by these institutions; also it is understood that in that way a new system of law is created, called community law which was at the beginning formed by rules provided by the articles of the treaty;
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