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The language makes it possible to look upon some objects from the point of view of both countable and uncountable:
Would you like a cake? (countable)-No, I don't like cake. (uncountable)
She was a beauty. (countable)-She had great beauty. (uncountable)
She had many difficulties. (countable)-She had much difficulty. (uncountable)

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Regular plurals
-the plural suffix is written "-s" after nouns (hat=>hats)
There are however several exceptions to this rule:
a. after nouns ending in "-s",, "-z", "-x", "-ch", "-sh" the plural ending is "-es":
gas=>gases, box=>boxes, bush=>bushes
b. nouns ending in "-o" have plurals in "-os" or "-oes": just "s" in the case of proper nouns, abbreviations.
-radios, pianos, Eskimos

-nouns with plurals only in "-oes": heroes, potatoes, tomatoes, echoes
-nouns that have both"-os" and "-oes" plurals: volcanos/oes, tornados/oes, cargos/oes
c. nouns ending in "-y" preceded by a consonant change the "y" :
sky=>skies ("y" is kept after a vowel: day=>days)
d. the final consonant is doubled in a few nouns: fez=>fezzes, quiz=>quizzes

e. the apostrophe s ('s) is used in: in the 1980's, write two b's
f. beliefs, cliffs, proofs, roofs / knives, leaves, halves, calves, leaves, shelves, thieves / handkerchieves/fs, scarves/fs
Some nouns have the same form in singular and plural:
c.1-animal names: sheep(These sheep are ours./This sheep is alright.), deer
- fishes: denotes different species as in "the fishes of the Mediterranean".

c.2-nationality names, nouns ending in "-ese" have zero plural: one/five Chinese (also one/two Swiss)
c.3-quantitive nouns, dozen, hundred, thousand, million have zero plural when they are preceded by another quantitative word: two hundred people, many thousand times, several million inhabitants (but the plural form is used when they are followed by "of": hundreds of people, thousands of spectators)

c.4-nouns with equivocal number, nouns that can be treated as singular or plural:
means- "a means of communication" but "use all means possible"
series-"This new series is delayed." but also "These new series are delayed."
species-"This species is now extinct." but also "These species are no extinct."
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