High representatives of the union

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- The position through the treaty of Maastricht when according to its position, the person was designated by the president of the council; he was no part of any institution or structure of the union
- Through the treaty of Lisbon, the position became part of the Commission's structure, although the high representative is directly subordinated to the president of the European Council
- The high representative is nominated by the European Council with qualified majority vote and with the agreement of the president of the European Commission
- His term of office is 5 years

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- The high representative role within the Union is to carry on the foreign policy and common security of the union, and to contribute through his proposals to the elaboration of these policies
- The high representative is considered to be a mandator of the council within his field of activity, including the European policy for security and defense

- The high representative has the following functions:
- 1. Is the president of the General Council (Council for Foreign Affairs of the Union); one of the vice-presidents of the European Commission and he attends the European Council's reunions
- The high representative has the following attributions:
- -> he makes contributions through his proposal for the elaboration of the foreign policy and common security of the union and applies the European Council's and the Council's decisions
- -> he represents the Union for the matters related to foreign policy and common security PESC

- -> he conducts in the name of the Union the political dialogue in this matters with third parties , international organizations or international conferences
- -> he brings to the Council any questions related to PESC and presents initiatives or proposals to the council
- -> when a rare or urgent decision has to be taken, he has to convoke as soon as possible an extraordinary meeting of the Council
- -> he executes jointly with the member states the foreign policy of the Union
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