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Horace was very proud of his cousin, Mike Aspen, Hollywood's brightest young star. Whenever his cousin appeared on the screen, Horace would say, "Isn't he wonderful? He's my cousin, you know ". What was worse, Horace was always cutting pictures of his cousin out of movie magazines and putting them on the kitchen wall. His wife would say, "We used to have a nice clean wall. Now all I can see is Mike, Mike, Mike!" Then she would walk angrily out of the kitchen and slam the door behind her.

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When Mike's face used to appear on posters or billboards, Horace would proudly brag about his cousin's successful career. "He used to go to Midville High School, you know. We would always play in the schoolyard together, and we were always getting into trouble together.
I remember how he was always stealing apples from the corner grocery store. He used to be like a brother to me. We were always missing classes together. What a great guy, a truly great guy.
He was my favorite cousin."

One day, though, everyone woke up to find the daily newspapers covered with the headlines, MIKE ASPEN INVOLVED IN GANGLAND KILLING. Reporters went to Horace's house to interview him. "Did you and Mike Aspen really use to be like brothers? Is it true you were both getting in trouble all the time? What kind of trouble? Did you really play in the school yard together?" "Mike Aspen . . . Mike Aspen . . . . , " he said in a puzzled voice.

"Oh, yes! The actor." Horace shook his head, "No relation to me. Never met the guy.""Why didn't you stand up to that jerk? Tell me ," she continued, "have you ever lost your temper or been in a fight? I'll bet you've never hit anybody in your whole life!" "How would you like to be the first?" Clyde said to himself, knowing that Dorothy
couldn't hear him. She was walking rapidly away in the direction of the parking lot.

The next day at work, Clyde couldn't help thinking about the incident. They had been relaxing on the beach when Dorothy decided she was hungry. At the refreshment stand, a big muscular man had pushed in front of them and stepped on Dorothy's foot. Clyde had made a
weak protest, but the man had only laughed in his face.
His thoughts were suddenly interrupted when the manager shouted, "Clyde! Have you

waited on that customer yet? I've got a business to run here, so wake up, will you? And what
about the inventory list? Have you taken it to Mr. Watson yet?" Not even waiting for a reply, the
manager hurried back to his office. "I'm tired of this!" Clyde whispered, knowing his boss
couldn't hear him.
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