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Positioning is how a service is perceived by customers in relation to the competition. . Important positioning variables for Dolphin Business Services are quality, on time bookkeeping and secretarial services. The service will be done accurately and within the month it pertains to. Other service providers tend to run months behind.

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Developing perceived value, quality, use and applicability will assist in determining a marketing position for the service provider. Since marketing is the effort to effectively manage all communications and exchanges with some or all potential customers, public relations play a central role in all marketing choices. Image building is a very important factor to consider, even before a new business is launched.

A good company image should include, state of the art technology, top quality customer service and creative services being offered. A new business venture may have to consider temporarily undercutting their competitors. By doing this Dolphin Business Services will have a better chance of quickly building a market share with a consumer base that views the service as a good value.

Service Description
Dolphin Business Services will provide bookkeeping services to small businesses. Accounts payable, accounts receivable, bank reconciliation, financial statements (monthly or quarterly as required by the customer), payroll (including reports, submission of employee benefits to Revenue Canada, as well as preparing and issuing T4s. Financial reports (invoice and inventory tracking), loans payable (reports and tracking).

Secretarial services such as general word processing, enhanced word processing, general business transcription, desktop publishing, data entry, spreadsheets, custom forms, mail merge, basic copy editing, academic documents, resume writing and editing, cover letters, manuscripts, newsletters and documents, e-mail services and fax services will also be offered by Dolphin Business Services.

By contracting out their bookkeeping and secretarial needs to Dolphin Business Services, a customer will save on expenses such as payroll costs, company benefits payable and vacation pay. The customer will have more freed office space and save on equipment purchases such as computers, accounting software, word processing software, etc. Customers will benefit by the more flexible hours and days the provider will be available to attend to their needs.

Being a bonded service provider will relieve the customer of concerns regarding trust and honesty issues. The service contract customers sign with Dolphin Business Services will guarantee full confidentiality.As noted in the yellow pages of the phone book, there are no businesses offering secretarial services in the target market area. The majority of competitors to Dolphin Business Services are Accounting and Bookkeeping service providers who do not offer secretarial services.

Dolphin Business Services will cover the entire needs of a business by offering both of these services. In many cases, this will mean 2 positions can be contracted out, resulting in double savings for the customer. Another benefit to using Dolphin Business Services is the flexible hours and days, something the competition does not offer.

In the market survey conducted by the potential service provider, it was found that the competition in the target market area are limited to hours of either 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. or 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and are only available to their customers Monday to Friday.
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