Organizing a written text

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The layout of most types of writing consists of three parts: an introduction, a main body and a conclusion.
The introduction, i.e. the first paragraph, is a short paragraph whose purpose is to give the reader a general idea of the subject of the composition. It should attract the reader's attention so that he/ she wants to continue reading.

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II.Main body
The main body usually consists of two or more paragraphs and its purpose is to develop points related to the subject of the composition. The number of paragraphs and the way you divide them depends on the specific topics of the composition. Each paragraph should deal with points related to the same topic. Whenever you discuss a new topic, you should begin a new paragraph.

The conclusion is a short final paragraph in which you can summarize the main idea of the subject, restate your opinion in different words, make general comments, express your feelings etc.

Your ideas should be organized into paragraphs.
Paragraphs comprise sentences which are organized according to certain principles.Main body paragraphs should always start with a topic sentence. This topic sentence introduces or summarizes the main topic of the paragraph and gives the reader an idea of what the paragraph will be about.Topic sentences should be followed by supporting sentences which provide examples, details, reasons, justifications and/ or evidence to support the topic sentence.

Cohesive devices are means by which parts of the text are linked as logically related sequences. They signal the relationship between ideas in such a way that the writer's intentions are made clear. They make obvious the developing thread of meaning, which the writer is trying to communicate and often help us to anticipate what is coming next. These links include a variety of devices such as the use of pronouns, articles, conjunctions, demonstratives, prepositional phrases, synonyms and repetition of key words.
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