Phrasal Verbs

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By combining a verb and an adverb or preposition in this manner, we can extend the usual meaning of the verb (to fall down has the same meaning as to fall, only emphasized) or create a new meaning, different from the one that the verb has on its own (to call = to make an appeal but to call off = to cancel, to abandon). Some phrasal verbs keep the individual meanings of their parts:My secretary has brought back the report. Would you like to see it?Other phrasal verbs have a different meaning from the individual parts:He made up a story to explain his delay in sending the goods.Note that phrasal verbs are never written as a single word or with a hyphen.

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Here is a list of commonly used phrasal verbs which consist of two words:abide by abound in account for act for add up advertise for agree on/upon agree with aim at/for allow for answer for answer to apply for apply to approve of ask for auction off back up balance out be over be through be with belong to book in book up break down break in break off break up bring about bring back bring forward build up burn up buy out buy up call in call for call off carry on carry out catch up charge with check in check on check up close down close out close up close with compare to compare with congratulate on connect with.

Consider the following business situation: the manager of a travel agency in your town has just had a meeting with a foreign investor who is very interested in local tourism and wants to sponsor the agency by covering a significant percentage of the travel costs; unfortunately, when presenting the facts and figures about his agency to the investor, the manager realizes that the data provided by his secretary before the meeting is fairly incomplete, so he cannot answer some of the questions asked by the foreign team;

Since the contract is postponed and the secretary's job is at risk, she proposes to make up for her mistake by designing a web site in which to present online, in a professional manner, the activity of the travel agency.By one measure, Bush has presided over the largest expansion of government since his father and may yet beat him out in that category, which is not exactly one that conservatives like to boast about. That category is the share of national wage and salary income that comes directly from governments. And it turns out that this fact is largely responsible for the economic good news.

In the Republican platform, most of the economic statistics referred to recent months. "Over the last year," the Republicans stated, "gross domestic product grew at one of the fastest rates in two decades." It reported that since August 2003, "1.5 million new jobs have been created."

Such numbers ignore the recession at the beginning of the Bush administration, and the slow recovery that followed until growth took off in mid-2003, when one tax cut - the child credit - put significant cash into the pockets of parents just in time to make that year's back-to-school shopping season a very good one."

In groups of four, comment on the situation or make up a dialogue between the manager and his secretary, using phrasal verbs from the lists in SECTION B. Here are a few that might be suitable:
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