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1. What are the pyramids?
Pyramids are structures that appear to be great triangles. That's because they are formed with triangular surfaces. A pyramid may have 4 or 5 sides.

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2. What is inside them?
The pyramids were filled originally with treasure, and objects for the deceased Pharaohs' use in the afterlife, and were supposed to protect the mummified body and funerary objects.

4.Why did the Egyptions use the pyramids shape?
The Egyptions use the pyramids shape because the pyramid had sloping sides so that the dead pharaoh could symbolically climb to the sky and live forever and because
the pyramid represented the rays of the sun.
egiptenii folosesc formele de piramida pt ca piramidele
5. What do you know about the Egyption inventions and combs?
A few inventions of Ancient Egypt are wigs, surgical instruments, the pyramids,papyrus sheets,solar calendar.

6.What do you known about the mumification?
Mummification took 70 days. The mummy was wrap in the canvas. The coffin was made of wood.After 70 days the mummy was placed in the coffin.

7.What was Cleopatra,Ramses,Nefertiti,Tutankhamun?
Cleopatra is by far one of the most ever famous queens of all times in ancient Egypt. Cleopatra's death is one of the most famous ever. After arranging Antony's funeral, she and her children were taken prisoners but were treated in a good way. Cleopatra afraid of being humiliated decided to take her life.
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