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As a child, I started having grammar lessons. It was boring then, I didn't like it at all. Why learning grammar? I asked myself. What is this grammar that I have to learn? I always wanted a guide that could be friendly to me and explain those grammar rules that seemed so stiff then. Later, I was so happy to have a teacher who showed me that grammar could be easy and not so formal. Writing this guide is an attempt to show you that grammar is not only governed by strict rules. Grammar could also help you understand why it is so important for a writer to have a clear idea of its usage. Now let's create an example in order to see how language is used:

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This is an answer phone message, a kind of text. This text is formed of three sentences. These sentences consist of words and the words are formed of sounds. Text, sentence, word and sound are four levels to be analysed. The same four levels are a proof of language in use. Grammar is the shape of these forms, how they are arranged and patterned. For instance, if the order of the sentences is changed, we no longer have a text, in the form of an answer phone message. Please leave a message after the beep. This is Laure. I am not at home right now.

Moreover, as you can notice, the word order in all sentences is fixed: "I am not at home right now" instead of "Now right at home not I am". The order of sounds in a word cannot be changed: "leave" instead of "eveal". Grammar studies the forms that are possible in a language. The traditional perspective shows how the sentences are formed and lays emphasis on the rules that govern the structure of these sentences. Grammar tries to explain why the following two sentences can be accepted: I am not at home right now. Right now I am not at home.
Maybe you wondered which the difference between syntax and morphology is.

The system of rules that explain the word order in a sentence is called syntax. While the system of rules that show the formation of words is called morphology. Grammar is the study of both syntax and morphology. You should have the ability to recognise and to produce well-formed sentences, which is essential. You should learn how to develop this ability better. Grammar defines also texts and words, but it is not established where sentence grammar ends and word grammar or text grammar begins. Traditional grammar is based on the sentence grammar, which means grammar at the level of the sentence rather than at the level of the text.
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