Human and phisic aspects in the novels of D.H. Lawrence

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Almost unconsciously, when we now converse about twentieth century writers or artists, we find we are talking about that place we call past. David Herbert Lawrence, who did as much as can be expected of any one man to mould and change this twentieth century, was himself a vivid reflection of it. His awareness of being an artist is related to a feeling which places the novelist on the most important position from the point of view of the interrelation between total man spirit, body and feeling-and the novelist.
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The subject of the present study is physical and spiritual aspects in the novels of D. H. Lawrence. The reason for choosing this theme for scientific research is because of attacks that came from different critics and readers on Lawrence's writings.

Thus, my intention is not only to defend his writings or to prove that he is not a pornographer or racist or death-worshiper but also to identify the reasons why he was a wisher to freedom the modernistic spirit and body. Another intention will be to expose his great impacts on modernistic movement and influences on the mind of the modern man that is "captured" by social-religious ideals.

The basic methods used for the research of the topic where the biographic method, the comparison, the analysis, synthesis, generalisation. As theoretic basis for this research served the works of scientists that deal with the problem of literary criticism and history of literature.

The present research paper is structured as fallows: introduction, were I have presented the topical interest of research and its purpose as well as the methods and the theoretic basis that I have used.
The next division is the Chapter I that deals with literary preoccupation at the end of ninetieth century and the first decades of the twentieth one.

Here I presented the influences that led to a new movement of the age, Modernistic movement. Namely in thirst subchapter I described the great impacts in the understanding of human personality and of aspects of human history resulting with new conception due, on the one side, to influences of Freud Sigmund psychoanalysis and on the other side, to social condition of the age, economy, politic, industrial revolution and the war.

Because there is not establish a concrete period of Modernism in English literature, I listed some modern writers and critics about the beginning of Modernism in order to show that time of the starting of the movement is not so important as some crucial notions that as the believe in perception as plural, life as multiple, reality as insubstantial that are the main modernistic concerns.

Finally the lost point discussed in this subchapter is the modernistic experiment and innovations.After pointing out the influences of changing the modern thoughts in the second subchapter I concentrate my research on old traditional values and new modern concepts. With the help of contrastive method I intend on two questions: Why modernistic writers rejected the Victorian values?

And, Which are the new modernistic concepts? Further, taking all modernistic minds as a point of departure and giving their detailed description I want to find out the facts that determine Lawrence as a representative of Modern movement. Firstly I start with man's consciousness pointing out modern desire to show that man is prey to consciousness and unconscious stirrings. Secondly point taken in consideration is the history to which Lawrence appeals to understand what happens in the world by using the mythology.

The other features described here and gave to Lawrence the status of Modern writer is the language seen as fundamental of the medium of culture, the anthropology which provides the contemporary of the models of the primitive and archaic human being preoccupied by sex liberation and the last but not the least the aesthetic as a justification of human being.

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