Teaching Vocabulary Through Games to Primary School Pupils

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Table of Contents:
Chapter One: The Theoretical Study of Using Games in Teaching Vocabulary to Primary School Pupils
1.1 The Description of the Primary School Students--------------------------------------4
1.2 Definition of Vocabulary and important things to be taught-------------------------6
1.2.1 Modern Approaches in Teaching Vocabulary/ Principles/ Strategies----------------11
1.2.2 Definition and Classification of Didactic Games------------------------------------14
1.3 The Importance of Didactic Games in Teaching Vocabulary---------------------------17
1.3.1 The Preparation and Adaptation of Didactic Games--------------------------------20
1.3.2 Criteria by which are Chosen Didactic Games---------------------------------------22
1.4 The Drawbacks of Didactic Games Usage--------------------------------------------------23
Chapter Two: The Practical Application of Teaching Vocabulary through Games to Primary School Students.
2.1 Description of the Experiment ------------------------------------------------------------------27
2.2 The Administration of the Pre-Test -------------------------------------------------------------32
2.3 The Administration of the Experimental Study -----------------------------------------------36
2.4 The Administration of the Post-Test-------------------------------------------------------------44
2.5 Comments and Recommendations---------------------------------------------------------------45
Glossary of Terms--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------48

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Lucrare de licenta despre Teaching Vocabulary Through Games to Primary School Pupils

"A teacher who is attempting to teach without inspiring the pupil with a desire to learn is hammering on a cold iron."
(Horace Mann)

Nowadays, all the people tend to learn English language as English became an international language. At present, it is a privilege to know English, because people travel a lot and this helps them to communicate to each other. In most countries English language is the first foreign language that students learn in schools. Some of the parents want their children to learn English language in the kindergarten, thus English is taught to children at a very early age. When learning a foreign language, the most important thing to teach is vocabulary. Learners should know sufficient words to make a conversation or to express their point of view. It is not an easy thing to teach children a foreign language. Children are characterized as being very dynamic and hyperactive. They always need to talk, to move and to play. It is essential for them to be motivated in teaching a foreign language. This is not so easy for teachers to keep students' interest during the whole lesson.

The aim of this research paper is to prove that didactic game is a good method to motivate the students in teaching vocabulary. Games entertain and pupils enjoy them, hence students are able to learn new words easily. Competitions are always a motivator for everybody. And games are also o competition because at the end of the game will always be a winner. For many learners of English, whenever they think of vocabulary, they think of learning a list of new words with translations in their native language, without any real context practice. This way of learning vocabulary is boring and students quickly lose they interest, hence this is not an effective method. Teachers always want to have good results from their efforts, that's why it is important to find the best way for teaching vocabulary.

This study will demonstrate that using didactic games in teaching vocabulary is one of the best method, especially for primary school students. Theoretical chapter is divided into eight subchapters. The first describes the peculiarities of primary education. It includes the description of primary school students, their preferences and the problems that they meet in teaching vocabulary. Here it is indispensable to underline the importance of teachers. They have one of the most important role in organizing a lesson. The second subchapter defines the vocabulary and its main features to be taught. It describes the importance of vocabulary in teaching a new language. It analyzes the differences between productive and receptive vocabularies and the principles of choosing vocabulary to be taught in schools. We determine the number of words that students should learn, and we define what a word is and the important sides in teaching a word. We find out and describe all the methods for presenting a new item, and the stages of teaching vocabulary. The third subchapter shows the modern approaches in teaching vocabulary. It describes the principles of teaching vocabulary proposed by several sources. We analyze the diverse strategies that teachers use in teaching vocabulary and the classification of these strategies.

The next subchapter defines and classifies the didactic games. We identify the aspects of games, and their types. We find out the history of didactic games usage and their characteristics. Then we speak about the importance of didactic games in teaching vocabulary. This chapter lists the advantages of using games in teaching and describes the functions that they fulfill. Next we learn how to organize a didactic game. We speak about the stages of preparation an educational game and the way we select a good didactic game that will perform all the objectives of the lesson. Here it is important to take into account the peculiarities of the students, and to select a game that will be appropriate for everybody. Finally we analyze the disadvantages of didactic games usage. It is primarily to identify the factors that could influence the process of a didactic game. We learn how to avoid the conflicts and bad consequences of didactic games usage.

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