A land remembered

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A Land Remembered is a novel about survival and progress of Florida. This story takes place in the 1850's through the 1970's. It is a story about the family of Tobias MacIvey, and his wife Emma, and their Son Zech. Through out this book these characters change, and bring in more characters, such as Sol: Zech's son with Glenda, Skillit: a family friend of the MacIvey's, and the rest of his family. There are many other characters, but we will get to them in the rest of this report.

The book starts out with the end of Sol's life story. He turns out to be a very rich millionaire and a very well recognized founder of Florida. Sol has a half brother, Toby Cypress. He was conceived through his dad Zech, and his Seminole mom Towanda. Well, Sol is on his death bed, and took a drive to see his half brother in his Rolls Royce, driven by his butler Arthur. He has Arthur drive him to the reserve where his half brother was, and then to the house that he grew up in. He had his butler leave him there to die.

Then the book kicks back into the beginning of the MacIveys existence. It starts in Florida, 1863. It starts in the scrub of Florida, and then the family finally progresses to have a shack, and then finally a barn house. It took Tobias about 10 years after Zech was born for him to build a house. He wasn't a lazy man, it was just that the family was literally dirt poor. They had gone through some tough times the MacIveys. They have been in the cattle, coon, and orange tree trades. Tobias, he had to once kill raccoon's to trade for supplies. This is an example of how poor they really were! At first Tobias had to learn how to survive in the scrub of Florida, it was hard, but being the strong man at heart that he was, he made it look easy, yet it really wasn't at all.

Spring, 1875, when Zech turned about 17or 18, he was on a cattle drive with two of his fathers men, Frog and Bonzo. And they weren't far from the closest town, so they took a ride their on their horses, and they found a little Bon fire in the town of Ft. Drum. Zech had never been to a frolic before, but he sure doesn't regret going to this one, because he met his wife there. Zech was 17 going on 18 when he met her. She was a 14 year old beauty. She had flaming red hair that flowed past her shoulders, pale green eyes, and white skin, not burned brown by prairie sun. Her name was Glenda Turner, the daughter of the towns general store, a very respected middle class man.

Zech and Glenda married in the last week of February 1880. It was a great sight to see the whole MacIvey Clan, and the people of Ft. Drum. It was a beautiful day for them to marry! Glenda's father had purchased them a honeymoon trip to Jacksonville, but they never did end up going. Glenda would now make the sacrifice to leave her family in Ft. Drum, to live out in the prairie with Zech and his family. They Loved each other Very Much!

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