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Where are this UFOs coming from? Maybe they are spaceships or simple landing modules. Their pilots are, as facts demonstrate, members from other civilisations, more advanced than we are at this moment. UFOs were met not only on Terra, some spectacular meetings occurred in out of space. American cosmonauts Charles Conrad and Richard Gordon, members of “Gemini XI” cosmic capsule team, have filmed near their cabin an object which they couldn’t identify.
If these UFOs came to this corner of the Universe, why didn’t they contact terrestrial population? Undoubtedly, some people expect the aliens arrived with UFOs, even if they are little green creatures, to come to a hotel and ask for a room and the next day will make a press conference, where they will tell people their peaceful intentions.

Unfortunately, the mysteriously UFOs continue to fly on the sky and they aren’t very much to land. And for which reason they would land, when at Mendoza (Argentina) and Cieux (France) they are welcomed with firearms and at Milano (Italy), with a rain of rotten oranges? So not to ask this interstellar travellers to come and drink coffee with us. They are maybe representatives for other civilisations.

Another assumption, uphold by Einstein too, says that UFOs are ships of some people who left Terra 10.000 years ago and now they came back to their origins, without revealing their identity - so far. The most spectacular assumption says that UFOs are ships of some creatures from the future, of some time travellers. This future is the future of our planet, UFOs being ships of our far descendants. Their presence could be studying trips, watching missions or simple pleasure trips.

There is no doubt that our imagination could invent other assumption and find arguments in UFO phenomenon favour. First, we could talk about UFO’s instantly disappear from witness visual field, disappear which suggest crossing in another dimension. Then it could be the humanoid aspect of the intelligent beings, which pilot the UFOs.

People who saw UFOs
This event happened when Jansen with a neighbour were coming from Oslo to Skien by car. Suddenly, an object appeared behind a hill with a very high speed. The object flew around the hill and stopped in front of the car. At the beginning, Jansen didn’t accorded attention to the object, thinking that it is a bird flying near the ground. After that, he saw a light, which seems to follow the car. Some seconds after, the UFO stopped in front of the car, making Jansen to push the brakes. The objects approached slowly to the car and than suddenly flew vertically with a remarkable speed.
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