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"In everyday life, discover moment of delight. Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Design your life." Maybe this slogan wants to say that Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is technology and technology gives you a moment of delight. If you get this phone, it will bring you delight everyday. By designing your life you change it, you add in it some 'color'; you could change the monotony into delight, with such a phone you can't get bored.
The Ad in which is presented the strongest smart phone Samsung Galaxy Note 3, it definitely gets itself noticed by the addicts of the technology. It is addressed to a professional public, to those that have an idea about the sophisticated technology. An individual who has no idea how technology works would say that it is an ordinary phone as many others as you can talk, text a message and take photos. But the addicts know that this phone is not an ordinary one and the Ad is made in such way in which gets noticed and makes you desire the phone.

Those who love technology know that Samsung Company produced a new category of phones Samsung Galaxy Note and with each phone which they created, they actually created new innovations, new technology. The Samsung Company was created in 1938 and it is on the first place in the world regarding the technology, so it is a Company with tradition and this fact also involves credibility for its customers. An addict knows what means a big, full hd, super amoled display; a powerful performance and a camera that makes you throw away your camera because you don't need it anymore.

The Ad is not a simple and directly one as it was in the 18th century and it is not selling the reality but the potentiality, the desire; it makes you desire the phone, to be up-to-date, to keep abreast of technology. The Ad makes much of the S Pen showing us which is its role, what can people do with it. The other important utilities are presented at the beginning of the Ad without making much of them because the addicts know what it means and the other public it is not interested. The Ad presents the S Pen as it is something new and the addicts will understand which its role is. You can do with the S Pen many interesting things that you can't do without it and with an ordinary phone.
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