Cause and effect of stress

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Stress is a feeling which made an organism to adapt or adjust to the situation. It can be considered two cause of stress: change and threat. Stress creates in the body a positive force that strengthens us for future situations, therefore is very important to recognize stress, and that we learn how to handle it, and live with it.
Stress is created by four factors: an event (called stressor), plus how we feel about it, how we interpret it, and what do we do to deal with it. The cause of stress are multiple and include: the environment where a person live, daily routine, new places, other people, jobs, time, money, health condition, a simple thought.

All causes of stress can affect the psychical condition for a person. When a worker loses his job, that is a significant change, it will influence not only his or her self-esteem but even the material aspect of life. Also, the loss of a person very close, is a major change and may create many different fears.

On the other hand, there are positive events such as marriage or retirement, which can also be considered as factor of stress and must be faced. These positive factors of stress are not so difficult to deal with as dealing with negative changes.It is two kinds of events considering the expectations. Life events like graduation from college, marriage, birth, and retirement which can be anticipate.

The other category includes unexpected life events like a serious accident, sudden death of a loved one, divorce, or financial problems. The causes of stress also include everyday circumstances of life like traffic, deadlines and pressures, or on-going conflict with friends or a family member.
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