Dear Christian

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I'am sorry I have caused you problems by asking you to offer my brother a job at your place. Somehow I didn't realise how much trouble that will bring with it, in relation with how Marius Vecerzan is treating you and your business. Somehow you have told us there was not that much of a trust from your side about Marius, but I had no ideea that he would be that serieus, read " ernstig". And, to be honest with you I really feel kind of guilty about it, because he is somehow familly... and I have kind of introduce you and Willemijn to them.
I'am really sorry about that....
About Marius Vecerzan: It apears to us that he is ripping you off on thousands of different ways. For instance: he buys a few sacs of cement and asks the supplier to give him a note for more. That way you won't notice it and makes things for him very productive, having the cash rightaway! Or he just takes orders and produce things (tabels, chairs, etc), mostly when you are in the Netherlands, and keep the money for himself.

He is also selling products, which are meant to be sold in The Netherlands, for half price ... and I can go like that for hours but Marius knows more about it so it will be better when he tells you the details. He's also got everybody in the factory involved because he just pays the poure people to don't tell you anything about it. He even tried to buy my brother off with 100.000 lei...I understand Marius told you about these things which made Marius Vecerzan very angry and furieus and because of that he tried to beat him up this morning.

I know you asked my brother not to tell me anything about how things are going overthere but at one point he coudn't keep these things from me any longer. He feels, just like we also do, that it isn't fait to keep these things from you and that way just stand and watch how Vecerzan is breaking your company down. That also because I have already heared some things from the familly - guess what? everybody around there, and also the family in Craiova, know that Vecerzan is ripping you off.
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