European Union - United in diversity

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“ United in diversity’’ is the motto of European Union. It was used for the first time in 2000 and oficially mentioned in forming Treaty of a European Constitution, luded in 2004. The semnification of the motto is that by European Union, europens unit their efforts for working together for keeping the peace and prosperity and that numerous cultures, tradition and different languages that coexist in Europe are trump for our continent.
The European Union is based on the rule of law and democracy. It is neither a new State replacing existing ones nor is it comparable to other international organisations. Its Member States delegate sovereignty to common institutions representing the interests of the Union as a whole on questions of joint interest. All decisions and procedures are derived from the basic treaties ratified by the Member States.

European Parliament
elected by the peoples of the Member States

Council of the Union
composed of the governments of the Member States

European Commission
driving force and executive body

Court of Justice
compliance with the law

Court of Auditors
sound and lawful management of the EU budget

“Oda bucuriei”, the begining of the fourth parts of Ludwig van Beethoven lX-a Simphony, was adopted like european hymn by the presidents and the guvern from European Union countries, rewrite in side of European concil in june 1985 at Milano.
The musical arranjament of the hymn was writen by Herbert son Karajan.
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